Legia official facing threats

The woman blamed for making the error which led to Legia Warsaw being booted out of the Champions League has received death threats back in Poland.

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roddster (Everton) says...

In this level of international sport there is almost no way that player should have even got near the playing surface. In my local rugby comp when the finals take place we submit team sheet to the organisation running the competition for clearance and cover on each player. UEFA are running the competition im sure they have cocked up here the most.

Posted 3:14am 13th August 2014

Gab1965 says...

Well, it stops a load of players being abused over there once a month during the group stages, so I'm all for it. Although, I don't understand how UEFA let them get an ineligible player on the field in the first place, any player entering the field of play should be approved by the authorities. It is harsh, someone coming on for a few minutes meaning the result is changed, but there you go. Whenever they check and find these things out, after the game, they should be going through this before the match, although teams would complain if they had to submit squads earlier, there's no reason why you couldn't have an approved list of players the weekend before the match and you only use those players to be safe. scotty - it should be UEFA's responsibility if they are meant to have overall control over the game in Europe and reap the financial benefits. It is also their competition. If they approved each player in advance, it would avoid confusion.

Posted 6:30pm 12th August 2014

chrisd_b (Arsenal) says...

For me Celtic should look at this issue and play Legia again...in the spirit and show some sort of understanding...it won't happen too money at stake....for that. For them its like accepting an item they know was more expensive but the cashier blundered the price - so they walk out the shop smiling on what was a good bit of fortune, and not think of it as stealing.

Posted 5:57pm 12th August 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

@scotty. I agree with you that it's not Celtic's fault. They don't make the rules, didn't break the rules and don't execute the rules. However I am with metal (west ham united) re preventing ineligible players from entering the field of play in the first place. I am amazed that there is no mechanism in place whereby clubs submit their squads before a match and UEFA reply by confirming who is and who is not eligible to play, as well as confirming how many games remaining a player has under suspension.

Posted 2:00pm 12th August 2014

scotty (Celtic) says...

I'm gutted for them as they thoroughly horsed my team over both legs and I feel that the punishment does not fit the 'crime'. I completely understand their frustrations, but I am starting to get a little annoyed at the way they keep publicly appealing to Celtic to forfeit the tie (something Celtic cannot legally do in these circumstances). The matter is between Legia and UEFA... it has nothing to do with Celtic! Celtic DID NOT report Legia for their indiscretion. We are not the bad guys here... UEFA are! PS - Metal (West Ham United)... why should UEFA have to check for player eligibility? It's not their responsibility and it's not exactly a hard thing for the clubs to get right!

Posted 1:00pm 12th August 2014

macca0507 (Rangers) says...

Looks like Messrs Keys and Gray were right about women in football...

Posted 12:30pm 12th August 2014

metal (West Ham United) says...

Why doesnt UEFA check for player eligibility when the playing squads are submitted on matchday???

Posted 11:24am 12th August 2014

dryice says...

It's harsh because they followed the rules. The player suspended was omitted from their playing squad for 3 games. It's just an admin oversight and I really feel for them, a bit of common sense would have had this sorted long ago, it seems as though there were some waiting for that player to appear and then flag the offence.

Posted 11:02am 12th August 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Madness. The open letter Legia wrote to Celtic was quite heartfelt if you've seen it, although it had a hint of 'Lets sort this out with a one off leveller bhoys'. Now that would be worth the entrance fee.

Posted 8:43am 12th August 2014

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