Suarez says his goodbyes

Luis Suarez made a surprise appearance at Liverpool’s Melwood training complex on Deadline Day - but he was only there to bid farewell to his former team-mates.

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keybo83 (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

@hump3. If I don't get any, nobody does!

Posted 9:25am 2nd September 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Keybo83, stop taking the romance out of the beautiful game!

Posted 7:43am 2nd September 2014

liferbird7 (Liverpool) says...

Bless ya Suarez. Thanks for Champions League, 70m, and all the memories.

Posted 12:19am 2nd September 2014

keybo83 (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Are you all serious? A 'touching' and 'lovely' visit by a 'true gent'!? Sorry to appear cynical, but this is nothing but a pr exercise probably forced by Barca, just like they forced him to apologise for biting an opposing player for a third time on a football pitch. Barca is a nice, cuddly club and they need him to appear like a nice, cuddly player so they can sell more of his shirts and use him in advertising campaigns to make billions, hence the social media/interwebz-friendly, very visual visit that will be seen by Barca's millions of supporters from across the globe. Wake up.

Posted 6:56pm 1st September 2014

boghead (Liverpool) says...

Goodbye luis thanks for the memories you were amazing and lets face it the envy of every other club in the premiership, knock em dead in la liga fella!

Posted 6:40pm 1st September 2014

macca_07 (Liverpool) says...

a lovely touch from a true'll be well missed Luis.

Posted 4:47pm 1st September 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

@fouloleron, fair enough, ok. I guess deep down i hoped he would stay. Its still a bit raw. *sniff*

Posted 3:58pm 1st September 2014

fouloleron (Liverpool) says...

Hump, stop taking the romance out of the beautiful game!

Posted 3:07pm 1st September 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Would a signed Liverpool shirt not have been slightly more appropriate, as opposed to the shirt of the club he forced a move to? In fact would a signed anything be better than the shirt of the club he forced a move to? He may as well have given them a bowling ball with Suarez written on it.

Posted 2:51pm 1st September 2014

fouloleron (Liverpool) says...

Did it just get dusty in here?

Posted 2:45pm 1st September 2014

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