Mourinho: Blues could spend big

Jose Mourinho believes Roman Abramovich will bankroll another spending spree at Chelsea - if Financial Fair Play regulations are not enforced.

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Jose Mourinho: Says Roman Abramovich could spend big

Jose Mourinho: Says Roman Abramovich could spend big

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In a thinly-veiled swipe at Manchester City - owned by Sheikh Mansour's Abu Dhabi United Group and Mourinho's favourites for the Premier League title following another summer of lavish spending - the self-proclaimed 'Special One' insisted the Blues are complying with FFP regulations while others are not.

"If the Financial Fair Play comes into place, it should come for everybody, not for some," Mourinho told Sky Sports News at the Football Writers' Association dinner on Sunday.

"Chelsea at this moment is working very, very well, thinking that the Financial Fair Play is going to be in place and we have to obey certain rules.

"(But) our owner (Abramovich) is still the same owner and his passion for football is still the same. If we are free to spend our owner is more than happy to be free to spend.

"Our owner is respecting the new rules that we are waiting for and hopefully, for the good of football, it's for everybody, not just for some."

Mourinho has spoken of a different project at Chelsea, after Abramovich's multi-million pound injection helped him lead the Blues to their first championship in 50 years during his first spell at the club.

Now Mourinho's task is different as Chelsea go along with the FFP rules put into place to ensure clubs can be self-sufficient and not reliant on wealthy individuals who, potentially, could walk away and take their money with them.

He added: "We think about ourselves, we work in a balanced way. We are building a team.

"We will build the team without the massive investment in the short period of time like some clubs are still doing."

@Eyal.....Whats funny is that if everything was rosy for City....why the need to make figures up? City have spent 233m, Chelsea 266m and United 146m over the same period. City's NET figure is irrelevant because if using NET figures, then surely you should include the massive losses City have made? So 233m is what City outlaid on players. Another 50m went to agents. Then there are the signing on fee's and wages, so City have REALLY spent well over 300m, which is about twice what United have spent. And how is it that City's 'spending in line with domestic and European rivals'?? United spend a percentage of their profits, as do Arsenal.....what profits have City actually made? Perhaps you can provide those figures as well? There are two reasons why City have allegedly cooled their spending (100m this summer remember?) is because a) City made record losses and b) because of FFP. Without FFP City would carry on cheating by spending more than they actually make. And please what is all this 'we spent to catch up' nonsense? United have 20 titles chap....which all cost less than your most recent one, the only team City have caught up with are Huddersfield who have also only won 3 titles! Have a good look at Chelsea chap, still not making money, still not producing any talent.....City will be just the same.
- allaboutunited

World Cup 2014

Check out the latest outright odds on next summer's World Cup in Brazil

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hy don't you call in Becks as well...and we will all have a lovely tea party!

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ourinho is just a good-looking version of Allardyce (Fit Sam?). Clearly 19th century football isn't such a big deal after all?

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tay put, Pep. Timothy Sherwood has this under control.

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