Ferguson retires: Your views

We want your reaction to the news Sir Alex Ferguson is to retire. Who should replace him? What are your favourite Fergie memories?

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Sir Alex Ferguson: Retirement announced on Wednesday morning

Sir Alex Ferguson: Retirement announced on Wednesday morning

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Robert Calcutt:

"Thank you Sir Alex for 26 wonderful years, preceded by 26 years in the wilderness. I am sorry you could not continue for three more years and have another try to win the Champions League after this season's misfortune. You have left a great stock of players which hopefully the new manager will use to full advantage."

Stuart Toman:

"As an Arsenal supporter for over 40 years, I'd like to take this moment to say, I've had the privilege of seeing great stars at my own club such as Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Liam Brady and Thierry Henry, and also our best manager ever in Arsene Wenger. Also in that time I've seen Liverpool win five European cups, with the likes of Dalglish, Keegan and Gerrard, and when it comes to Manchester United, you cannot mention them without mentioning Cantona, Robson, Rooney and Giggs, but one name that stands above them all is the name Sir Alex Ferguson and what a superb privilege it has been for me to witness such an honourable reign, as much as it hurts to say, sometimes at the expense of my own football club. Although money has been spent during his reign, it has been done very unlike at Manchester City and Chelsea, Fergie rebuilt Manchester United, as Shankly and Paisley did at Liverpool and as Wenger has done at Arsenal, and left foundations and a legacy that will last for many more years to come. The trophy haul along the way has been phenomenal, it is without doubt that any football fan, regardless of who they support, will miss seeing Fergie in the dug-out and on the touchline, we will miss all the spats he had with other managers, but of course it goes without saying, we will not miss 'Fergie Time' in matches. Much Respect is given where due and I wish Sir Alex all the best in his retirement."

David Griffiths:

"I go all the way back to Sir Matt Busby with Manchester United. What can you say about Sir Alex? United were creaking when he took over and look at them now. We would all like to be remembered for leaving things better than when we started wouldn't we? I think he can safely say that!! Kudos for leaving on top and of his own volition. Thank you, and thank you for doing it 'the United way.' Here's to a long, healthy and happy retirement and all why the Reds go marching on-on-on."

David Alexander:

"As a born and bred Liverpool fan, I have watched Sir Alex torment us for many years, first chasing our record and then passing it. I have admired many Liverpool managers, I had the privilege of meeting Paisley and Dalglish, both great men and managers, but, I will say this only once..... Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest football manager of all time, period. He deserves all the accolades he will get over the coming weeks and I wish him a great retirement. Hopefully, with SAF gone, Liverpool can get back to winning ways."

Raj K.Sobhee:

"Kindly put on record my very great sadness to hear of the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson from Manchester United. He will surely be regarded as the most successful manager of this century. We thank him wholeheartedly for all what he has done for Manchester United. Surely he will be remembered for many, many more years to come. I wish him a very good retirement and hope he will be with Man U at some other position to let us leave some other thrilling years."

John Cabrelli:

"The end of an era but sadly all good things must come to an end. He has given us many unforgettable memories in particular the Champions League in 1999 - only a team managed by Sir Alex could have snatched that improbable victory from the cusp of inevitable defeat. Virtually irreplaceable. Although Moyes has done a good job with a limited budget at Everton, he has never won a trophy. I am not sure whether he has the gravitas to attract the best players to the club and motivate the team to further success. Rooney surely must be on his way now."

Matt Horn:

"As a United fan since 1970 I was thrilled when, as sports editor of the Manchester university student newspaper, the then new manager granted me a "five minute" interview a few weeks after his appointment. After Sir Matt Busby walked past me and my photographer we were shown into his office. Five minutes turned into more than half an hour with Fergie asking us a load of questions about what we want from the club. He told me the youth system was rotten and that was his priority. I ended the article saying "maybe, just maybe" he was the man to bring glory back to Old Trafford. I went on to become a football journalist and met him professionally but that first meeting remains one of the highlights of my life."

Mark Scallan:

"Has there ever before been a manager like SAF? Some Liverpool fans may say so, but in truth there hasn't, nor will there ever be again. He has ruthlessly and relentlessly driven several generations of players and fans to the heights of ultimate achievement, today he has lowered us to the depth of despair. A true legend to all United fans and even those who's affiliation lies elsewhere. I do not think Moyles can fill his shoes, but saying that who can? We need a manager who can show the same level of single minded ambition to succeed, coupled with the knowledge that yes, you can win things with kids. Does such a man exist? Thank you SAF for the journey, its been one hell of a ride."

Nick Holloway:

"On SAF, I have actually been looking forward to this day for a while but now it's here it just seem odd that he won't be a manager anymore and is leaving a void in the world of football. He is without doubt the best manager ever bar none. His record speaks for itself, he built the club up to be winners and has seen off all the competitors including the new millionaires' toy clubs."

Andrew Pelis:

"I saw Sir Alex at the Cheltenham Festival in March, besieged by autograph hunters. His patience and goodwill was fabulous although he looked a little tired and harassed. He has done remarkably well in football and whilst not a United fan, I have to admire a hard working man who kept his feet on the ground and never compromised his values in football or life. To me, his achievements at Aberdeen were more remarkable than at Manchester United given the context and Fergie's retirement should not overlook that extraordinary few years at Pittodrie. I would like to wish Sir Alex the best of luck in his new roles and hope that these provide a little less stress and a little more time for quality of life."

Futloo Zaid:

"As a diehard Liverpool fan I can only rejoice that the manager who overtook Liverpool in cup winning. Liverpool though remain as we speak the most successful english team with two cups more that united. However, Fergie after Bob Paisley, remains one of the most influential managers in the football world - each one in their own era under distinct circumstances. The winning mentality of Fergie will be missed by United and all football fans because at the end of the day that is what counts in football. Not the wagebill or the value of signings. Fergie has made ordinary players like Evra or Valencia look like stars. Other real stars like Rooney, Van Persie and Ronaldo have transcended their art under his management. I cannot see anyone filling his shoes right now. His successor will need to make a bold statement in winning the next champions league and as a bonus keep the title. Otherwise it will mean that United are moving backwards. Now we are left with Wenger, Mancini, AVB, Moyes and perhaps Mourinho to entertain the crowd. I would wish BR takes Liverpool to the highest with the same winning mentality and stability. Fergie will be missed only after Liverpool winning their 21st title that is one above United."

Dave Marlow:"I've been a life long Liverpool fan and season ticket holder for many years. This guy was the best we've seen, as simple as that."

Toby S:

"Sir Alex was the last of a dieing breed, that's to say he was given a lot of time at a massive club after a few seasons failing. Perhaps we would have never known how great a manager he was and respect has to go to the Man United chairman aswell. I think the only way to guarantee success now would be Mourinho & Ronaldo but that comes at a huge price. Should they go for Moyes then he should and try and bring a few youths through, though i doubt he will be able to persuade players of the highest quality to our club."

Miha Jurgec:

"I cannot believe it to be honest. 2013 feels such an end of an era, for me personally and now with Fergie gone, it's just a shock to the system. I will miss the good times - dad and I both screaming at the telly and Fergie's ranting and raving and his celebrations at goalscoring. I will miss most the feeling of 'business as usual.' As a fan, I'm just extremely grateful for what I had been privileged to watch week in, week out. Whatever happens now and whoever comes in, the solid basis is there, the funds are there and the youth development is there. Thank you Fergie!"

Sandesh Nayak:

"Manchester United have been a one man team for over 26 years now. And in two weeks that man will be gone. I am absolutely stunned and I can't even imagine a Man United without Sir Alex in the dugout. The fact that he managed to stay so successful for so long, adapting to all the changing facets of the game is a testimony to his ability. We will never see anyone like him ever again. Thank you for everything Sir Alex. I hope you enjoy your retirement. Your legacy will live on."

Alex Kalve:

"It's with great sorrow one receives a message like this, but as with everything in this existence, things do come to an end. It's how we end it and the work we do until that time that defines our being and status. I think the consensus of the world is that this is a sad day for football and even the hardest of SAF's "enemies" will have to acknowledge how much of an impact he has had on not only English football, but on an international scale. I now look forward to the future for Manchester United - SAF will not be "gone", even though he hands over the managerial reins to someone else - he will have his say in a lot of things - but that's something he truly deserves. Now, the time has come for SAF to take care of his family, loved-ones and first and foremost take care of his own health. SAF has contemplated retirement ever since 2002-2003 and he still kept it going 10-11 years after that. True legend - one of the greatest to ever be in this beloved sport and what a legacy he leaves. Both a sad and happy day for all Manchester United fans."

Kumar Amritesh:

"I am stunned and sad, very very sad. It was out of the blue. Just a few days ago he was talking about next season and how he plans on building up for the new season. I am shocked to see him retiring so soon. Don't know how much the hip surgery has to do with his decision, but he always said that it was health that was going to determine how long he stayed. All I can say is thank you Sir Alex. You have given us the most memorable years in the history of the club. Your achievements are not going to be replicated for a long long time. And even though you choose to move on without United (of course still a director), you will be in our hearts always and forever. Your legacy will always remain."

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