The Great Friday Quiz - The Questions

For reasons which are a bit flimsy, this week's quiz is focused on football clubs by the coast.  Here’s hoping you do as well with these questions as the new Pompey co-owner coped with a few gentle posers at his unveiling last week...

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For reasons which are a bit flimsy, this week's quiz is focused on football clubs by the coast.  Here’s hoping you do as well with these questions as the new Pompey co-owner coped with a few gentle posers at his unveiling last week...

1) Why is Portsmouth's nickname Pompey?

2) Who was Portsmouth’s first goalkeeper

3) How much did Gaydamak pay for 50% of Pompey?

4) Who did Gaydamak describe as a "historical figure in this area" during his press conference last Friday?

5) Southampton chairman Rupert Lowe was famously unable to speak to his Pompey counterpart Milan Mandaric because he was engaged in what activity?

6) Which South Humberside club knocked Spurs out of the Carling Cup this season?

7) Steve Bull is famed as being Wolves goalscoring hero during the 1980s. But who was his less-heralded strike-partner for most of that period? (Clue and tenuous link to the seaside theme: he began and finished his career with Southport).

8) Colin Hendry succeeded Steve McMahon as manager of which seaside club?

9) Stan Collymore made his name with which seaside club?

10) True of false. The Mighty Gillingham Football Club is on the coast of the English Channel.

11) Tony Cascarino enthralled readers of The Times with his latest column in which he revealed he is currently taking a mid-winter break at which coastal destination?

12) Complete the following quip by Tommy Docherty: "Robert Maxwell has just bought Brighton & Hove Albion, and he's **** to find out it's **** **** *****."  By the way, the number of asterixs don't necessarily reflect the number of letters in each word.

13) Brian Clough was manager of Brighton and Hove Albion. True or false?

14) With which club did Brighton groundshare for two years the late 1990s?

15) Name the Torquay boss.

16) In what year did Southampton win the FA Cup?

17) When Arsenal beat the Saints 1-0 in the 2003 FA Cup Final, who scored the winning goal?

18) Who did Aberdeen beat to win the 1983 Cup Winners' Cup?

19) Which former Brighton striker wrote the highly-acclaimed 'Left Foot Forward: A Year in the Life of a Journeyman Footballer', an account of the 1994-95 season at Charlton?

20) Which football league ground is measured as being the highest above sea level?

Ready for the answers? Then come this way...

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may well get slated by other United fans for this, but out of the three contenders, I'd far prefer Liverpool to win the title. Yes some elements of their fanbase can be a bit OTT, yes they're our biggest rivals and yes it will make our poor season feel even more like the end of an era (Fergie's gone, Liverpool are back on top). However I just have to applaud Brendan Rodgers and the way he's turned Liverpool around in just a couple of seasons. It...

Please Stop Telling Us What To Think


ooray! We are all excited now, we beat a very mediocre team! With all due respect to WHU supporters, not winning that game shouldn't even be a consideration. This is the problem, there is no winning mentality at the Emirates - we're all congratulating ourselves beating a team that we have a winning record against.

Wenger hails important win


s this meant to be an aspiration for United supporters? Moyes mediocrity strikes again. I see the Bayern boys don't want to sign for him, and his reputation amongst the senior European coaches make other key signings unlikely.

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