Mails: Adebayor to Arsenal? Maybe not…

Date published: Monday 14th September 2015 10:28

Get Emmanuel Adebayor back at Arsenal, says one fan. Also: James Milner is the elephant in the room, Fellaini is fine as a striker and we have some disappointing Brendan bingo…

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Some Love For The Foxes
Whoa what an absolute treat Leicester are to watch at the moment. Reminds us why we watch this sometimes frustrating game.
Simon P, Dublin


Alternative Conclusions
Are we still doing alternative conclusions for the weekend?

* Chelsea will recover. They will not be rampant, they will not be fluid, they won’t even be consistent, but they are capable of going into defensive auto-pilot. I’m worried that Arsenal are going to be the first casualties.
* For those who point out Mourinho’s impeccable management career, I would like to highlight the fact that everything that he has won, bar Porto’s Champions League, has been with the best team/squad in the tournament. There was no over-achievement such as Wenger with Monaco, Arsenal 1998 or 2002, Rafa with Valencia, Fergie several times, Klopp or Simeone – His league titles were par for the course. Even the Champions League victory was more down to the big guns like Madrid and Arsenal messing things up – Monaco don’t get that much praise for reaching the finals with a tougher run-in, do they?
* The closest he came to an over-achievement was Real Madrid in 2012. Here also, I would point to the additions of Sahin, Callejon, Varane (though Pepe was still dominant) and Coentrao. Most importantly, they were no longer carrying Adebayor. While Barcelona did add Fabregas and Sanchez to an already great squad, Madrid then had the upper hand with a larger and better-rounded unit. I could point to injuries to Sanchez and Iniesta, but the point has been made.
* However, he often does a great job of putting together the best squads – something which he has failed in miserably this time. All is not well at the Bridge and something has to give – has Roman lost faith with Klopp waiting in the wings?
* Martial’s goal vs Liverpool ‘Almost=’ Henry’s goal vs Liverpool (you know which one)
* That being said, I think PM was being stingy with his ratings.
Martial = Henry + Depay + Chuck Norris + God
* The best thing about Beneteke’s goal (which, let’s be clear, was the best goal of the weekend) was the way he casually celebrated it. I don’t know if it’s size or his abundant, understated confidence; but the Big Belgian looks a man among boys at Liverpool
* United have the resources to get to 4th more than any of Liverpool, Tottenham or Everton. It’s a shame when you think that better management of the funds they had spent could’ve guaranteed a title.
* Villa have been unlucky. They’ve played great football, but have till now come up against teams who were all on song and inexplicably made the most of every mistake that Villa made. The Villans should be comfortably safe by February.
* Leicester for the Title
Girish, AFC, Chennai


James Milner: The Elephant In The Room
Sheep mentality spreads like wildfire after a loss to a rival innit?

Everyone laughed at me when I recommended Gerrard/Carra manage the team but now it’s seeming like the only sensible option.

The problem with Brendan isn’t just his lack of planning or his lack of philosophy.

A mailboxer recently wrote it’s his pride that’s the issue. That might be it. In all honesty, I think he is unable to distinguish the football from his chosen philosophy.

For instance, he brings in his favorite players and plays them over better players, even if it’s going to involve other players out of position.

The most recent examples are Joe Allen, Lovren and Gomez. However he has done the same thing this season with Moreno, Firmino, Ings and Coutinho. We all know how Can was treated.

At the end of the day, Brendan is quite spineless in his team selections because the fans don’t challenge the status quo. We need to let them know we are fed up of wasted money on risky talent. I’m glad I don’t live in the city to go be disappointed with my money being wasted. No matter how stunning the bicycle kick is, I don’t think it’s worth 35 million when we are tweaking the side to fit Benteke. The ball has to be worked.

Now. Let’s discuss the big elephant in the room: James Milner

Where does Brendan get off on giving him vice captaincy? After Skrtel has continually put his body on the line for the club, we give the leadership role to Milner, a City reject?!?

Not only that, but he really isn’t a CM. He always floats out of position and he couldn’t get the ball out of our defense besides clearing it back to United. He isn’t hot on the ball and doesn’t break up plays. He tackles recklessly. He doesn’t deserve captaincy and I’m disappointed with Rodgers blatant English favoritism.

I’m still not over the fact that he let Agger go and was probably a catalyst to Suarez’s departure. I’m worried the owners are turning the club into a scouting team for bigger sides like Barcelona and City.

Why else would we let a reject like Milner come in and think he’s Gerrard?

I’ve never felt like Liverpool couldn’t compete with United until I saw the last game. We look so lost without Stevie G and I blame Brendan…but I also blame all the fans for not agreeing with my paranoid foresight.
– Z


Fellaini Is Fine As A Striker
In all honesty i think Fellani’s well suited to play as a 2nd striker much like how Tim Cahill and Clint Dempsey did for their respected teams. Having him as your go to striker when Rooney’s out injured isn’t to bad a plan honestly.

Chelsea have Falcao and Remy behind Costa. Arsenal have Giroud with either Walcott or Sanchez deputizing. Don’t get me started with the number of strikers Liverpool have. City and Everton are the only teams who have proper back up strikers (Bony/ Naismith) in the Premier League top 6.

Basically the point I’m trying to make here is, there’s no point having 2 or 3 strikers when only 1 of them is banging in the goals. Till the right player arises, making do with the players the team already has is proper squad management. Otherwise you’ll end up buying anything that moves like what Spurs USED to do.

Hernandez is your modern day Inzaghi, poacher, which doesn’t work with United’s new measured approach.

Wellbeck was given ample time to prove himself and is still trying to do so at Arsenal.

Van Persie is genuinely over the hill as he slowed down the pace of the game so much.
Surya (MUFC) Malaysia


Brendan Bingo
Delighted with the result against Liverpool but the one disappointment was the poor results when playing Brendan Bingo afterwards.

I claim a point for use of the following words in his post-match interviews:


A ‘par’ score is generally around 8 but unless I missed some,  I only counted 2. Veey disappointing.

Having watched his interview though, I was left wondering whether there was another possible game of trying to guess which game he had actually watched. No penalty Bren, really?

Stephen ‘also loving the general madness of Louis’ interviews’ Hattersley


Angry Villa Fans
Dear Aston Villa Football Club,

F**k you. Each and every person involved with this fixture. You are gutless, you are useless, you are complacent. One thing you are not, is worthy of this competition. Sherwood is definitely inept to be a manager in a league higher than League One. The substitutions were absolutely woeful, and the commitment from the players in the second half was absent. It is like these guys really believe that a two goal lead means you have won the game. The Championship will soon gobble you up, and I hope you get demolished by the Blue Noses in a couple of weeks. Four jerseys spanning 22 years sit in the rubbish bin, and the garbage truck is due any minute. My interest in you has been waning for a half a decade, and now I just cannot care any more. I wish you the worst of luck, until you employ someone who has a clue about football, instead of this childish git. Drawing with Sunderland was a disgrace, but throwing away a lead like that is inexcusable. You have ruined my week, and I only live in Australia. So I can only imagine how many grumpy people will be shuffling around the Second City on Monday.


Another weekend, another new way to feel miserable watching Villa. At least McCleish and Lambert had the grace to be up front with us about losing games. We all knew where we stood from kick off. Dangling a 2-0 win in front of us for 70 minutes and then still losing is not acceptable.

Can’t argue with Leicester though. Vardy is an absolute r**tcl**t; but given we looked full value for 2-0 with 20 mins left, and then lucky to get away with 2-3 by full-time, shows how much they took us to the cleaners.

Onwards and…well…something-wards
Neil Raines


Big Benched German
Maybe this content can sneak in there, but Arsenal have 3 consecutive clean sheets, not necessarily anything special but Mertesacker hasn’t played in any of them.  Gabriel has deputized well and at this point looks to have the tools to survive in England.

Is it a potential conundrum for Arsene when he’s healthy?  I think BFG still has something to offer but Gabriel needs to play more.  Given he’s alternate captain, could be easier said than done.  Don’t want to see Mertesacker get the nod at Stamford Bridge!

Burlington, ON


Adebayor To Arsenal
Arsenal need a striker and Wenger wouldn’t sign just anyone for the sake of it. Said player must fit certain criteria no doubt but what about someone that has scored 24 league goals in a season, to be experienced, someone that’s competed at the highest level appearing in both World Cup and Champions League, to have played for clubs with title and top four ambitions, to have played for Real Madrid no less! Ideally someone with Premier League experience with no need to acclimatize to the league and area would be perfect

So what about it, Adebayor to Arsenal – we need a striker, he’s been good for us before and he’s scored when he’s had something to prove playing for a contract? I can’t think of a reason for us not to sign him!
Brian Belfast Gooner (oh hang on… there are some reasons..)


Away Chants Are Better Anyway
Andre, raises an interesting point –  I think pretty much all HOME support songs are pretty dull, not only Utd’s.

However, listen to Utd’s away chants any I think they are some of the best around from the Park Ji Sung song (Liverpool fans may disagree) and the solskjaer vs. shearer (“He was cheaper”) song, to the busy babes and the cantona xmas song…even the Anderson song was funny (….better than Fabregas, oh dear).

I just wondered if the mailboxers felt the same and whether they had any favourite clubs songs/chants…? For what its worth I HATE the Chelsea song “We know what we are….”, so does everyone else, 17th!
Owen (“So please don’t take my solskjaer away!”), London


In response to Andre, yes there is a team with worse chants that United. The chant of “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelseaaa” is one of the most monotonous, boring and unimaginative chants I have ever heard.
Leon, Basel.


Happy Mondays
There was an interview with Steve Parish – one of Crystal Palace’s owners, in case you’re unaware/not Literary Ed – on 5 Live during half time of the Everton-Chelsea game on Saturday. One thing that the interviewer asked about is the great atmosphere and sense of fun at Selhurst Park these days; obviously Parish was happy to agree with this, saying that while some team’s fans seemingly aren’t happy unless they win everything every year, Palace are just enjoying the ride.

I mentioned this to an ardent Palace-supporting friend of mine (sup Brady!) and he fully agreed, saying that Palace are the footballing equivalent of Happy Mondays. If you can put aside the mental image of Super Al gurning and dancing with maracas – and if you can, then you’re a better man than I am – does the ‘box have any other suggestions for teams as bands or singers?
Grossy, Spurs


Angry John
It really is sweet to see John Nicholson soooo angry in this article. It even beats seeing Martial score on his debut
Tunji, Lagos


Pray For Degsy

When can we start calling for Degsy’s head?

I’d be distraught, but I can’t even afford that.


Chelsea Employee Of The Month
Ivanovic carbon rod. 
Eddie, Melbourne

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