Clyne: We can hear Klopp telling us to run faster

Date published: Wednesday 2nd December 2015 9:40

Liverpool right-back Nathaniel Clyne says that Jurgen Klopp’s bellowing from the sidelines can be clearly heard on the pitch.

Clyne is the closest player to Klopp for half of every match and says he can hear the German’s instructions clearly above the sound of the crowd.

“You can definitely hear him on the sideline,” he says. “If he’s got something to say you can hear him – he always shouts out tactics and [is] always encouraging players to run faster and put more effort into the game.”

Clyne has emerged as a key component of Klopp’s plans at Liverpool, highlighted by Daniel Storey on this very site last month.

Asked about his new role, the England full-back said: “I’ll say definitely pressing on the front foot, setting the trap for the opposition team, and getting more forward on the pitch, and [being] solid defensively as well.

“When you come to a new club you may hold back and don’t take so many risks, but now I’ve played a few games I can take more risks.

“I can go out there and express myself and because he has confidence if you lose the ball you don’t worry. You just go out and do it again.

“He’s tried to make me more confident in my ability as a player to go and express myself – not to hold back and keep going forward. He said openly: ‘Don’t hold back, you’re a good player, go forward.’

“He’s been just working on my confidence really. He’s extra confident in my ability to get forward and to develop as a player.”

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