De Rossi: Chelsea’s money could not tempt me from Roma

Date published: Wednesday 17th August 2016 4:01

Daniele de Rossi has explained why he has never been tempted to leave Roma.

Italy international De Rossi has spent his whole career with the Serie A outfit, and has reportedly turned down offers from the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United in the past.

The 33-year-old appears set to emulate Francesco Totti – who will retire at the end of the season – by finishing career as a one-club man, and refutes suggestions he has shown a lack of ambition.

De Rossi told “It wouldn’t be right toward the fans for me to leave as well, in the same year.

“It’s all about ambitions. Money is not something that can move me from Rome to Chelsea because I will get money in Chelsea.

“I get money in Rome, so that’s not a difference – at another team I can get more money but this [extra] amount doesn’t matter.

“What’s more ambitious, a player who wants to go to win the Champions League in Real Madrid, or one who wants to win the league in Rome?

“Roma never won a lot of titles. In 90 years, we won three. It’s been hard. I think a great ambition could be also to try to win something nobody ever won. It’s more difficult.”

When asked whether he sometimes considers the trophies he could have won elsewhere, he replied: “That passes through my mind, but it’s something I chose long ago.

“It’s all about the matter of being a Roman. Sometimes on my couch I think: ‘If I were not born in Rome, I would never be a Roma fan. I would never feel this sort of debt, this duty, to my fans, to my people, to my city.’

“For me, a good player, it could be easier for sure. But the other side of the coin is that I love to stay here. I love to make my people happy.

“You can find crowds also in Chelsea, Madrid, Manchester United. But here I have my friends: my friends in the stands and people that I never knew. But they are just like my friends because they have the same passion, the same faith.

“We have the same story. We cried for the same matches. We’ve been sad for the same reason. We share our feelings even if we never knew each other. They recognise themselves in us, me and Francesco.

“The one feeling bigger than the pride you feel when you play for Rome is the sadness you feel without Rome.”


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