Ferguson: ‘Hairdryer was stupid name’

Date published: Saturday 19th September 2015 11:38

Sir Alex Ferguson claims that none of his Manchester United sides played with fear despite his reputation for losing his temper.

His blasts were famously dubbed ‘the hairdryer treatment’ but Ferguson has claimed – in an interview with the Daily Telegraph – that losing his temper was sometimes necessary.

“I had to carry that stupid name about me for a long time. But my teams never played with fear.,” he claimed. “Not one of them ever played with fear. They expressed themselves and enjoyed playing. They were always adventurous, had a go. That’s the answer.

“There’s nothing wrong with losing your temper for the right reasons. To make them aware: we are Manchester United. We cannot afford any more of this nonsense.

“We always used to say: nobody comes to your door and gives you money. You have to go out of the door and earn everything. You have to go on the football field and win to achieve and earn your money.”


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