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Date published: Thursday 3rd March 2016 10:54

We had so many Arsenal mails that we had to dedicate a Mailbox solely to them.. Keep your thoughts coming to


An Arsenal fan wants Spurs to win the league
If Leicester win the league then I don’t think it’ll be enough for things to change at Arsenal. If Spurs win however, then I think it will. Last night feels as if Wenger has not only lost the dressing room but the entire fan base. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want Spurs to win this weekend and go on to take the league. The resulting anger will be far too much for the board to bare. This club has become a business. That is not what we want.
JazGooner (Viva la revolution!)


The rot
Why are Arsenal in abject free-fall? Poor finishing, poor planning, bad luck in my opinion.

As a prominent blogger has been at pains to point out, Arsenal, contrary to perception have a dearth of ball playing mid-fielders. Totting up we have Cazorla, Arteta, Wilshire and Rosicky in that department, all injured. Last summer Arsene clearly looked at that list and though ‘as long as I have one or two of these fit at any time we’ll be fine. Considering their track records, that was foolish. It’s quite funny that the presence of Denilson this season would have boosted our title hopes. Basically as would anyone who can put their foot on the ball and control a game, it will be a long month until any of our ball-players are back

At this moment in time, Giroud, Sanchez, Ramsey, Walcott and Ozil are having retched times in front of goal. Nothing will go in for them, complete panic every time they see their target. Giroud frame-rattler last night a case in point. All he needed to do was guide it into a gaping goal, instead he twacks one. I’ve been waiting for us to regress to our mean in terms of finishing, moat of these have been in a rut for most of the season.

And finally, the opiate of the self-pityers: lady luck. Both goals Swansea scored last night should have been ruled out, for a foul in the build up and off-side respectively. Both Sanchez shot against the wood work were unlucky. While we’re losing 2-1 to utd their players handle on the line. Just *maybe* the correct call of penalty and red card changes the result of that one. Fraser Forster plays Lev Yashin against Arsenal, responsible for 3 bad goals in 2 games recently. We can only really console ourselves that while factors like Wenger’s fitness gambles remain a constant, with the marginals in place this season’s got many more twists and turns
James Gooner


What is the most ‘Peak Arsenal’ season ever?
To distract myself from the despair that has set in this week, I tried to think about which team will come to be regarded as the most quintessentially Wenger, Peak Arsene. His most memorable teams – let’s all just sit and dream about those for a while, eh Arsenal fans – were obviously brilliant, and will, I hope, be what we eventually remember.

But they are now, what, at least a third of his reign ago? In footballing terms, they are ancient history. Bergkamp, Henry and Pires might as well be Plato, Aristotle and Aristophanes. The team, and specifically the season, which I think encapsulates his reign is 2007-08.

In the summer our best player was sold to Barcelona. We replaced him, on the cheap, with an unknown Cro-ilian. We had what was regarded as an exceptionally talented group of young, technical players. We had a lot of French players. We had an unsuitable French captain. We started the season by scraping a 2-1 win, in the last minute, against a side who would spend the rest of the year battling relegation. But we then went on a run. One of those Arsenalish runs, which breed such hope. We were unbeaten for (I think, this is from memory) a dozen league games or more. There was another last minute equaliser to keep this going at home to Man United. And people forget this now, but we played brilliant, brilliant football. There was a game at Anfield, a 1-1, which I remember thinking was exceptional, from both teams (what has happened to Arsenal and Liverpool!) Our midfield of Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky and Hleb were confoundingly superb. Adebayor was smashing them in. After a slow start, the Cro-ilian started to look the tits. At this stage a lot of Arsenal fans, myself included, were smugly telling everyone that this – sell the stars for cash, buy young unknowns, pass the shit out of teams, win – was just what Arsene did.

In January we were five clear. Then Birmingham happened, and everyone remembers the rest: Martin Taylor. Eduardo. (His replacement that day, if I remember correctly, was Theo Walcott, who scored his first league goals. This feels like it should be the punchline rather than an aside). And then the subsequent collapse. Defeat at Old Trafford. Cup exits. 3rd or 4th (?) place. No trophies. Champions League for next year. And then a summer spent chasing that Russian bloke who looked handy in the Euros.

A lot of these factors – I’m tempted to call them tropes – have been repeated since. But that year, we had the works. All of the hits. Some of them were the original hits. This, more than the unbeaten season, might be Arsene’s legacy.
Matt Hennessey


Wenger won’t leave
I have no doubt that F365 will receive many, many emails in about how Wenger has lost the plot and needs to resign/retire. But there is no point in this. The whole of the emirates could want him gone and wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference. This Arsenal side under Wenger will never get as bad as Chelsea were and are one of the most profitable sides in the country. Things have been arguably worse than they are currently and yet the board haven’t even considered the idea of sacking Wenger. As long as the club is still profitable and are still in a semi-good position then there is literally no chance of Wenger being sacked, and with players like Ozil you are always going to be in at least a semi-good position at very worst. The board do not care that Wenger is one of the most tactically naive managers in the league despite also being the most experienced. They do not care that he continues to persist with players in horrific form( Giroud, Ramsey, Alexis, Bellerin to name a few). At the end of the day if we finish in the top four his job is secure, and considering our run of fixtures at the end of the season you’d think that would be a certainty.

Now onto Wenger himself, will he resign/retire? You’ve got to think that a smarter man would. Fergie saw that his once great team were beginning to falter and smartly decided to leave on a high, rather than tarnishing his legacy. Wenger is already past that point in my opinion, the football Arsenal have played this season has been abysmal and for the most part so have the results. But I doubt that Wenger even realises this because, as we’ve all seen, the man is extremely deluded. For every defeat there is an excuse, there is always someone to blame, but that person is never himself. When recently has Wenger held his hands up and took accountability, not blamed the players, not blamed the ref?

Unless things really go to sh*t I don’t see any way Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal FC, he has become a truly awful manager but he keeps the board happy enough and he gets paid £8 million a year for it. There is no point in even considering the notion that Wenger might go. It’s not happening this season, it won’t happen next season, it’ll only happen when Wenger wants it to. And considering his deluded nature it wouldn’t surprise me if he stays at Arsenal for another 3 or 4 years. Who’s to stop him?
Matt, Arsenal fan


But it’s time to go
The Wenger era is over. Well and truly over.

There cannot be anything about mental strength anymore. He and his teams for the last 10 years have had barely any, when it matters.

There cannot be anymore excuses. There can’t be anymore left.

It is time to go. You will end up embarrassed by Pep, Klopp, Pochettino and probably Conte and Mourinho too if you stick around. Do the decent thing and let Arsenal rebuild.

Thanks for the very distant memories and the 10 year Groundhog Day.
Ali, (Arsene couldn’t get me motivated in a free brothel full of Scarlett Johansson’s) Kensington.


I have always been one of Arsene Wenger’s biggest defenders. Even during the barren trophyless years, I allowed it because of the debt and inability to bring in good players. However that patience has finally worn out. Wenger is done as far as I am concerned. Even if by some miracle Arsenal do go on to win the title I do not want this man in charge of Arsenal next season.

Its the same exact thing that us Arsenal fans see over and over again, the complete inability to take advantage of the chances afforded to us. Oh we are great when sitting in 6th and we need a run of wins to finish 4th. But when we need wins to top the table we lose to teams like Swansea, or West Brom or Stoke. Basically teams that should not be beating a team like Arsenal. The Swansea game was a classic example of whats wrong, when things went wrong there was simply no answer and once Williams scored Arsenal never looked like getting back into the game.

Wenger has to be the reason for this, if he cant implement a game plan to win matches then whats the point of him staying? It seems like the only reason he hasnt been relieved of his duties is because after 20 years it wouldnt look good to sack him. Honestly though he should do the decent thing and resign. He cant get this team to win a title and he steadfastidly refuses to buy players that could turn the tide, leaving us in a situation where there is literally nobody to replace Giroud when he is having one of ‘those’ games.

And to top it off, Campbell, the best player on the pitch gets taken off, whilst Sanchez who had an absolute mare of a game was left on.
Andrew (Wont even bother watching them against Spurs)


Pea Carsenal
So I’m just going to say that was utter sh*t. It was all so familiar…

It was against a Swansea side that made 6 changes, focussing on the Norwich game this weekend coming.

It was against a side who barely worked Petr Cech all game, and yet they came away with all 3 points.

There was familiarity in Wenger berating the 4th official for a foul on Ozil, ignoring our own players not spotting the danger, what is it they about playing to the whistle?

Familiarity in Wenger up in arms about time wasting.

Familiarity in Giroud missing a sitter to demonstrate yet again how mental it was that we passed on Higuain (25 goals in 27 Serie A games) – we signed Ozil instead – we should have signed BOTH!

For the record, Higuain has 60 in 85.

How mental it was that we didn’t sign an outfield player and somehow find ourselves on the same points as the same stage last season (funny that).

How Mertesacker isn’t good enough for a title challenger (he didn’t notice as Routledge ran through behind him) just like he hasn’t been good enough since that Anfield pasting two years ago.

How our right side should get a new signing, but even if we were offered a Mahrez, Wenger wouldn’t sign them because it would stop the progress of The Ox, Campbell or Owobi, and besides, “Walcott and Ramsey can play there”.

Its probably why he didn’t sign Higuain (it would stop Giroud’s progress) and “Walcott and Welbeck can play there…”

This is a manager who isn’t ruthless enough to see flaws in his players and make changes accordingly.

Having faith in Arteta (legs have gone) Wilshere Rosicky (annual seasonal injuries) Walcott and Flamini (not good enough) is inexcusable.

Stumbling upon Coquelin was one thing, but to stumble upon a central midfield (Coquelin Cazorla) and then not sign adequate back-up based on our annual injury crisis is again, inexcusable.
Obligatory paragraph:

“I love what Wenger has done for this club but that was a long time ago now, it’s time for change, he’s taken us as far he can”.

Finally, somebody mentioned the other day that Wenger is a 3rd-4th place manager and it’s hard to disagree. Arsenal fans aren’t entitled (well, some of them are), Arsenal fans are tired of seeing the same thing year upon year, knowing the signings we need and yet they don’t arrive because of “internal solutions”

The sad thing is, we will almost certainly be saying the same thing this time next year too.

It’s all so familiar…
Strevs, Afc, Canada


Arsenal may have out Arsenaled the already peak Arsed Arsenal.
Shannon( 3 glasses of red )


The title is going to go to whoever has the parcel when the music stops isn’t it, sod form, it’s a free for all. Its mental, but you can’t say this isn’t fun.

As for Arsenal and Cech, I never thought Arsenal could peak more than their last peak, I mean they couldn’t peak any more than that could they? Yes they can. They’re the gift that just keeps giving. Outstanding.
Chris ITFC, (Lottery numbers please Graham Simons) Liverpool


Well that was the most typical of Arsenal defeats wasn’t it?

– Equaliser conceded because the whole team stopped for a foul (admittedly should have been but still inexcusable).

– Giroud missing decent opportunities

– Arsenal conceding from a set piece because nobody heads the ball

– When the pressure was really on Arsenal balls it up

Are they now 3-0 down? It is in special circumstances that teams come back from such a deficit.

Looking forward to all the moans about the decision!
Gertrude Perkins


I think after last night, there needs to be further revision to the ‘Arsenal are 2-0 to Hull and will still win it‘ analogy.

I reckon now a better comparison would be from 2012, and half time in the CL last 16 match against Milan at the San Siro.

Arsenal were then also 2-0 down, but not necessarily out. They just needed to keep it tight, maybe nick an away goal and head back to London for the second leg with a chance. Maybe in this analogy, this is where they were after losing to Manchester United at the weekend.

What actually happened was they capitulated, lost 4-0 and blew any real chance of progressing. So last night can be thought of as the start of the current capitulation.

What I think makes this analogy very apt, is that in the second leg Arsenal won 3-0, which their fans were describing as an heroic effort, just falling short of glory etc. Completely ignoring the fact that they only required the heroic effort due to the cowardice shown in the previous match. For this season, the ‘heroic effort’ will be their usual end of season unbeaten run, probably with a couple of 4 or 5 goal thrashings of some weaker teams, but all of it only coming when any actual chance of glory has long since vanished.

Also, I hope the Arsenal fan in yesterday’s mailbox who predicted a 2-1 win for Swansea had some money on it, just to make himself feel a bit better this morning!
Michael, Basel


Oh, Arsenal
I really don’t care anymore.
Syfq Amr, a bias Gooner.


It isn’t the players…
Arsene Wenger has never won the league with a squad of only his signings. How damning of a stat is that? Maybe not much in the real world because of the short termisms of managerial roles. But Wenger has had no interference, no “win or your sacked” pressure, has had 100% job security, is able to control aspects of the club other managers would dream of, dare I say has had more control over the club than Fergie did (at a point he was being paid more than Fergie). Has had the opportunity to build and rebuild his squads after failing and failing for 10 years. We signed serial winners Cech, Sanchez and Ozil. But the results are the same. It’s not the players, it’s Wenger. He just doesn’t have it.
Tobi Gooney Boy London


At what point does it stop being ridiculous to draw parallels between Mourinho’s Chelsea’s of 2015 and Wenger’s Arsenal of 2015/2016? Do these players still want to play for Arsene?

Toon (Unhappy Arsenal fan, Belgium)


Cech that out
I seem to remember Cech only got injured twice in 10 years at chelsea, and one was a skull fracture after getting his head kicked in, yet arsenal manage to find a way to break him within a season

Seriously, you can’t make this up. Well done all!
Ben, London, CFC


Special Wenger
It takes a special kind of manager to disappoint a fan base that had already given up all hope to begin with. Go Arsene!
Andrew (Really, Wenger. Go. And never come back!) Mbogoh


Mystic Graham
I’m no psychic but I totally called that match in yesterday’s mailbox.

There is no joy in watching a sport where the results may as well be predetermined.

If I want that, I’ll watch WWF but even that is less predictable than Arsenal – I never saw the end of the streak coming.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Wenger has given me many laughs over the years. I didn’t think anything would top his interview last week, when he claimed “players being tapped up” was the reason for his serial title failures of 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014. However last night, Wenger surpassed himself – he’s used so many pathetic excuses that he’s finally run out. Apparently, the reason for losing to Swansea was because “the players stopped playing as they were sure the referee would blow for a foul”.

Ladies and gents. As a 7 year-old, one of the first things you’re taught is to play until the whistle. So apart from his total lack of tactical acumen, inability to man-manage, weak mentality, and poor player recruitment; Arsene Wenger has now also admitted that he hasn’t taught his grown babies what most 7 year-olds are coached.
Stewie Griffin (I remember all the abuse 365 got in summer for chiding Wenger’s pathetic transfer window. Who’s laughing now AKBs? Will O’Doherty and chums are mighty quiet eh!)


And again!
Arsene Wenger in interview:
“We need to be more realistic about our title chances, we cannot dream”.

That’s right Gooners. Forget them crazy pipe-dreams about competing with Leicester and Spurs! Enjoy those most expensive tickets in Europe btw….
Stewie Griffin


Perspective, please
No doubt today’s mailbox will be full of #wengerout and disappointed Arsenal fans.. But guys, have some perspective.

As a Newcastle fan, I have no sympathy. You are 3rd, and still likely to be playing champions league football next season. We are 19th (!) and possibly playing championship football next season.

You had a trophy drought and haven’t won the league for years. You won the FA cup twice and a row. We’ve won nothing for 60 (SIXTY) years.

You have world class players such as Ozil and Alexis. We had Gouffran playing last night. He was replaced by Riviere.

Our manager is even more tactically inept than yours, we have players who care less than yours (see Sissoko, Moussa) and we now go into a Derby match in 2 weeks time that if we lose means probable relegation. That’s to our rivals who’ve beaten us FIVE TIMES IN A ROW.

Yes, I’m sure it’s annoying and you’re frustrated today. But have some perspective and think about how lucky you are compared to the other 17 teams in the league below you.
James, NUFC (Think we’ll survive by skin of our teeth but pressure is on!)

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