Klopp: ‘Not cleverest’ but Liverpool’s ‘perfect solution’

Date published: Wednesday 2nd March 2016 10:06

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has described himself as “not the cleverest” but claims he is the perfect choice for the challenge at Anfield.

The Reds dropped into the bottom half of the table on Tuesday night, two days after losing in the Capital One Cup final to Manchester City.

The German claims that has a lot has to change at the club to be truly successful; they cannot rely solely on history.

“I am 100% excited about the challenge,” claimed Klopp on Tuesday. “It gets better and better by the way. Why? Because I know more. I am not the cleverest but I love the challenge.

“When I was younger I thought I had no chance to be part of professional football so I wanted to study medicine. I wanted to help people. I like to change things and help if it’s possible. It’s a hard way to go.

“I don’t know what other names FSG would have taken but I think I am a really perfect solution. I like this. I am patient enough to work for the moment and then we can change things.

“On Sunday with a bit of luck we could have won the game. If Divock Origi makes that header it’s 2-1 and then you are asking a different question but it’s the same situation, just without a bit of silverware in our hands.

“To become successful in the future we need to learn a lot of things. The first thing is that you really need to work to get there. We can’t be successful just because of the history of the club or the name of the manager or the names of the players.

“The way we play football is influenced by a few things – how we train and which players we have. We have to change a lot of things to be successful.

“It’s not possible in this world of football to be successful in England five or six years in a row. Nobody can win the league five or six years in a row because the financial potential of all the teams is too big. But always to be a part of this and to be a challenger is possible. That’s what we have to be in the future. To do that we have to make decisions.

“I feel absolutely perfect here, not after losing a final but the next day because I know everyone here is working so hard. They need a bit of a help. And they need a big hand from someone who is patient enough and can handle the pressure from the outside. I can handle this.

“I am only interested in Liverpool FC. If I had gone to another club would it have been easier? They would have had other problems.

“Next season Pep Guardiola will find that it’s more rainy in Manchester than it is here or in Munich. Every day isn’t easy. And they will be big favourites so that’s another problem. We have problems but we are in a good way to solve them. How long we need for this? Time is very important. All we can change to become a good side we will do.”

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