Klopp surprised at criticism for thanking fans

Date published: Thursday 24th December 2015 4:03

Jurgen Klopp was surprised at being criticised for thanking Liverpool supporters.

Saturday will be Liverpool’s first match at Anfield since Klopp’s well-publicised salute to the Kop when he encouraged all his players to hold hands and thank the fans for the support they showed in cheering the side on as they snatched a last-gasp draw against West Brom.

He was surprised to find himself roundly criticised after that action was interpreted as celebrating a point at home to a mid-table side but the German’s motives were part of a strategy aimed at garnering greater affinity between players and fans.

“It is really interesting for me as it is the first time in my life I have lived in a foreign country and I thought I knew a lot about England because I’ve been here a few times and I enjoyed it always,” Klopp said.

“We look similar but it seems in some ways we are really different.

“It was a decision in the moment, I never planned it and thought ‘If we made a draw against West Brom maybe we should’.

“I would like to be cooler but I am pretty emotional, you can see it in my face sometimes.

“Sometimes I laugh more than I should, sometimes I look more angry than I should and sometimes no one knows what my face should mean.

“I like to be close with the fans but it is not a thing from one side, I cannot say, ‘Come on, let’s do this together’ we have to build it up. That is how it should be in football.

“For me it is always a common fight, always together.”

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