Klopp wants to see ‘fun’ return to Liverpool

Date published: Thursday 15th October 2015 1:05

Jurgen Klopp says he wants to see “more fun” in his Liverpool players’ eyes ahead of his first game as manager against Tottenham this weekend.

Klopp was appointed on a three-year deal last week and will take charge of his first game on Saturday against Tottenham in the Premier League.

The Reds sit 10th in the current table after an inauspicious start under previous incumbent Brendan Rodgers, and, speaking at his first pre-match press conference as boss, Klopp discussed his start.

“We’ve had three excellent training sessions,” the German said. “The boys are willing to listen. It’s not the time to change many things.

“It’s time to just turn the screws a little bit in the right ways.

“Everything would be better if we had worked together for six weeks but it’s not a perfect world.

“It is not so interesting what happened a week ago or two weeks, only what the players can do now.”

Klopp has come under intense press scrutiny even before his appointment as manager, and the German has expressed his dissatisfaction over being photographed pretty much every day.

“I don’t like being photographed all the time. Who does?” he said. “Everybody tells me this will cool down in the next few weeks. I hope it isn’t because of the results.

“My pressure comes from myself. I am not interested in expectations from the outside.

“We have to train as long as is possible. We don’t want influences from outside.”

Spurs represent a difficult opening test for Klopp, with Mauricio Pochettino’s side undefeated since the opening weekend and having recently beaten leaders Manchester City 4-1.

“We play against a very good Premier League team in Spurs. They are fine-tuned. We know how they want to play. I know how I want to play. At the end it is only football. Now we have to open our chests, run and fight and shoot. We have to play like our best dream.

“Some things can change like this [clicks fingers]. But to get tuned as a team takes time. I’m not interested in the problems we might have.

“It’s not important how many faults you make in a game, it’s important that nobody remembers after.

“This is a very important game for us but even more so after the game.

“Most of fans say ‘we can win the league’ and that is not right at this moment. We want to get back confidence in our own skills and qualities.

“I want to see more bravery, more fun in their eyes. I want to see that they like what they do. I saw it this week.”

Liverpool head into Saturday’s test with three notable injury absentees, Christian Benteke, Roberto Firmino and now Joe Gomez, who could be out for the season with a knee injury.

“You are always nervous waiting for the players after the game. We did not have perfect information for Joe Gomez. What a wonderful young boy, muscles in all the right places. But he has an ACL injury. He will have surgery. This is his home.

“Benteke and Firmino are back on the pitch but not training with the team.

“I hope they will be back with the team next week.”

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