Liverpool fans are starting to get giddy

Date published: Thursday 3rd December 2015 9:49

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They’re starting to get giddy
Wow, that was simply incredible. I am sure there will be plenty of mails covering the game, but one thing that should not be forgotten is that this was a Liverpool team missing the following players that would normally be expected to either start or be quite close to the first choice team: Mignolet, Sakho, Clyne, Milner, Henderson (missed most of the game), Coutinho, Firmino, and Benteke.

With injuries clearing up, the options now available to Klopp are vast. With a Stoke semi-final to come, top of the Europa group and only six points behind the top of the league having played all the big guns away from home, things are indeed looking up. The key would be keeping Sturridge fit. If Klopp can achieve that, this could be a season to remember.

Starting to get a bit giddy.
Shiraz (What odds would you have got for an  Origi hat-trick ???) Johannesburg


Sturridge: The balls
Last week I wrote in and wondered whether we should cut our losses on Sturridge and hope to get £25m for him.

Some clever prat wrote in talking about transfer fees and must’ve forgotten the bonuses/sign on fees and £140k/week wages we also pay him but today was a lovely example of why I am both right and wrong.

Right because a player of his quality that could stay injury free would surely be worth £40m+. And wrong because a player of his quality would never join Liverpool, even with a world class manager in charge. I’ve seen some comedy gold in the mailbox about Rooney and Kane being better but those people must’ve not seen Sturridge on his day. In fairness because of his injury troubles his day comes about as regularly as Rooney’s day does…

Liverpool look so great with him, even if he does only play 60 minutes a month. I think he’s the kind of player that makes our attack look incredibly threatening. There were a couple of moment in the first half where Origi didn’t seem to know where to position but Sturridge was consistently flawless; his runs either drag the centre backs apart and create a 1 on 1 through the middle for the person in possession or he creates a 1 on 1 for himself whoever he can. His wiggly arm dance brings a lot of warmth into my heart. I forgot how good he (and it) was.

On a side note, I can fully understand the rage Southampton fans feel towards Lovren (hey, who doesn’t?) but I felt bad for Lallana, he helped to battle from league one to premier league club and not sure he deserved such a poor reception, even if he did put in a transfer request.
Minty, LFC


…And the responses
Shame on the Liverpool fan who wrote in a few days ago saying it was time to cut their losses on Sturridge. And no this is not knee-jerk, or ankle jerk or pinky jerk, or whatever body part of his falls to pieces next. Sturridge is injury prone yes. Will that change? Maybe? Maybe not? RVP was permanently crocked until suddenly he bloomed into a picture of health in his mid to late 20s.

I’m a City fan and I was truly gutted about losing Sturridge. Yes he left for pastures new but few people reference the fact he was left out the team for much of that season because Mark Hughes felt Ched Evans was the better striker. At the time everyone knew Sturridge’s potential and he was beginning to show it but Hughes favored his fellow countryman. Following snub after snub he packed his bag for Chelsea’s bench. It was a hot-headed impetuous decision but I could see why he decided to go.
The impressive thing about Daniel is he needs no time to get fit. Throw him in after an injury and the goals flow immediately. Not many strikers have that in their locker.


…To the guy who wrote in the mailbox last week, that it was time to sell Sturridge…

You’re have a F**ing laugh.
Daniel (Can’s pass for the second goal was unbelievable)


Klopp’s making people quote T-Pain
I’m sprung,
now Klopp’s got me,
got me doing things I’ll never do,
if you aint been I’m telling you, you do, you do, you do, you do…
DDM, LFC, Zimbabwe


Ah yes, the Cazorla news
Arsenal quite incredible at being Arsenal, a whole season of Arsenaling 3 and a half months into the season. Woeful start, incredible recovery and talk of a title campaign, everyone injured, and we look rubbish now.

Quite beautifully poetic that the revolutionary and so surprisingly functional midfield unit of Coqzorla departed for 3 moths at the same time. As Arsenal as we ever damn were.

I expected this, I’m oddly not all that gutted. Ramsey, Flamini, Arteta, Wilshire Chambers. Maybe Rosicky is fit some day. That’s fine for the next 3 months. Well it would be if they stayed fit. Which they won’t.

Let’s all count down to us not buying a midfielder in January. By then I genuinely expect us to have forged another functional midfield unit. Wilshire like a new signing. If he stays fit he actually will be. If Coq and (Ca)Zorla haven’t had set backs and world class players are not available, then inaction could make some sense. For what it’s worth, I think we’ll try to buy a future star like Ruben Neves or William Carvalho. I think that was probably the plan anyway. Then if that’s not possible a Kim Kalstrom-esque would actually be a good result.

You could genuinely make it up, really really easily.
James Gooner


With the news that Santi Cazorla will be out for 3 months, meaning our first choice central midfield partnership won’t be playing again until March at the earliest, surely this means that even the usually frugal Arsene Wenger will be forced into action in the transfer window.

The thing is, not only does he need to buy someone, he needs to have the deal ready for all parties to sign on January 1st, otherwise we are f**ked.

It’s not only that we are down to the bare bones, it’s that that we are relying on no more injuries to happen to players like Ramsay, Walcott, Wilshere, The Ox, etc. Which let’s face it, is like relying on Jose Mourinho to not be a c**t.

Does anyone have Kim Kallstrom’s phone number?
Adonis (apologies for the uncouthness) Stevenson, AFC


It’s Walcott Arsenal miss most
Cazorla out for three months (we all know it could be six). This is getting ridiculous, even by Arsenal’s standards.

However, it’s since Walcott got injured against Sheffield Wednesday on October 27th that we haven’t looked anywhere near as dynamic. We’ve won against Swansea and Zagreb – whoopie.

He isn’t our best player, but he brings the best out in our best players (I surely could have worded that better?). His threat in behind, his movement, the space he creates for others – which is underrated – allows us to be more explosive and fluid in the final 3rd.

There always seems to be more space between the opposing teams defence and midfield when he plays as they have to retreat because he’s so quick on the shoulder. This allows others to play between the lines.

I am a fan of Giroud but not as a constant component. He was excellent when he came on  vs Bayern in our 2-0 win, that’s the role I see with him in the team.
Strevs, Afc, Canada


Overrated, underrated, wombling free
There are certain “underrated” players who become so well-known for being “under-rated” that they end up in the end being “over-rated.” A good example is Claude Makelele, who, while a very very good, just-short-of-world-class defensive midfielder, was never quite good enough to have a position named after him. Arguably, Jordan Henderson is another such player, and I say this as a Liverpool fan who holds him in high esteem.

Michael Carrick is also one such player. He is a very good central midfielder, with a skill set (calm in possession, good range of short and long passing,) that is unusual in English midfield players.  For a long time, it seemed as though the wider football public were blind to his qualities, but now the pendulum has swung the other way and he is being lionised beyond his capabilities.

Carrick is, as I say, very good; easily good enough to play in a slightly below-the-elite continental side that focuses on a possession game. Maybe a Fiorentina or a Villareal. Maybe even a PSG, for the Ligue 1 games while they’re resting Verrati for the European ones. What he isn’t is good enough to win over 100 caps for the German national team, or be the undisputed leader of the biggest team in Germany (and one of the three biggest teams in the world) for over a decade. Because if he was good enough to play for Bayern, Barcelona or Madrid, he would probably play for one of those clubs. And he wouldn’t have been comprehensively schooled every time he went up against one of those clubs for Manchester United.

It’s generally accepted that he should have won more caps for England, and I don’t disagree with that, but the idea often-floated that “if Michael Carrick were Spanish/French/German, he’d have 100 caps,” is ridiculous. Because, even if he’s better than the alternatives in his position for England, which is a legitimate and arguable stance, he’s not better than his alternatives for those countries. The very notion is absurd.
Dara O’Reilly, London


Apprehensive about the Neviller
With regards to Neville’s shock appointment at Valencia, I can’t help but feel apprehensive about the situation.

I’m on my year abroad here in Valencia and I’ve been to a fair few games, and will be going to the forthcoming ones against Barcelona on Saturday and, Neville’s 1st, the crunch Champions League game vs Lyon.

Should Valencia perform badly in these two games, I feel Neville will already be under pressure. He has no managerial experience and he doesn’t speak the language so in many ways he’ll be grateful he has a winter break to help adjust.

The fans here are incredibly expectant, if their side aren’t winning the boos and whistles start. Nuno showed last season what a good manager he is by finishing 4th, having a phenomenal unbeaten record at the Mestalla, where he ended Real Madrid’s extraordinary winning streak, yet only a few games in this year and fans were calling for his head.

And it’s not just him, I’ve seen captain Parejo and Sofiane Feghouli being booed when being substituted, even in wins against Gent and Granada, the fans weren’t happy as they scraped over the line. In truth the only players to really avoid criticism so far have been Mustafi and 3rd choice keeper Jaume!

I sincerely wish Gary Neville the best of luck, there’s a lot of talent in this team, and they should be competing for the Champions League places and worrying the big 3, but if they’re not then he’ll be lucky to reach the end of the season still in a job….
Dan, Valencia


Lost to the midst of time
Now that Gary Neville is managing Valencia (the bestest club in the whole world) will his first act as manager be sacking Silly Billy Philly or erecting a massive statue of David Beckham outside the stadium? Will he be constantly on the phone to Sir asking him advice on what the Spanish for “youse are all ****** idiots” is?

I like to think he’ll keep Silly Billy Philly around so that he can give him a Chinese Burn every time he refuses to collect the cones after training.
Steve – Germany (Come ON.  You HAVE to revive the Neville Diaries for this, or at least explain why not.)

Now that the Neville news has had time to sink in for everyone, I must plead with you, for the love of all that is good in the world, please bring back the Neville Diaries (including Silly Billy Phil).

Best of luck to him though.
Andrew, Ireland


Chips ‘n’ lobs
Without wishing to stir up a whole mess of bees, I read Andrew (Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho… wow) H’s mail on Rivaldo and the lack of long ranged chipped goals in the Premier League and thought: hang on, can you even chip long range, isn’t that a lob? To preface my ramble – when I say chip I’m thinking Totti, Messi, Batistuta (as three prime exponents) and when I say long range I’m talking minimum 25 yards. If you’re already shaking your head at this point then feel free to skip the rest of this mail but these are three of the best and I’m dubious that even their finest efforts were ever long range.

Implicit in ‘the chip’ is the minimum of power to lift the ball over the ‘keeper and minimal (if any) follow through with the striking foot. You can’t wallop a chip (Charlie Adam) and anything that rises higher than the crossbar before falling over the line is running the risk of being a lob (Ronaldinho). ‘Dinking’ or ‘clipping’ the ball over the ‘keeper are essentially low altitude chips in my book so that leaves me scratching my head as to whether I’ve ever seen a long ranged chip that wasn’t actually a lob?

Ramires vs. Barcelona springs to mind (obviously) but it was in the box and I’m even wondering if the height precludes this from being a chip. Bobby Zamora’s effort last year? Hmm not quite far enough out for me and too high, despite having all the aesthetic trimmings of a crafty dink. Cantona vs. Sunderland? Chip at a push but in the box so no dice. Alexis Sanchez vs Real? This is probably the closest I can come up with but again, barely outside the box so not really long range.

Basically Andrew, I’m not convinced you can chip long range but please feel free to send me a barrage of YouTube links to prove me wrong. If anything it will help me get through yet another mailbox of crowing Scousers.
Simon CFC

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