Mails: Allardyce has ‘cut off his own balls’

Date published: Monday 5th September 2016 8:31

If you have anything to say, you know what to do – mail


It’s nailed on
We’re gonna win the World Cup!!!
Mark (Very excited) LFC


The lucky penny
So is Allardyce telling me all Hodgson was missing is a lucky coin?
Tyla (football’s coming home 2018) Roxburgh, Liverpool, Merseyside


Spam spam spam spam
Welcome to the England Restaurant! We’ve been closed for renovations since the summer but don’t you worry, we have the same old ingredients to make the same old meals you’re used to only this time they’re prepared by our new but similarly qualified chef!

Spam. It’s Spam. It’s always been spam. It will ALWAYS be spam. Dig in!
Wayne, Manchester


More jam than Hartley’s
Being Welsh I completely forgot the England game was on and only happened to switch it on in the 92nd minute. Judging by the commentary and general media reaction who else wishes they had done the same?
Carl (so THAT’S what Adam Lallana does?) the Welsh


Astonished by Little Sam’s Rooney quotes
Christ almighty what the hell was that? That is the most pronounced example of a manager cutting his own balls off since David Moyes’ first press conference as Man United boss. “Today Wayne played wherever he wanted to. He was brilliant and controlled midfield. I can’t stop Wayne playing there.”

He was emphatically not bloody brilliant Sam; and you actually have a number of options to stop Wayne playing as Deep Defensive Holding Midfielder Coverer (DDHMC – you heard it here first). Indeed Sam is in the unique position of being able to tell Rooney where to play or to tell him he is not playing at all. I am not an England fan by any stretch but as a United fan I understand the frustration with Rooney these days and the utterly perplexing hold he seems to have on every manager he has played under since Ferguson retired.

How can a man who has publicly campaigned for the England job for so long abdicate his authority so early into his tenure? Absolute madness and in trying to protect Rooney surely Sam has only added more pressure and ill-feeling towards his captain by painting an image of his hands being tied and Rooney choosing where he plays and, as result, having a massive influence on the tactics played by Sam’s England?

I genuinely cannot believe he gave that interview and I genuinely don’t know whether to be more bemused and worried for England by the “Today Wayne played wherever he wanted to…I can’t stop Wayne playing there” portion or the arguably much more worrying and ominous “he was brilliant and controlled midfield”! Christ almighty….
Mangor, Belfast


…Big Sam spent a fairly large portion of his career talking himself up and lamenting the opportunities given to English managers. Now, not being English I give less of a f**k than Englishmen about that argument. He has now achieved a major job post and what does he do? Exactly the same crap as previous managers! I would be raging if I was English.

Big Sam has shown himself to be a small-time manager who fixes a hole, not the man to take a team any further than mediocrity.

Two quotes so far:

1) Happy to get a draw out of toughest game away to Slovakia – exactly the sort of sh*t that got England nowhere under Roy, Shteve etc.

2) And now, he says he doesn’t have the power to tell Rooney where to play!! I’m not sure if he got a written job description but I would bet a large amount it said “picking the team” – come on! He was supposed to come in and impose his own style (which might not be much to look at but would hopefully make England competitive). Then he says that Rooney has more experience at international level than him. That is so completely idiotic. Managing and playing are two separate arts. To allow Rooney that sort of power undermines him straight off the bat, particularly so given that Rooney has forgotten how to play football in an England shirt (jury is out on united season yet)

Particularly that second quote displays how horribly out of his depth Allardunce really is. With this attitude England can look forward to more of the same.
Royston (Sunderland could likely use his services at the end of the season anyway) Queen


…Allardyce out! He said during the week that he wouldn’t play Rooney in midfield. Then Rooney spent the entire game in either midfield or defence!

“I’m not going to tell Rooney where to play.” Why not? It’s your job! I thought it before, but I really feel it now, we’ve somehow managed to go backwards. Big Sam is star struck and doesn’t understand that these players need to be told what to do (a la Bolton etc). We looked better when an out of form Deli Ali came on than when Rooney was doing his “superman” stuff.

The question is, do we have a better playmaker who can ping it to the right-back than Rooney can? Otherwise we’re really screwed!

It’s depressing. We need an elite manager who can keep a few egos in line. Mourinho seems to have sorted Rooney at Utd (much as I hate to admit it!) but we’ve had Hodgson and now Allardyce who seem to pander to the media rather than make a decision. Even the ‘experts’ on ITV let him off with very little questioning. “It’s only one position”. It’s the most important one in an attacking sense when he’s your f’ing playmaker!

I despair! Bring back Sven. At least we beat the Germans!
Chris (too angry for brackets!) Slough (LFC, I know, glory hunter etc and biased, tbh I don’t think Henderson should have played tonight either but there you go)


You have to ‘earn’ the right to be a No. 10? Really?
I was listening to the Sunday Supplement (I do it for my sins. Personally I enjoy getting riled up by ill-informed drivel) and after eight minutes I was already fuming. One of the cast (I am not going to call them journalists because I find it very hard to believe that any of these people are paid to write about football) opines that a player (in this case Barkley) needs to ‘prove’ himself in a deeper or wider role before he can be given the no. 10 role. Now I can honestly say that I have never heard such nonsense in my entire life. Has this guy ever watched a football match in his life?

A player like Barkley, whose best position is attacking midfield behind the striker (can also probably play in a three in midfield), does not need to prove anything playing out wide or from a deeper position (if Rooney is to keep his role in the team then he would have to play in a two in midfield and that’s too much defensive responsibility for a player like Barkley). It’s irrelevant how he would perform in either of those positions as they are completely different. The only criteria that a player should be judged on is his ability to play the positions that he excels best at. The form of a player at club level should hopefully translate to production at international level. Barkley does not need to work his way in the team by playing different positions and then eventually taking the supposedly more important no. 10 role if he excels in those other positions. It makes no sense.

A team, especially an international team, should be comprised of players that suit the system that the manager wants to play and this should be based on form and cohesiveness within the squad. Players fulfil these roles and are chosen based on a combination of previous form with the national set-up, current club form and overall general ability. If Barkley was deemed good enough to be in the squad by Sam he would be brought as an option in his favoured position as a 10 or in a position he excels (in a three with Alli and Dier against weaker opposition would be very exciting). There would be no shoehorning the player into the team and see how he does in a different unfamiliar role. Another player that plays club football at that position and excels at said position should play there.

I know it’s probably easy prey to take a shot but these ‘journalists’ are actually paid to write about football and if people actually agreed with these sentiments I would be worried. The No. 10 role isn’t a symbol, a position revered within the team and is occupied by the most senior member of the team. Its not the captaincy or something similar. It’s a position on a football team that should be occupied by the player that’s most effective in that position. It’s an embarrassment that any other opinion is even brought forward. We have all seen far too many examples of players looking out of sorts in one position and then excel in their preferred position to even posit an argument to the contrary. I just can’t believe a man that has watched football (a lot longer than me) could have his wires so monumentally crossed.
Oisin (Allardyce not able to tell Rooney where to play? As a United fan that watched fan boy Moyes swoon over Rooney’s ‘ability’ I would be very worried) NZ

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