Mails: Arsenal AGM from a fan’s perspective

Date published: Thursday 15th October 2015 2:51

Also, more on Joe Gomez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, some received wisdoms, and why Messi and Ronaldo are just bloody boring…

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Arsenal AGM
So to sum up the Arsenal AGM:

1. Wenger says “yeah we are rubbish in the CL this year. But you’re just picking 3 games out of 150.” Nobody bothers to ask about the other 47 games he’s lost, and why he’s never won it.

2. Arsenal have £200m in the bank because spending money on players is “not necessarily a good investment”. Thanks. Better to let it gather dust.

3. If you think Arsenal had a bad summer window, think again. You’re a peasant. And you’re wrong.

4. Is Wenger accountable? Hell yes! Who will decide when his time is up? Errrrr….he will!

5. Season Ticket renewal rate is 97%. So no matter what the peasantry moan about, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Finally, Kroenke will keep looting the coffers and owes you zero explanations. Class.
Stewie Griffin (at least Dick Turpin wore a mask!)


In defence of The Ox
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is 22 and he only turned 22 two months ago.

Probably worth considering when every man and his dog is saying he should be a world beater right now.

When he first joined us, there wasn’t the same competition for places. Now we have signed proper world class players like Ozil and Sanchez he is naturally finding a first team place harder to come by.

The boy seems to be suffering a crisis of confidence but I don’t think the fact he is too hard on himself is a fault.

Kieran Gibbs has been given a wonderful opportunity to find form and get a place in the England team next summer. But I found myself shouting the same things at Gibbs about who he was marking against Olympiakos recently as I did when he was a teen turning out for Carling cup matches.

The fact the Ox constantly wants to improve is a good thing. I still think he will overtake Welbeck as Arsenal’s best English talent.

I know that sounds controversial but Walcott’s too one dimensional and Jack’s always injured.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Not so much…
Forgive me for giving in to James Gooner’s mail which surely was in jest??

Oxlade has some really good talent and has not peaked yet but it is just wrong to say he will/can reach the level of Gareth Bale.

Gareth Bale was far beyond Oxlade’s development at 22 and he still has the potential to get even better than he is now. He is technically superior, faster, stronger, better in the air PLUS he has a tendency to up his game at crucial moments.

Bale also never had problems with “icing the cake” – have a look at the quality of his final ball at Tottenham and Madrid mate; the quality of his final ball is really, really top class. Even if ol Oxlade were to learn how to “ice the cake” he still wouldn’t match up to Bale on a purely athletic level.

Please don’t open yourself to ridicule like this James, I suspect the other mailboxers won’t be as kind.
Mandisi, MUFC


Batshuayi mental
I bet you guys at the new look F365 (Like Renee Zellweger, I’m gradually getting used to it) are hoping Arsenal sign that Marseille striker as seen in todays Gossip column. If they do then no doubt you’ll be sitting patiently until he spoons a gifted opportunity that costs Arsenal points, and then wheel out a variation of an old F365 classic line.

Wenger Goes Batshuayi Mental.
Chris ITFC, (Backing Phil Neville at 50) Liverpool


Farewell, Joseph Gomez
Just wanted to spare a quick thought about Joe Gomez.

Very sad news about his season ending injury. Really showed a lot of promise early on his Liverpool career and all the signs were pointing to him being a long term option at Centre back, most likely partnering Sakho.

Injuries at an early stage in a defenders career seem to be the kiss of death at Melwood. Kelly looked great, is now looking ok(ish) at Palace. Flannagan picked up an injury having played extremely well for an extended period.  In short, this injury could quickly end what looked to be a very promising career and transform Gomez into a bit part player at best. Shame really.
Martin Jackson


Received wisdom
James, North London Gooner, makes a great point – I remember getting laughed at a few years ago when I argued that Glen Johnson was genuinely the best right back in Europe (stop sniggering – he honestly was dead good for a season I promise) because the received wisdom was always “good going forward, rubbish at defending” and nothing he did could change that.

So allow me to return the favour, James. Being out in Singapore means I see every single Liverpool game on TV. Things you may not realise about a couple of Liverpool’s much maligned defence, but Jurgen Klopp soon will:


Simon Mignolet
Received wisdom – flaps at crosses, good shot stopper.

Fan’s perception – well, yeah, but more worrying is the fact that he simply does not talk to his defence. Every single game features at least one comedy “are you coming for this or do I need to deal with it?” routine with Skrtel, with the ball somewhere in the middle and the Kop birthing litters upon litters of kittens. Also, he literally can not kick the ball properly or very far, which is just bizarre. For fans who grew up on Reina’s side-volleys to set up a swift counter, this is particularly painful.


Mama Sakho
Received wisdom – uncoordinated mistake waiting to happen. The new Djimi Traore.

Fan’s perception – he’s boss. Almost never miss-places a pass, and likes to really rattle them in to a midfielder. Tries at least one ludicrous backheel per game but somehow never screws them up. Surprisingly bad in the air though. Probably not helped by total lack of communication from his keeper.


Dejan Lovren
Received wisdom – shaky, and error prone. There’s a player in there somewhere though.

Truth – There isn’t.
Pete, Singapore

Messi and Ronaldo are boring
Dear MC,

I’ve wondered something for a while. Does anyone else dislike Messi and Ronaldo? They are so damn perfect that I feel there’s no romance to them. Fine, we are lucky enough to have them playing in our times, but really? They always score or assist. It’s like doping of a team by having either of them playing for them. I personally love having inconsistent players playing for my team as they seem a bit more human. Mind you I am a Gooner.

I suppose this email was apropos nothing, I just think we are lacking a bit of magic some times. For me (Clive) Ronaldo and Messi aren’t magic. They are. Boring.
JazGooner (give me Ozil and Alexis any day)


Harry Redknapp: White noise
Wasn’t convinced I wanted to read another piece on F365 slating Arry Redknapp (how about turning the guns on Jamie for a bit?), but then I saw this:

‘Redknapp has rapidly become white noise…[like] one of those ambient music albums some crusty would put on at 2am at university; something that you’re vaguely aware of, but don’t really pay attention to.’

Bravo Nick Miller. Not on Football Weekly by accident.
Neil Raines


Ten more lovely moments
As a non “big four” or Liverpool fan, my moments of the season are slightly different to Smith’s.

1. My team Leicester City being touted for the drop by every single pundit and then going three nil up inside 20 minutes on the first day of the season. Though, it was only Sunderland… Then following this up with exciting comebacks against Villa and Stoke.

2. Riyad Mahrez turning three defenders inside out with one turn

3. Jamie Vardy being called up for England deservedly so, though possibly a step too far

4. Going one nil up against Arsenal, before Alexis’s brilliance. One of the most entertaining games of football i have ever seen

And now for the non-Leicester ones:

5. West Ham’s away performances this season have been extraordinary (though couldn’t do it at the King Power…)

6. The promoted teams showing that they aren’t here to make up the numbers, could see all three staying up this year

7. WBA v Everton a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting a nil nil when i settled down on a Monday night for this, but what a game that was

8. Southampton and Palace maintaining their brand of entertaining football – Saints v Leicester should be game of the weekend this weekend.

9. Robert Lewandowski

10. Eriksen’s fantastic two free kicks a couple of weeks ago. I firmly believe Spurs have the players and, most importantly, the manager to have their best season in years
Toby Mitchell


Dave, Somewhere – one manager stands out as having a clear and obvious philosophy: Brendan Rodgers. He’s a friend first, boss second; probably entertainer third.
Alex G, THFC

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