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Date published: Tuesday 22nd September 2015 11:19

People have been saying ‘Wenger out’ since we started doing Mailboxes about 17 years ago. Tis like night following day. We also have mails on Manchester United, Brendan Rodgers and more…

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Dear Daniel…
You are a clueless C**T and having been a keen follower of this site since it was launched I have decided to call it a day. Goodbye! Mediawatch is so hypocritical by the way. UP YOURS 365!
C Wrightson


Arsene Has To Go…
First a defence for him in the transfer market. Last season he bought Debuchy, Chambers, Sanchez, Ospina and Welbeck. Debuchy is hard to rate because of his injuries (how Arsenal) but I don’t think he is better than Sagna was and from what I have seen this season he isn’t currently as good as Bellerin. Nevertheless I will say that Debuchy, Sanchez and Ospina all improved the first-choice team and that Welbeck improved the squad – 4 out of 5 is a very good return on investment. They deservedly won the FA Cup (for the second year running). So all said you have admit it wasn’t all bad.

Now the prosecution for last season. By the end of the season Ospina, Bellerin, Coquelin, Cazorla (as deep-playing midfielder), Walcott (as striker) and Monreal were first choice in their position. It can be argued that only Ospina and Walcott gained those positions because they were better than the competition at the time. All the others ended up there because of injuries to others. Remember that Coquelin was the fourth choice for DM (Chambers, Arteta and Flamini all played there before him, if you want to be picky you could argue he was fifth choice if you include Diaby), here is a player that could be a DM in pretty much any team in the league and he was Arsene’s fourth choice (fifth if anyone other than Arsene counted Diaby). How much longer do we have to let injuries pick our first team?

So onto this season. In his defence he bought Cech who clearly improves the first team. So that is a 100% success rate in the transfer market! Who else can say that?

Now the prosecution. He only bought Cech. A squad that has a history of injuries, that failed to win the league, failed to even mount a challenge to win the league, failed in Europe and that failed once again to have a decent record against the other top teams needed more than one addition. The sight of Coquelin going down injured and Arteta (and Flamini) warming up is the most damning image against Arsene that can be made. Unless there is another three youngsters at the club who are currently 4th choice for the first team that turn out to be Coquelins (assuming that Arsene hasn’t sold or loaned them already) then there is no hope of us winning the league. What’s worse is there no hope of us even mounting a challenge.

The last six players he bought for the first squad have been more hits than misses and while I consider Chambers an utter waste of money he hasn’t been pressured in to panic buys (which does take its own courage) but the simple truth is that he isn’t doing enough and the squad still isn’t good enough. Arsenal will not win the league again while Arsene Wenger is the manager.
Murray (Bring on January and the FA Cup as there is no hope of anything else) Whiteford


Let’s Talk About Mike Dean’s Arsenal Record
So recently there was a petition created on one of those websites designed for people with real issues, but tend to be frequented by the middle class, Arsenal season ticket-holder types, calling for Mike Dean to be banned from officiating Arsenal matches.

Now whilst the petition will rightfully be ignored, I would like to pick up on the actual story that nobody is running, a narrative that is written in the modern parlance of statistics and the thing that worried me more than facing Chelsea or Mourinho – Arsenal’s record under Mike Dean.

Since 2009/10 Arsenal have a 57% win rate in the league. There is however a statistically significant difference between that rate and the rate when Mike Dean (30 matches) is in charge.

Drawing conclusions from statistics is usually where a subtle manipulation takes place, I don’t wish to present these stats and tell you that Mike Dean is consciously or unconsciously officiating our games unfairly – but I would like to know why more is not made of this. The fact is this: when Mike Dean is put in charge of officiating our games our win % drops from its average 57% to one of 24%. This well under half, and far too big an anomaly to ignore.

There is no grouping of ‘big’ or ‘small’ teams that makes Mike’s record of officiating our games make sense. He has not been in charge of Arsenal vs Liverpool during the period, but if we assume a traditional top four we win 7% of the time under Dean. If you want to add Spurs into that group as it’s the NLD and because they would like to be counted, it becomes 17%. Now either of these numbers can be chalked down to Arsenal bottling it, the problem however comes when looking at Mike Dean’s record at any scale.

Against the rest, if we don’t include Spurs the record stands at 42%. If we do include Spurs and say that Arsenal only bottle it against the ‘Big boys’ then the record does increase to 46%.

So rather than a conclusion, I have a question – does any other club have a referee that they dread seeing as much as we do? And would it not be a good idea for the FA to say review stats like this and then remove anyone with a strange record of officiating certain teams from their matches? I am not saying Arsenal would win the league if Mike Dean was not in charge of any of our matches, I’d just like to know that.
BrixtonGooner (Didier Drogba was a bully and a cheat, but loveable. Costa – less so)


Bloody Liverpool Fans…Says Liverpool Fan
‘I was hoping we’d lose’
‘I can’t even see us finishing in the top 10’
‘The foreign owners don’t understand the club’
‘I don’t have any suggestions for a replacement but the manager should be sacked anyway’

Martyrdom, hyperbole, a dash of jingoism and the old classic, arbitrary demand for sacrifice as vengeance rather than part of a plan for improvement. Glory supporter throwing a tantrum bingo.

I am no supporter of Rodgers but seriously, get a grip mate. ‘I am cross and someone must pay with their job for upsetting me.’

This is why when I tell people who I support they automatically assume I’m a c**t.


Rodgers Out: Ten Personal Reasons
Okay, as part of my attempts to calm myself, I’m listing ten reasons why I support #RodgersOut

1. His stupid clapping of encouragement as though he is coaching seven-year-olds.

2. His standing arrogantly on the sidelines with his arms in the air when Liverpool have scored, as though he is Shankly incarnated even though he has won sweet FA in his career.

3. His arrogance.

4. His too smart hipster suits, immaculate tie and shirt and clearly spending far too much time trying to look good rather than managing his team (reminds me of the old adage – you can’t shine s**t).

5. His egregious use of the words “outstanding” and “character” after pathetic lucky victories.

6. His consistent use of pseudo clever emotional blackmail/marketing to buy himself more time.

7. His arrogance.

8. His favoritism for Mignolet, Lallana, Lovren, Allen.

9. His philosophy and famous ‘envelope’.

and number 10, his general incompetence, inability to win anything, snatching defeat from victory against Chelsea, overseeing the worst defeat in memory, selling Reina so he could buy Mignolet and generally being a grade A arrogant f***w*t.

I feel a bit better now.
Riyaz ‘yearning desperately for that BBC news flash or Whatsapp message from my mates that Rodgers has been sacked’ Patel


Darmian On The Left?
With Shaw out, Blind and Rojo seem to be most United fans options to start at left-back.

They seem to be forgetting that Darmian was signed because he offers cover on both sides. With Tony V having impressed LVG in the second half there is a chance that he could go with Darmian on the left and Tony V on the right.

This has a number of advantages.

It stops Rojo, the centre-back, and Blind, the defensive mid, from playing left-back. Blind doesn’t have the pace to get through the work that Shaw and Darmian get through (see the second PSV goal as an example of this). It also means Blind might finally get a chance to play in midfield.

It means United still get attacking choices out of the full-backs.

And finally, (a benefit for Hodgson at least), with Jones back in training he could provide the necessary cover/challenge Tony V at right-back.

Only LVG knows what he will go with for the next game but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tony V and Darmian both start. Darmian has been one of United’s best players, and Tony V offers a better attacking outlet than Rojo or Blind, and has massively improved his defensive capabilities.
Jerry, MUFC


Son Life Credit Please
While both players rightly featured in yesterday’s W & L, I do think that the FIVE paragraphs dedicated to Anthony Martial was rather excessive seeing that all Son Heung Min got was a meagre two-and-a-half lines.

Of course the fact that Martial plays for Manchester United has nothing to do with that… (No, it has everything to do with that – Ed)
Philip Brady, Navan Ireland


Martial The Man: Endearing
It is so endearing to see Martial walk in with an assured confidence and score right away. Three well-taken goals and the celebration after that is what makes him endearing. Reflects a man who is going to focus on proving himself.

He just shrugged off challenges and walked away when fouls were not given. Clearly loves playing football and it is endearing to see him at this stage. Reminds me of when Ronaldo started. There used to be genuine joy when he scored.

Later on it was all about see what I did there. And then finally the celebration with Ronaldo was about…how easy, how stupidly easy was that. I wish Martial stays the same and enjoys his goals like he does for many years to come.
Sudarsan Ravi (the mailbox is the best piece of this website. Hearing from so many writers from all over the world mention coherent intelligent points makes it awesome. The entire point on Gabriel by Peter was a class act too.)
PS. You do a great job curating it too.


Why Is ‘Raw Talent’ A Bad Thing?
How come ‘raw talent’ is used with such negative connotations for young footballers? Talent is talent, and sometimes, the sheer rawness of a player can be what makes him so exciting to watch, and often more effective in the side.

Yesterday in W&L Anthony Martial, and today in your Top 10 teens feature Rolando Aarons are described as (and I am paraphrasing) highly regarded talents worthy of playing regular games despite being raw talents. Such is the regularity that raw talent is used to chasten expectation, I’m surprised that there was only the single reference in the Top 10 article in truth. Personally I hope that as Martial learns and adapts his game (which is of course inevitable and indeed necessary), he retains some of the rawness that he currently possesses. Too many times we see that exuberance coached out of young players, to push them to become functional. The beauty of Martial’s goal against Liverpool would be lost if he were to try and keep possession, wait for a supporting teammate and perhaps put in a cross or lay the ball back to a midfielder or fullback.

I’m sure we would all much rather watch the raw late-teens Wayne Rooney, all darting runs and thumping volleys, than the current late twenties version, all heavy touches and running through treacle, no?
Chris (all blooters and thunderb*stards?), SAF Stand


Top Five!?
To Brian (Liverpool has the worst midfield of the top five by a country mile) LFC, your comment in the brackets is only marginally more relevant than me saying Spurs have the worst attack in the Bundesliga.
John THFC, Saigon


Garth Crooks: Art Installation
That Garth Crooks Team of the Week formation is so mad I think he’s become self aware. If he goes the Jim White route his Team of the Week will soon turn into a weekly half-hour series.
Aidan, Dublin

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