Mails: Fergie must swallow pride over Giggs

Date published: Sunday 21st February 2016 3:15

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Welbeck: The perfect Van Gaal player?
Nonsense article from Sarah Winterburn on Danny Welbeck. He frustrated Moyes for not following instructions, especially against Bayern Munich, he had been told before the game that this keeper had a tendency to leap for the ball in a 1 on 1, so if that occured his shot should be hit low. What did Welbeck do when 1 on 1? Try to lob him and Neuer palmed it away. One performance against Hull (who rested players) doesn’t suddenly make him Thomas Muller. He’s just an entertaining and willing footballer who sometimes messes up and sometimes does something lovely.

If Van Gaal had seen the qualities he wanted in forward player in Welbeck he would’ve kept him, clearly he didn’t. A manager who has worked with all different types of top level forward players didn’t rate him. (Just in case this gets published, I’m not saying the players Van Gaal kept did a good job either, but this is about Welbeck.)

Maybe his time out injured has changed him. Similar long term lay offs have seen players return much improved from a period of reflection and observation (Keane, Shearer, Scholes off the top of my head).
Eddie, ‘London’ MUFC


At first I thought that was an insane comment to make but then I thought about it some more and it really does hit the nail on the head.

He runs around a lot without achieving much, is always injured and doesn’t score an awful lot of goals. He’d fit right in at United under LVG currently!
Jace – MUFC fan down under


Dat Guy is not class
You wrote an article last week about Sturridge and Welbeck. It basically called for them both to go to the euros as form is temporary and class is la la la cliché la la. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it bothered me. Now the Hull Arsenal game is ongoing and it finally hit me. Welbeck is not class and you know it! He may seem quite affable in interviews but he is not class. You clearly have been hit with Welbeck amnesia during his 9 months on the sidelines.

You quite rightly commented all last year about how right Van Gaal was to sell him because he had a terrible scoring record for Arsenal. He did ok for England in the qualifiers scoring against a load of pub teams. Something you justifiably criticise Rooney for. He did admittedly have one of the best games of his career against Switzerland. But hey, form is temporary.

Clearly Kane is the most complete striker in England. Sturridge is probably the best finisher (although extremely selfish). And I know you wont appreciate it due to your disproportionate daily reminders of his indiscretion (seriously he showed remorse and his crime was far less than John Terry or Luis Suarez, neither of whom admitted any wrongdoing. Show a bit of humanity football365, rather than perennial unforgiving judgement), but Vardy is the best at scaring defenders with pace and his form has been sustained for so long now, there is no reason to think it will tail off in the euros. He also brings a much needed plan B. His form burst has certainly gone on longer than any form burst of Welbz. Rooney will go no matter what.

I don’t know why Im even thinking about it, because Welbeck will go. And I expect Vardy will not go and Roy will be destroyed in the media as soon as England go out. Anyway, long story short. Welbeck not class. Thank you for listening.
Baz (Poor old Theo, didn’t even think about him)


The United mess
It increasingly sounds as though Mourinho has been given the job from the end if the season. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. He has the strength of will to drag us back in to contention and mould the squad into a formidable force again as well as fix the defence. Plus we’re less likely to lose players.

However, if that’s true then my reading of the situation is:
– it wasn’t supposed to be leaked until Giggs had been lined up to care take (supposedly rejected)
– Van Gaal has now been completely undermined and the squad no longer have a reason to play for him (especially DDG who won’t want to be injured before his transfer)
– they’re desperately trying to agree Jose to come in earlier, probably forbidden in his pay off by Chelsea.

It seems perfectly logical. But if that’s the case, Woodward is a complete fool as his stupidity in not acting fast and decisively earlier has massively undermined our chances of the top 4 by sabotaging a well respected manager and Manchester has two clubs treading water. We’re not even in a position to take advantage of City’s similar stupidity now.

The medium term plan may be fine but the short and long terms are looking shot. No big finish this year and likely no Giggs understudy nor getting experience.

The right decision for me remains Giggs, to float or sink as his managerial ability warrants rather than the scheming. But we all know that’s not going to happen
Guy S


Ferguson: Swallow your pride, reject Giggs
No need MC to tell me to write in after that report on Sir Giggys!!!

After that report(I know its only a report from the Sunday Mirror, but WTF, can I say that? Are the united hierarchy playing at? Ryan Giggs?? Can Eddy boy not see that Jose Jose Mourinho is sitting there playing with his hair wanting the hot seat.

The man has won umpteen titles and various cups over a 12 year period in differing European Leagues and is GUARANTEED success. I know he needs money to do what he needs to do, but Eddy boy will give him that.

Thank you Sir Bobby for ’68 but this is 2016, there is too much financial risk at stake(which pains me to say) but unfortunately true. Pass up the gauntlet and that hat too, Fergie also needs to swallow his pride. It ain’t going to be no Barcelona Circa 2008. Sir Giggys is a skirting board within a skirting board. ” Hi Antonia, Hows Madrid you wanna come to united?” “Hahahaha,” is the response I am sure.

Please Please Please Eddy boy, if you are reading this or wake out of your PWC amnesia give that man Jose a bell!
Colm(extremely hungover but equally furious, God bless reading week.) Hean MUFC


Have some perspective
What a load of rubbish. It’s Woodward’s and Ferguson’s faults. Do all football fans have business degrees now? Are we just shareholders who chuck money in and expect more money to come back for doing b*llock all?

I’m a teacher, so Mr. Van Gaal may appreciate this analogy.

I inherit a class with A* talent. It was better before the last teacher left them and were the best in the school, but it has nothing to do with me. The principal is a complete tw*t. But also, he has nothing to do with my class and they perform the way I want them to perform. They are with me and only me 6 hours a day sometimes 7.

I get rid of some of the best students even though they are lazy, A Mr. Di Maria is one example. I keep what I think is the best student and make him class captain. That was a mistake. I enforce a philosophy that is similar to teaching techniques in the 90s and worked then. The class has sh*te results.

What’s more disappointing is that the class captain was awesome and angry about getting crap results before. Under me, he doesn’t give a toss. He doesn’t even pick up his pen during some tests. The students aren’t motivated and it’s my fault and no-one else.

The question is: Has Van Gaal damaged Giggsy’s apprenticeship with his philosophy? That is most worrying for me. The club’s long-term decision to hire him was poor, but not that poor because he won things with Bayern Munich and Ajax. No one complained after his World Cup performance calling him ‘big balls’ etc. That wasn’t that long ago. Giggs will get experience, and he is coping with losing games they should win. Mourinho is anti -United and the media are mad to even suggest him.

I have perspective. We play shite football. But are 5th and still in F.A and Europe respectively. Lots of us fans are big cry babies. One game out of five we play well. I live for that game now.
A Man U supporter and anonymous teacher (for obvious reasons!)


Sign of the times
I know this will get buried in the weekend football reactions but I just have to get something off my chest.

When I hear references to United’s senior players, like in the reports of United’s senior players losing faith and now wanting Mourinho, I think of Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra.

My heart bleeds when I realise that now means Valencia, Young and Fellaini.

It really is a depressing sign of the times.
Silvio Dante


Chelsea and United musings
Currently a number of Man U fans want LVG gone and anybody put in his place even though outside of Mourinho there is no current top line managers available. The only reason LVG hasn’t gone is that we all think there is a clause in his contract that it costs the club a LOT less money to wait until the club can no longer qualify for the Champions League (a clause that is entirely in the clubs favour yes?). I wonder if there is a reciprocal clause that the club can’t actually sack the manager while CL qualification is still a possibility and that Man U are stuck with him until then. After all, top line managers have a lot of power in negotiating their contracts and why sign one that only gives power to the club (other than for LOTs of the aforementioned money of course)? There may not be any such clauses and there could be more simple explanations; namely that Man U have identified the replacement but they cant be announced until the end of the season (players seem to stop playing when they know their manager is leaving – but lack of professionalism is for another email).

So if no Mourinho then some of the fans want Giggs until the end of the season. However, I really see that as a loose loose for Man U. If Giggs is a failure then the last legacy of SAF’s time is gone in less than 3 years (who would have thought that?) If he is a success then you have to either A) appoint a person to one of the biggest jobs in football with no track record of buying players, molding teams or winning things or B) you return him to the assistant role and the new manager has the specter of Giggs hanging over them the whole time (start to loose and the call is for Giggs to take over is soon heard). A loose loose for Man U a win win for the rest of us.

But all this got thinking about caretaker managers generally in the EPL as they have usually been complete disasters. Players just don’t play for managers who aren’t staying, the noticeable exception is Chelsea. Like most Australian football fans I think Hiddink is a genius but Di Matteo and Grant really aren’t. So why have Chelsea continually been successful with caretaker managers? The only answer I can think of is player power, that Chelsea players have repeatedly ‘downed tools’ under managers they don’t like and then started playing again once they have gone. I suggest that there is a very dangerous culture developed at Chelsea that will make it difficult for any manager. Though I also suspect that the center of that culture may be leaving the club soon.

Still for us in the Anyone But the Cashed-up club ABC it has been a great season so far.
Murray Whiteford


Match of the Day conclusions
Some Match of the Day FA Cup conclusions:
* Steve Evans looks like an angry dinnerlady
* John Motson needs to stop stressing the silent ‘d’ at the end of ‘Giroud’, it just makes me think of Darude, and thus ‘Sandstorm’….
* Mark Schwarzer really can’t be arsed can he? Didn’t even know he’d gone to Leicester, why not drop down a level and play some games? Although if Leicester win the league he’ll be able to add another league winners medal to his collection despite doing naff all….

That is all
Jerome THFC, Bristol


Bring back the Champions League second group stage
Reading Daniel Storey’s Champions League article, it made me recall a thought from a few weeks back. I don’t know about you, but I really, really miss the Champions League Second Group Stage.

I honestly don’t care if there were apparently too much games in the calendar, it was the perfect filter at this stage of the competition to prepare for the knockout stages. The big clubs loved the ferocious competition having acquired its rhythm in the first group stage, the smaller ones, having arrived to that phase, excelled themselves many times and improved their status with it. More games, more revenues, more football. How most fans back then were anxious for an earlier knockout stage is beyond me. And now, they probably regret it.

A group with Deportivo La Coruña, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal and Juventus? Another one with Barcelona, Liverpool, Roma and Galatasaray? All with arguably great teams back then – 2001-02? Lovely.

A group with Arsenal, Ajax, Roma and Valencia in 2002-2003? Plus one with Milan, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Lokomotiv Moscow? Man Utd, Deportivo, Basel and Juventus? Just beautiful.

Those games were, then yes, “the” European nights, the Champions League felt rich, felt glamorous, felt la créme de la créme. Even those lovely silver/gold fonts in the graphics, completed with that music, that absolutely majestic music. Sigh…

To remove it was in my opinion the greatest (football related) mistake UEFA has ever made. Even more than extinguishing the Cup Winners Cup, another big mistake in my view. When (if) your team arrived to the quarter-finals back then, you had a feeling of accomplishment, even some sort of long haul rewarding feeling for what you did and went through to get there. The whole season was the construction of an achievement and felt accordingly. Now, the Champions League only really starts in March after a basically near fully prevailing status quo and a ridiculous hibernation, culminating with us all being presented with a fucking Gent-Wolfsburg in a knockout stage. With due respect, I know they got there on their merit and it could be any other combination of teams for the point I’m making but come on…

Please F365, think about writing an article about it. How great it was, how great it could be again. How it is needed. But above all how it was loved, even if only in hindsight, and could be so again. A poll, a petition, a protest, anything. The clubs themselves liked it, and probably would want it back.

And I just really, really want it back.
André, FCP


A request for Storey
While I distract myself from the current situation at United, I wanted to make a request for an Idol piece, the subject being Maldini. Maybe time it with Terry or his media buddies saying something stupid about how good he is as they couldn’t be more polar opposite.

Maldini: “If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake.”

Xabi Alonso: “I don’t think tackling is a quality. It is something you have to resort to, not a characteristic of your game.

Legend of a player, even while he still played. Quite possibly my first favourite player.

Guy S

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