Mails: Have Pool even got a keeper coach?

Date published: Sunday 10th January 2016 12:59

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The considered reaction
Van Gaal, Schweinsteiger and Rooney all need to f**k off.
Tim Sutton


…I have never felt that sleepy watching any football match. Ever. Watching United play has now become a challenge in of itself. Trying watching it without yawning. I dare you.

Kay (The Nightmare never ends)


Rooney: The sh*tbag
I don’t know what’s worse: that pathetic performance last night, the fact it came from a near full strength side against league one opposition, or the comment “I don’t think that we shall do business in January”.

Actually, it’s none of those. It’s the fact that Rooney lost me my bet with that ill-deserved 93rd minute winner. The shitbag.
Ted, Manchester


Why United would want Pochettino
I really don’t want to give United any encouragement in their (entirely mailbox generated as far as I can tell) pursuit of Poch, and all the reasons for him staying do seem entirely valid but let’s not forget that when he turned up at the Lane, we weren’t a massively attractive proposition either.

We’d just spaffed £100m of Bale money on mostly useless players, endured 18 months of dour football under AVB, followed by 6 months of the tactical black hole known as Tim Sherwood. The squad was bloated and, although Harry Kane had scored a few goals at the back end of the previous season, the only youth product to have really broken through was Nabil Bentaleb.

By all accounts we were on a downward trajectory ourselves and the task facing him was similar (if smaller in scale) than the one that awaits the next United manager.

I guess it is a little ironic that had Man U not sacked Moyes when they did, LVG may well have gone on to be Spurs manager and who knows where Poch would be now?
GM, Spurs


Do Liverpool even have a goalkeeping coach?
As a Liverpool fan, watching Alberto Moreno struggle with this defending lark for most of 2015, I sometimes wondered why Jose Enrique was nowhere near the first team squad at least.

Then as I watched his lumbering, podgy frame punt the ball aimlessly to no-one in particular for what felt like the 100th time yesterday evening, and I remembered. If you’re going to have a left back who doesn’t defend very well, he may as well offer something going forward.

Texeira, on the other hand, showed some lovely touches and skills, but to be honest he looks like the kind of player who would perform wonderfully while things are going well, but utterly dissappear in games where we’re struggling.

Finally, do Liverpool even have a goalkeeping coach? And if so, why is he not spending literally every minute of every day throwing crosses at Bogdan and Mignolet? The conclusion I came to last night was that if the opposing goalkeepers were swapped (that’s swapping Bogdan for a League 2 goalkeeper) then Liverpool would have won the game comfortably. If that isn’t a damning indictment I don’t know what is.
Piers, Bristol


Quick Liverpool thoughts
1) Happy to see Klopp give the youngsters a chance.

2) How bad was Enrique – he will never get a game in the first team again (yes I know he was out of position- but really!)

3) Not sure Benteke has found his level – 1 shot (header) on target against a 4th division team, maybe he needs to play in the conference (haven’t been in the UK for a while is there still a conference?)
Makes Balotteli look class.

4) We really don’t need another game

5) Hope Klopp does what he did what he did at Dortmund and ships a lot of players in the summer

6) Hope he can buy better players than Brenda could
Neil, LFC, USA


…Intriguing cup tie…what was amusing was that much like our league games, Benteke and Bogdan were two of the worst players on the pitch.

It’s hard to judge the level of the other players because of the quality of the pitch and opposition but Texeria and Ojo actually look better than players like Lallana. It’s remarkable that they haven’t been given more opportunities given that Lallana has looked like complete turd. I hope after today’s performance they will do, even if it is 5-10 minutes off the bench at the end of games. I was also impressed by Kent’s touch but I suspect he’ll definitely get some game time.

Jose Enrique is still a Liverpool player. I reckon the amount he’s earned per minute of play this past year will make him one of the best paid players in world football.

Danny Murphy went on about how mad Lallana must’ve been to have been left on the bench. What exactly has Lallana done in the past 18 months, that I’ve clearly missed, to justify his madness? That said, you’ve also got to wonder how little Klopp thinks of Benteke that he was more concerned to sub off Sinclair rather than his last fit senior number 9. And whilst we are discussing pundits, did Shearer seriously think that a long punt upfield is how you beat a high pressing game? I’m sure I’m right in saying that ball turnover is more likely when playing longer passes versus shorter ones, which is exactly why pressing high up the field can be effective.

I hope we play a similarly youthful side again in the replay, would love to see some of those players handle the Anfield “atmosphere” and also see what they can do on a good quality pitch.
Minty, LFC


Gotze is going to Anfield
I have a cheeky punt for a lonely Sunday mailbox. If you have a couple of quid lying about you should put it on Gotze going to Liverpool in January.

Something disruptive is going on inside Bayren Munich. Pep Guardiola’s has been very disrespectful towards the German club with his pervasive attitude toward the press over his move to England.

Gotze openly talking about his future to Bild is another sign of descent against a club that for years has conducted its business in house.

Transfer windows are windows of opportunity for a club in need. January is no different and value can be found.

Liverpool has one foot in Wembley and the addition of a player of Gotze quality would raise the first team to a much higher level. It cannot be understated what a cup victory would do for Liverpool under Klopp. If you think Kloppmania was bad when he got here, imagine what an open top bus parade through the city of Liverpool would do for the club and fan base.

Gotze is in the final 18 months of his contract and Bayren know that if they sell now they can get top dollar. With Liverpool unable to rely on Daniel Sturridge, the quoted 37 million pound fee for a world cup winner is the very definition of availability and value.
Brian (Or It’s all just transfer nonsense, but that’s why it’s called gambling) LFC


The cult of Mourinho
I know it’s FA Cup 3rd round weekend so Jose Mourinho probably isn’t the subject du jour for the first time in about 6 months (which begs the question, with some justification, of why I chose today to write in about Senhor Mouinho) but I cannot fathom why Chelsea fans have become so indoctrinated in the cult of Mourinho.

I understand that he was once kinda special; he won Chelsea the league a few times, he won the league cup a bit and he even got poor unfashionable “little horse” Chelsea to the semi-finals of the Champions League. These are all fine achievements and Jose deserves to be lauded to some extent, much like Di Matteo for actually winning the Champions League, and Ancelotti for winning the double.

However, what I cannot fathom is the indoctrination of Chelsea fans in the cult of Mourinho to the extent that even with a title-winning squad languishing near the relegation zone, they still fail to recognise his deficiencies.

So my question to you Chelsea fans is the following: how is it possible that when AVB had a run of poor results it was his fault, but when Mourinho had a far far worse and extended poor run of results, it was the players’ fault?
Clock End John


Hector’s house
Give Bellerin a new contract NOW.

That is all.


Remembering the Yugoslav youth team
F365 recently published an article on former England youth players that never quite made the grade. I was reminded of one of the great teams that never was.

This is Yugoslavia’s youth team from 1987 – add in senior players such as Dejan Savicevic (the scourge of Barcelona in 1994), Darko Pancev, Bilic, Dragan Stoijkovic (who Lineker rates as the best player he ever played with) and a few other handy players and you have a squad that could have dominated Euro ’92 and USA ’94.

Sadly we all know why this didn’t happen. Still, we can wonder at how good that team might have been.
Fraser (war, war never changes), Edinburgh

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