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Date published: Friday 4th December 2015 2:45

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Wenger culpable for not strengthening
Dear Michael (Double98) Doyle,

Let me see if I can break it down for you so you can understand why its very logical the criticism that Wenger is receiving in wake of Sanchez’ injury. By the way, this is has nothing to do with other players and managers, this situation can be judged on its own merit, nevertheless I’ll touch a bit more on the managers and players you mentioned, later.

The most simple reason why he is getting stick is because days before his injury, Wenger acknowledged Sanchez had a hamstring issue. Basic athletic performance knowledge associates hamstrings with high intensity workload/overuse, for which the cure, and/or avoidance of injury is…rest.

I could care less about the medical tests, I don’t need to be at training everyday etc etc and more cliches, to think it was COMMON PRECAUTIONARY SENSE that when a player has a hamstring complaint just days ago, and one who plays at a ridiculously high intensity ALWAYS, and who is among the most played and travelled (often to S. America) player in Europe over the last couple of seasons, simply needs a rest. Especially with the busiest, arguably most important part of the season around the corner.

Now if you can’t rest Sanchez against relegation candidate Norwich, then Wenger should be rightfully criticized because, he’s sitting on a fortune and yet refused to strengthen his playing staff appreciably. A team of Arsenal’s resources , even in reserve should be able to handle Norwich, it’s that simple. And you mention all our injuries in attack that make you think it was necessary to play Sanchez, that still is not an acceptable reason, because it’s further proof of why he should not have been the only team in Europe top league not to have signed an outfield player.

Are you surprised that the likes of Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky etc. were once again injured? I’m not, most Gooners aren’t, most football observers of any allegiance aren’t. So please spare me the we had injuries so he had to play Sanchez. These injuries happen every single season to us, and are entirely predictable, so he should be criticized for not strengthening enough to mitigate for their eventuality, when everyone else could see it was necessary. Understand?

Another reason he is getting very fairly criticized is because by his own words and not just on this occasion, it seems that he defers a lot of his decision making to Sanchez. I’m sorry that’s not acceptable. Of course a manager has to incorporate a player’s thoughts on their condition into his decision making. However, he cannot be afraid to sit him, because he “always wants to play”. There are time when he needs to MANAGE these situations (that he’s paid 8 million a year to do) and simply take the decision out of the players’ hands.

I’m not sure why you can’t judge out situation on its own merits, especially as we are in this injury crisis annually. But let me humour you. Messi, Vidal, Aguero, Higuain and Mascherano have NOTHING to do with us. The only relevance here would be if they like Sanchez, had a specific injury concern/compliant just days before being played and getting the exact injury they had a concern about. Is that the case for each? I can’t be bothered to look it up.

Also Pellegrini, Guardiola,Enrique similarly have nothing to do with this. First, they and their teams have generally been more successful than Wenger’s arsenal in recent seasons, yet despite this, this don’t stand on their laurels but routinely strengthen/freshen their teams despite that success (I mean shit, Enrique wins the lot with Barca and still this summer, signs outfield players that can’t even play til January!). Likely because despite more success, they don’t have the complete comfort and security of Wenger and are always looking for ways to change things up and improve quickly. These are major differences.

Finally, Wenger’s petulance does him no favours here. Once again, any time he is fairly criticized, he lashes out childishly, with gems like, I’ve made 10,000 substitutions and managed for 30 years etc. This time it’s the nonsense about players aren’t there to rest when the press (as though it was just them asking common sense questions about Sanchez’ need for a rest before this injury) feels it’s time. As a result of this attitude and lack of humility for obvious mistakes, it makes it easier for him to be criticized, and justifiably so…

Hope this helps you to understand why Wenger is receiving this criticism for Sanchez’ injury.
Jojo, Gooner


‘If Messi tells Enrique his hamstring is sore…’

Hilarious defence!

Easy one this: if Messi tells Luis Enrique his hamstring is sore, and Barca are away to Getafe, there’s no way he risks him. He plays Neymar and Suarez instead.

Same for Pep, if Robben has a twinge and Pep knows, he has Douglas Costa, Koman (who Arsene “nearly signed” lol) to replace him.

The mere fact that Wenger took a gamble on Sanchez by playing him away to errr, Norwich, says everything about his pathetic ineptitude. And the fact Arsenal failed to win without him, is

shocking. And if everyone predicts something, based on Arsene’s legendary ineptitude, track record of overplaying players and lack of squad strengthening – and then it happens – only a fool or the brainwashed would argue otherwise.

Keep drinking that Wenger Kool-Aid yo!
Stewie Griffin (maybe David Koresh should lead the AKBs instead)


Too easy to blame Wenger
I’m not sure who’s to blame for Arsenal’s injury crisis. It’s too easy to blame the manager but when I think of conversations between manager and medical team, I always think of Airplane!

“The white zone is for playing and training. The red zone is for resting and recuperation, there is never any playing in the red zone.

 “No, the red zone if for playing and training.”

“Don’t you tell me which zone is for playing and for training.”
“Listen Arsene, don’t start up with your white zone sh*t again.”
“There’s just no playing in the red zone”
“Oh really? Why pretend? we know what this is really about – you think we’re a rubbish medical team.”
Graham Simons, Gooner who is serious and don’t call him Shirley, Norf London


Flamini likened to a packet of ready salted
When all the good flavours have gone from the multipack, you are left with Ready Salted; not an unpleasant crisp, but you’ll likely have a gob like a robber’s dog when you find that’s all you have left.

Matthieu Flamini is Ready Salted crisps.
Dave Allen, IoM


Mediawatch had me laughing…

Reading Mediawatch (as I do everyday, of course) I nearly spit out my couscous laughing at Steven Howard of the rag writing that Brendan Rodgers had bought all these players and if given more time would have had the same effect as Klopp has so far.

You can’t have it both ways, you can’t blame a transfer committee and say a group of players isn’t his when Rodgers was struggling and then take credit when someone else does well with the same group.

It’s the Alex Ferguson left Moyes a bad squad in reverse, maybe he was just a bit sh*t and was saved by an incredible Suarez and Sturridge combination for a season when all he had to do was sort out the defence and Liverpool would have won the league but he couldn’t.

It’s as if The Sun have noticed their readership is not great in Liverpool and have just decided to talk sh*t because they know no one is listening, like muttering to yourself when you’re rejected by the 10th woman of the night.

As Klopp would say re the sun “More money, less work. More photographs, fewer words”. I would add “more bullsh*t.”
Derek, Ireland


Sing a song for Sturridge
Klopp has clearly been a revelation at Liverpool and I think it will only get better,  but I think he is given a tad too much credit for the Southampton result.

Saints had Klopp’s tactics figured out and without Coutinho + a few other important players, Liverpool looked second best. What happened at Southampton had a lot more to do with Sturridge coming back.

Sturridge makes everyone around him better, more than anyone else at Liverpool, including Coutinho and Benteke (and Sterling last hear.)

Given how well Klopp has the team playing away from home, and how well Sturridge makes the team play when he’s fit and on the pitch, my suggestion would be to only play Sturridge in home games at Anfield this season. This is an odd suggestion, sure, but I honestly believe this might be the best way to manage Sturridge’s fitness while improving the results and performances at Anfield.

And on the subject of Sturridge – it really bugs me that we do not sing songs for him. I worry that he takes offense to it too.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland


‘Beautiful football be damned’
The fan pressure will increase with a negative result against West Ham at the weekend but has there ever been any evidence that what the fans think matter one iota to the Glazer family over their tenure as owners of Manchester United?

I don’t think it’s too far a bridge to cross to surmise that as long as LVG keeps United in the Champions League places his job is secure, beautiful football be damned.

Yours sincerely,
Anthony Feeney (no one remembers the beautiful football nearly men)


Side to side…
Side to Side
Side to Side
Man United

Side to Side
Side to Side
All Daaay

Side to Side
Side to Side
Man United
Boring Football in the Van Gaal Way !
Azz (MUFC) MUFC 0-0 WHU !


The solution to United being ‘boring’
From all over the land comes the same shout about United being boring. The slow, patient build up; the incessant sideways passing without penetration whilst opponents sit deep and absorb the (minimal) pressure. But how to change this?

Ignoring the recruitment fact and accountability for that whole separate issue, do United actually have the players to unlock teams? Van Gaal raised the issue of players rarely making runs in behind and it is questionable as to how many players United have that would be able to leave their defender behind.

Perhaps then, Rooney’s injury comes as a blessing. If Mata is given the license to operate in behind Martial, with Lingard and Depay either side, United may just find the right attacking balance.


Father Philip Mulryne
I can confirm that Gavin in the morning’s mailbox is correct and that Philip Mulryne is soon to become Father Philip Mulryne. I was in the holy site of Lourdes in the South of France a few years back and word started to spread that an ex-Man Utd player was in the vicinity.

Everyone’s interest was slightly quashed by finding out it was just Phil Mulryne but interest very quickly went through the roof again when we found out he was studying to be a priest.

He’s a great guy and was happy to chat away to us. A novel post-professional football career change perhaps, but one I wish him all the best in.
Patrick, County Antrim


Where are the cultured right-footers?
Dear Sir,

As a right footer of no repute but reasonable sophistication it irks me that only left footers are ever described as ‘cultured’.

Pepsi Monster, Earth.

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