Mails: Liverpool glee; Mourinho and LVG out

Date published: Sunday 1st November 2015 2:19

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It’s like Moyes at United
I don’t know why he said the media would get “no more funny quotes or jokes from me”. His first post match interview was utterly hilarious. For Chelsea fans though, it must be embarrassing. Yes Jose, you will get in trouble if you start calling the referee biased, or if you start complaining that you wouldn’t get away with berating the fourth official the way someone else did, or if there was a few extra seconds played at the end of the first half and it’s all a conspiracy against you and your club. But guess what? You don’t HAVE to say that. Be humble, talk about what you think went wrong and how you’ll try to fix it and you won’t be financing the FAs Christmas piss ups for the next few years.

Costa is a dirty bastard and although yes, Lucas should have had a second booking, putting your studs into someone’s chest while they’re on the ground is a straight red. Not everything is going against you when one of your players manages to stay on the pitch after common assault on a regular basis. Why not talk about that in your post match interview?

I’m glad of the controversial moments in Chelsea’s matches, long may they continue. This feels reminiscent of United when Moyes was in charge. In a way, he has to go and everyone outside of the club seems to see it, but I find myself praying that he doesn’t just so the comedy can continue.
Chris, London


The difference is huge
It was a good result for Liverpool and you could see they wanted it much more. The difference of both sets of players was stark. Chelsea players dived, rolled around, always looking for a decision and haranguing the ref (especially the Lucas incident). Not looking confident at all. The Liverpool players picked themselves up and on with it. Look at the Costa incident as an example, he kicked Skrtel in the chest with his heel studs (a dirty act from a dirty player and a definite red). Skrtel just made a face at Costa (who s**t pants) then got up and on with it and tooked Costa back into his pocket. No rolling around for 5 minutes then looking at the ref and demanding a card, just brushed it off and got into position. They looked confident, they had a job to do and they were going to do it.

Klopp has only been with them for a few weeks and the difference is huge especially in their attitude. As said in 16 Conclusions Liverpool will only improve and the top 4 is there for the taking.
MickT Liverpool


Thank you Diego Costa
As Chelsea have been losing I’ve started to dislike Diego Costa less and less. It’s really great knowing that his dastardly and unpunished misbehaviour negates any possible excuses Mourinho could have about other refereeing decisions.

Thank you Diego!
Joel Bradley, London


Costa just Rickie Lambert with a chip on his shoulder
This surely won’t be published because people will be crying about Mourinho and Rooney and hailing Klopp and the Arse, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Diego Costa, he’s not that good. Seriously, people live with his thuggery because they say that’s what makes him so good but what is he actually that good at? Since this time last year he’s scored 12 goals, Jamie f*cking Vardy has scored nearly as many this season if you haven’t heard.

He’s not that great in open play, gets his team in trouble by receiving bans for thuggish behaviour that in no way benefits the team and we’ve been hearing that he’s playing at about 70% for a year now. How the f@#k can a professional footballer not be fit at least once in a year when they haven’t suffered a serious injury?

He’s basically Rickie Lambert with more issues, I wish Rickie all the best as well. He seems a genuinely nice man.
Paddy(Diego would kick these brackets if he could) Ireland


– If Deigo Kicksta’s stomping on Skrtel isn’t Red, then nothing is Red as Mark “Karma” Clattenburg clearly demonstrated.

This is why they say in the movies- you don’t mess with the Mafia – ” You sc**w me, WE sc**w you”

Well done Liverpool, exactly the result needed to finally build some character.

Cant wait for John Terry’s autobiography to come out..will be worth the time and money.. Mourinho’s made him a richer man
Amith LFC ( from the remotest desert with a scrambled signal)


Top four is a certainty
We’re 8 points off the top off the table having already played United, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Everton away from home. We’ve also got past our usual banana skin of Stoke away, and got the big club’s 2015 nightmare of a visit from West Ham out of the way.

We’ve been playing awful football and we’re still just 8 points off the top with a wonderful new manager, a constantly improving style and renewed belief amongst all players.

I’m not for one second suggesting we’ll compete for the title this season, but I’m certain if top 4.

Plus Lucas will score a Premier League goal very soon, mark my words. He is a man reborn under Klopp.

Loving this like Kevin Keegan.
Dom (loving Jamie Vardy too) Littleford 


Liverpool fan lording it
When you see a Mourinho team score inside of 5 minutes at home when they’re under pressure you would be forgiven for thinking that the next 85 minutes are going to be the most turgid and boring football you’ve ever seen.

For me the fear was doubled because they were playing us. Liverpool love to lose to teams that are playing awfully and desperately in need of a win. Bottom of the league, no win in 10? You’re guaranteed a comfortable 2-0 win over us. We also don’t know how to score and have no creativity whatsoever. We were basically doomed.

I suspect Coutinho couldn’t have picked a remotely better time to score. Coming when the half should have already ended can only have made Chelsea’s players feel aggrieved and hard done by and also it must’ve been the only thing on their minds at half time. They must’ve managed to completely forget that we hadn’t had a serious chance on goal up to that point. They were clearly nervous at the start of the second half and for once Liverpool punished them.

This was simply delicious in every way. Mourinho losing to a team he hates, at home again too. Chelsea’s fans resorting to singing about Stevie G slipping over two seasons ago…even though he doesn’t play for us anymore and they will be dreaming right now of matching the lofty third place finish they managed that season. I definitely don’t want Mourinho sacked, as unpleasant a character as he is. I’d like to see him completely unravel and for this sh1tstorm to deepen even more.

You’ve got to say Klopp got dealt a raw deal for his first games in charge. Spurs, Southampton and Chelsea, two of them away, is probably one of the toughest runs in the league any new manager would have to face and having come through it with 5 points you’ve got to say he’s done very well. 4 points off 4th and with players returning to fitness in the next month only makes this all the more interesting.
Minty, LFC


No love for Milner
What an immense performance from every single Liverpool player on the pitch. It was intense. Haven’t enjoyed a result so much for ages.

One of the things I was happiest about was to see Milner subbed off. It was a ballsy move against a Chelsea side that looked there for the taking.

I like Milner but he looked as though he was undroppable when Rodgers was in charge, despite lacking a little in possession. His main attribute is running around loads, which is great, but when the whole team suddenly starts running around loads his slight lack of finesse becomes more obvious.
Joel Bradley, London

What a difference tactics make
Well needless to say after that I’m a very happy Liverpool supporter.  It didn’t start to plan but the gameplan Klopp put together was for me perfect.  Everyone knows how Chelsea play so if anything the goal helped solidify the way the game progressed.  Firmino isn’t really a lone striker type player but once Chelsea scored and sat back he was the perfect player to be there to help retain possession.  Yes Liverpool may have lacked a cutting edge but it also prevented Chelsea from playing since they were content to sit back and when Chelsea did pick up the ball the press was there to get it back.

To me this shows the most obvious and instant difference between Klopp and Rodgers.  Rodgers Liverpool looked listless and without direction.  You can tell instantly (even if the results weren’t) that Klopp has a philosophy and way of playing.  His tactics were perfect and that just as much as the brilliant individual performances of Coutinho, Benteke, and (the much maligned by me but brilliant today) Skrtel.

I am tremendously encouraged.
Paul S., LFC, Baltimore, MD, USA

Justice for Rafa
“One person said I couldn’t play twice in a week. He knows who he is. I’m still here, still fighting,” 

At the end of last season, John Terry and Jose Mourinho both took great pleasure in having a dig at Rafa Benitez with quotes like the above. Looking back now, could it be argued that if Terry hadn’t played twice a week all last season he might look a little less shagged now?

Just a thought.
Martin (Warrington)


Ozil the best midfielder in the Premier League
Mesut f***ing Ozil got his 9th assist of the season against Swansea. To put that in context, that is more than Manchester United have created combined, more than half the teams in the league in fact. What’s more, all but one of those assists have come through open play. Ozil has created 47 chances this season and runs more per game (both distance and sprints) than Alexis Sanchez. It is a shame he will never be recognized for his talents in England but he truly is the most remarkable player in the Premier League.

I remember when Chelsea signed Fabregas last year, a website not a million miles from here had a go at Wenger for not bringing him back. I’d be interested in asking if F365 (and of course other esteemed mailboxers) still think if that was the right call, now that Cesc has proven he cannot cut it in the Premier League at CM with his sub-par defensive awareness and was always going to be an option at CAM.

Also, excellent 16 conclusions but I wanted to add a couple more points to show exactly how bad a start Chelsea have made. They have let in more goals this season than any team in the league other than Norwich. They have also lost more games in the league other than Aston Villa. Still think Mourinho should not be sacked though. He’s finally made them interesting to watch.
– Falooda in NY

Play players in their positions, Louis
Excellent point by Silvio Dante
. Spreading the players out into 5/6 teams has definitely diluted the quality of the league. And infact due to the same reason the EPL matches have become far more competitive thereby causing problems in Europe due the huff and puff of the league. I’m also inclined to agree with the fact that in his latter years Fergie did dish out some of the most dire football on show, albeit we won. This was more down to strategy and his insistence on not wanting to buy a good midfielder which is primarily why we came up short in the UCL every year.

My gripe is more to do with why this present squad can have only one attempt on goal against a good but generally average Palace side. This to me has been the general issue of most of the top teams in the last couple of seasons. Let me make a general assessment here. Blind in central defense (woeful at most times), Young / Velancia at right back (has no chance of regularly breaking free and providing crosses), Martial on the left (can dribble as much as he likes but won’t get an opportunity to score), Rooney everywhere (same as Martial), Fellaini in central midfield (has no chance of scoring from headers in such a situation) and finally Mata on the right (has very little opportunity to dicate play and make telling passes. What does all this tell anyone with half a brain? All the players were made to look impotent in less than useful starting positions which would make them look industrious but never a potential threat. And then we question why United didn’t have shots on goal. I mean what sort of think tank would make a plan like this before a match?

Smalling and Jones in central defense should not be tinkered with unless someone’s not fit (and I’m hoping Jones was unfit), Blind should cover for right back until Darmian gets better or not play at all and Rojo until Shaw does. In midfield Schweinsteiger should play a more ambitious role or let Herrera prove himself in that position and let Schneiderlin do the screening. The wingers, as they are supposed to do, should be providing quality crosses and frankly the last player I saw do this successfully was called Beckham and let’s face it Valencia has been absolutely woeful in that regard. Which brings me to Young and Rojo who are both excellent crossers on the left and Lingaard on the right, or a Young on the right and Depay on the left who shall be instructed to provide crosses only (without any of his funny business). The top two in which case leaves one of Fellaini and Rooney with Martial up top and I’d really feel now that Rooney should ideally play the last thirty minutes of every game as an impact player as he would probably be a lot more destructive in such a scenario.

Unless United create atleast thirty chances, fifteen each half you won’t have atleast 12 to 15 attempts on goal, the only way that might improve our chances in every game. And this certainly is not being made possible by players being put in positions wherein they are least effective.


Time for him to go
Rooney was a shambles again, Fellaini was brought on and straight away almost cost us a goal by not jumping for a header from a corner. Pathetic.

Van Gaal came with an attacking reputation which he hasn’t delivered. He persists with Rooney and thinks lumping it to Fellaini is a good tactic. Indefensible, time to go.
Silvio Dante


Sack LVG, hire Mourinho
It’s f**king simple LVG. Put Martial up front and Rooney behind him.  Rooney is complete sh*t up front on his own.  SACK LVG AND HIRE MOURINHO.   We can win the title with Mourinho, then search for a proper manager for next campaign.
Brandon (SACK THE IDIOT LVG) stateside, MUFC


Worse than Moyes
Van Gaal has made United worse than we were under Moyes. Same results and somehow worse less enjoyable football despite spending the most ridiculous amount of money ever seen

Have some dignity Louis and walk away now because I honestly believe anybody could do a better job than you, your a cancer on football and my club

More world-class consistency from Robbie Savage on Saturday’s 606:

“If Chelsea (15th) sack Mourinho, then football has gone mad!”

Not 20 minutes later:

“How much longer are Man Utd. (4th) fans going to put up with this?”

Never change, Robert. Never change.
Martin Mannion

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