Mails: No tears for ‘horrible, self-serving’ Terry

Date published: Monday 1st February 2016 11:11

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You will not be missed, John…
I’m sure you’ll get mails from Chelsea fans lamenting the loss of John Terry and some fans who will say they hate the guy but say he was still a great. To quote the Fun Lovin’ Criminals…I can’t get with that.

He may have won medal after medal but I’ve never warmed to the guy. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a tit – Martin Keown, while I love him, has done things on the pitch that have made me wince. But Terry just seems like a horrible bloke who I hope is never welcomed back as a pundit by any TV station.

And if he is, they should pass a law that states he can only sit in the studio if Motorhead’s No Class is played before he’s announced as part of the pundit line-up.

Goodbye John Terry – you won’t be missed, you horrible, horrible man. How can anyone hero worship a man that looks like he cuts his own hair with a penknife?
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


…So just listening to talksh*te on the way to work and the ex-pros gushing over old Captain Lion Heart JT and what a travesty it is Chelsea won’t offer him a new contract, the story was JT demanded a meeting before the Arsenal game and politely (yeah right) ask for a contract extension, because Chelsea wouldn’t bend over for a guy they stuck by during several unsavoury incidents he has spat his dummy and blabbed to the press that Chelsea are not renewing his contract and it’s all so unfair boo hoo.

Instead of castigating Terry for his quite frankly pathetic and childish reaction to not getting his own way as per usual the old pro brigade have stuck by old lion heart and given Chelsea both barrels, a Chelsea who have even said it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that another contract could be in the offing but on the club’s terms, not good enough for JT so out comes the posturing and the hard-done-to face. Surely I’m not the only one who can see what a despicable twunt Terry is, trying to hold a club to ransom, a club who have paid him handsomely through out his career, even when they could easily have binned him for his racist outbursts and other unseemly conduct. Please Chelsea tell him to bugger off to China or Russia or wherever else they are paying over the hill pros to ply their trade.
Paul Murphy, Manchester


A blue view on JT
After hearing the JT announcement on the way back yesterday my first thought was why now John, I’ve re-read it this morning and his last line of getting the team up the league being most important, well if that was the case why did you say anything? I’ve obviously got a lot of love for John and everything he’s achieved for us/with us on the pitch (well leave his personality flaws for another day) but to put this out there now is so self-serving.

Just when it looked like things may be going in the right direction and we could have a happyish end to a terrible season now there’s going to be more anger directed elsewhere rather than getting behind the team to build some confidence and form before the PSG game (and banners, I know I’ll put it out there first ha ha w***ers and all that) Personally I think he probably has got another year in him and also I worry about where the next leader/captain will come from as all I’ve seen this season is a squad ready to point fingers everywhere else except at themselves so I would offer him a deal but that’s a conversation for the summer. Is he trying to force their hand? It may work and obviously the new manager may view the situation differently. Is he looking for a 3/4 month leaving tour like Stevie G, good luck with that John just don’t fall over.

I’m don’t think there will be the infighting we saw during Rafa and the Jose aftermath but for him to turn the focus on himself and then with a straight face say that no one is bigger than the club is disappointing, also that he chose yesterday’s game to do it where that interview should’ve been praising Oscar (need a song for him) and also the two youngsters that played.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by anything they do anymore, the Chelsea soap opera continues…
Scott (when I see it’s Ivanovic or Cahill next in line I do get worried) London


You got it
A match at Shrewsbury in between two games against Midtjylland. Rooney’s actually going to beat United’s scoring record in an irrelevant match against a total minnow: couldn’t be a more fitting summation of a deeply disappointing career.
Chris MUFC


You’re already having a go at Elneny…
One game is too small a sample size to draw conclusions on any player. That being said, I still found it amusing that the main conclusion Matt Stead had for Elneny was ‘is the Egyptian not too similar to what Arsenal already have?’

Consider the facts:

1. With his five shots from outside/edge of the box, Elneny joined Sanchez as the player with the most shots from outside/edge of the box for Arsenal this season. Because as everyone knows, if there is anything Arsenal have an abundance of, it’s players who refuse to shoot and try to walk the ball in.

2. Elneny was signed as a box-to-box player and thus someone who would be back-up for Ramsey/Cazorla, not Coquelin. Coquelin tends to cover the pitch horizontally to cover for the full-backs who tend to bomb up. Elneny on the other hand clearly played a more traditional box-to-box role, covering the length of the pitch. For all the defensive work Elneny did, he had as many shots as any other Arsenal player in the game.

3. The only player in Arsenal’s squad who plays a similar role for the team is Ramsey. However, Ramsey is much better going forward than he is coming back. He does his best running off-the-ball and it is not uncommon for Ramsey to play in the box as the furthest Arsenal player forward (further up than even the striker). Elneny on the other hand seemed to be better aware of his defensive responsibilities and tended to stray no further than the edge of the opposition box. He was willing to take shots on when the opportunities presented themselves but always seemed to be in a good position to track back to snuff out counters. This has been the main criticism of Ramsey over the past few weeks, who despite his terrific work ethic, bombs forward too frequently and leaves the center too open for the opposition.

All in all, a solid but unspectacular showing from Elneny. Considering Cazorla is still several weeks away from recovery and given the history of Ramsey breaking down through injuries, the signing has been a very sensible acquisition. I can only imagine that the line ‘it simply seems quite a strange transfer on first viewing’ was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that it is strange that Wenger would bring someone in who improves the balance of the team rather than maintains it.
Falooda in NY (It wasn’t tongue-in-cheek, was it?)


Steady on
I read 16 conclusions a couple of hours ago and I am still smiling at this line by Matt Stead: ‘You can’t injure what’s not real.’ Harry Kane really is reaching unicorn-like levels of fantasy.
Greg Tric, Nairobi


Ed’s weekend thoughts
* Crystal Palace advance in the FA Cup, but at what cost? As Gordon Lightfoot once said, “I feel like I’m winning but I’m losing again”. Yohan Cabaye may have picked up an injury following a disgusting tackle from Stephen Ireland. Jason Puncheon was booked for dissent after this incident, but Ireland went studs first into Cabaye with a tackle that was Scholes-esque in its lateness.

Of course, this wasn’t shown by the BBC, due to time constraints, but it would have been interesting to know what the pundits made of that tackle and the referee’s reaction of forming a circle with his hands the way players do while insisting they got the ball.

* Sunday’s game on the BBC served as a reminder of why the Football League Show isn’t that badly missed. For all that their coverage was usually good, two lingering negative memories are Mark Clemmit’s overly chummy chats with unpopular chairmen, and how no opportunity was missed to brown-nose Franchise FC and Pete Winkleman. Sure enough, the perfect storm came along, with Clem involved in coverage from Stadium:MK.

That said, seeing them get pummelled by Chelsea is hardly a victory for the purists, or neutrals.

* It seemed like Portsmouth gave everything against Bournemouth, and it was nice to see magnanimity all round, whether in victory or defeat. I have a lot of time for Paul Cook for how well he did at Chesterfield. It was a surprise when he dropped down a division to join Pompey, but he’s got them in the play-off mix, and hopefully he can keep his side on an upward trajectory for a while, to balance out the years of turmoil.

* Well done to Josh King for remembering his media training and footballers’ stock phrases, by stressing the importance of being able “to pick up the three points” following Bournemouth’s victory.

The literary Ed Quoththeraven


The worst FA Cup draw ever…
As a Leeds fan, absolutely gutted with that FA Cup draw. When it gets to this stage, I think most fans of lower-league teams want either:

– A home tie against a major Premiership team so that they can go out in a blaze of glory, or;

– A home tie against a complete minnow so that they have a good shot of making it through another round.

Instead of which, we get Watford away. Not a glamour tie by any means, but they still have more than enough firepower to comfortably destroy Leeds, especially at home. In fact, I shudder to think what Ighalo and Deeney will do to our far-from-adequate back line.

Ah well, that’s any interest in our season over for another year…
Niall (Degsy, lump on Watford (-1) while you still can. Need to recover some losses after that horrible Villa tip this weekend!), London


The Toon overpaying again?
Remember the good old days when Newcastle could buy their mediocre players cheaply from other mediocre clubs? Obertan, Sissoko, Gouffran, Tiote, Ben Arfa – none of those cost very much. Now the Toon have to spend bucketloads to get mediocre players like Mitrovic, Townsend and Shelvey, and an eye-watering £20m+ for Berahino. Lawks. He is not a bad player, and I think he would improve the first team, but £20m, or more? It harks back to the bad old days of the noughties – Boumsong, Luque, Owen [I’ll stop there, I used to actually go and watch back then – I need to have a lie down.]
Alex Stokoe, Newcastle upon Tyne


What about Guus for Chelsea?
What if Chelsea already have the manager they are so busily looking for?

A lot of names are being linked to the Chelsea job but I seriously think that we would be lucky to find a manager to replicate the performance of Mr Guus Hiddink so far. I know he was appointed to be a interim manager but who’s to say what the interim period would be?

Hiddink should remain manager on an interim basis for as long as three seasons while Drogba assists him. I don’t know if Giddink would want the job on a permanent basis but he might be convinced to remain in charge for as long as possible so that he can help build our identity and our philosophy the way LVG was supposed to do for United and the way cruyff did for Barcelona.

No one has had a better record managing Chelsea and there must be a good reason why.

Pep, Sampaoli, Conte and the lot would probably do about as well as Giddink is doing already if we are being optimistic.

He had over 70% win ratio the first time and has over 40% and rising.

All the speculation is nice but in the end the smartest move would be to invest in what we already have working for us.
Paul from Nigeria


Steve Watson: Clone footballer
Starting out as a right-winger, ‘Super’ Stevie Watson played in every outfield position for the Toon, including holding ‘Makelele’ midfield, Rob Lee box-to-box midfield and Beardsley tucked-in-behind-Andy-Cole midfield. He eventually settled down to play right-back. As a lone striker during and injury crisis he did this:

There was always talk of his reasonable ‘keeping skills, though he was never called upon to show them off in a first-team match. Should the Toon have ever opened a circus, however his versatility would have helped even with that:

Alex Stokoe, Newcastle upon Tyne


Number (cl)one dream
I would have to go for David De Gea or Manuel Neuer. Certainly it wouldn’t be the best team ever, but I think they’d score more than they let in. I can’t see many outfield players doing all that well in goal.
Daniel (Blind is definitely the new O’Shea) Cambridge

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