Mails: All but four United players can do one

Date published: Sunday 14th February 2016 11:56

Monday’s Mailbox will be massive. Send your thoughts, and make them good:


Four of United’s players are good enough…
I can count four players who should be kept by United. De Gea, Smalling, Martial and Borthwick Jackson. None of the rest are fit to wear the shirt and the sooner that fat oaf Rooney f**ks off to China the better, bring Van Gaal and Woodward with you.

There was a lot of protest over the club being owned by the Glazers and they’re a disgrace. The youth set up at United is beyond a joke when compared to City’s, part time coaching, no private education for the youth players it’s no wonder so many former players are choosing to send their children to City.
Owen (hope Leicester win the league) Dublin


…And the rest need to look at themselves
Matt Stead wrote about LVG’s untenable position and how he can only be applauded for his use of youth players despite the massive slump. While there is no doubt that he has to shoulder blame for the overall morale and performances, I do believe that it’s about time that we started pointing fingers at the players themselves.

F365 towers has mentioned the inclusion of Fellaini over Schneiderlin 427 times. I think today’s team was as close to being the strongest United line up possible given the injuries. One could argue for the inclusion of ‘Free Anders’ over Lingard but that would just reduce the pace outlet to zilch. This was the same team that essentially put 3 goals past a decent Stoke side at home, led at the Bridge for almost 90 minutes and seemed to be finally turning a corner. And yet, today they were lacklustre, dull, uninventive and poor in every facet of their game.

Everyone knew Sunderland were going to attack this United side. Even the players knew that they’re up against a team battling the drop. And yet, it took them 20 odd minutes to set up a rhythm and make a decent chance (by which time they were already a goal down). Things should have improved after the equalizer; instead it just spurred Sunderland on to attack even further. I felt LVG’s only tactical mistake was to push Martial on the right to make room for Depay; till then Martial was the only bright spark (as always) in the attack. Lingard was anonymous, Rooney abysmal and Smalling had a shocker.

New manager over the summer or not, it’s time some of the players had a good hard look at themselves. Their performance is not worthy of any top flight team’s jersey; far less an United one. Sacking managers may be what the fans and supporters sing for but the players aren’t backing the manager or the club with these performances.


Yeah, it isn’t going well
Just crunched the numbers and since end of November, United have amassed 14 points from a possible 39. Three wins in 13 games over three months. 1.07 points/game in that time. Unreal.

On the bright side, we currently sit on 41 points. I’ve read that West Ham were the “best” team relegated on 42 points back in 02/03. Two draws between now and May should see us stay up then..
Seth, Birmingham, AL, USA


Naff off Louis, you’re completely ruining my opinion of Dutch people.

Take that bloke pretending to be Memphis Depay with you.
Mark Danger Endicott (MUFC)


…It’s clear from the Sunderland result that LVG’s time is up. And it’s clear from the way United played what the problem is: LVG has stripped every player except Martial of their instinct. No one on United makes an instinctive play anymore. Everyone takes too many touches before deciding what to do with the ball.

By the time they make up their mind, the opposition have reacted. Worse, all the other United players have reached the position they need to be in and so they stop running and wait for the ball. When they do get it, they are standing still. No wonder they are easy to defend. No wonder they are boring.

Martial is the exception. He tries to keep moving but he goes offside because the pass is always delivered too late. This is clearly disheartening to him, and you could see him giving up towards the end of the Sunderland game. If LVG ruins Martial like he’s ruined Memphis, it will be an tragedy for the neutrals and an expensive lesson for United.
Cameron, Toronto


…United wear Red,
I feel Blue,
F**k off Louis,
It’s not us, it’s you.
DC, Dublin


A new low
He shall hence be called “Van Gaal: The Other David Moyes”.



The real quiz
Whilst losing always feels pretty rubbish, losing and having to look at Sam Allardyce’s big smug face really does feel rotten.
Matt (alleged title contenders to top 4 no hopers in record time), Manchester


Hiddink for United?
The constant theme of late is that this United team is grossly under-performing and that it’s obvious that Mourinho would get so much more out of this team.

There is also blinding proof that Hiddink has taken a Mourinho team that was grossly under-performing and turned them into at worst something hard to beat, while more likely a team returning to top form.

Is it not pretty obvious what the correct course of action should then be?

As a Liverpool fan I’m enjoying the ongoing comedy show that is United, if nothing else but to take away from the slapstick goings on in Anfield, but you have to wonder if the correct Dutch man were in charge at Old Trafford what next season would look like…


Love is in the air (and this Mailbox)
In honour of Donald Love’s first game for Man U, a selection of potential headlines:

“Stop! In The Name of Love” – last minute tackle saves a point for United.
“I Feel Love” – after Shawcross re-enacts the classic Vinnie/Gazza encounter.
“The Power of Love” – he scores the winning header from a lofted cross.
“Love Will Tear Us Apart” – opposition fans fear his surging runs.
“Can’t Buy Me Love” – manager rebuffs offers from Real Madrid.
“Higher Love” – Real come back with an offer of a loan move.
“I’d Do Anything For Love” – Real really want to sign Donald for the club.
“Labour of Love / Baby Love” – Donald and his girlfriend announce their first born.
“Love Hurts” – a painful season ending injury.
“Love Is All Around / Love Spreads” – too much extra timber after summer holidays.
“Love Me Tinder” – relationship troubles lead to social media gaffe.
“Caravan of Love” – further problems at home lead to a temporary home for the United star.
“Love Shack” – things get worse.
Easy Tiger


Boring Roy
It was inevitable, but still so, so depressing to hear. When asked about form players such as Vardy, Kane, Noble and Drinkwater, Hodgson essentially dismissed them as nice options to have but quickly reminded us we would have rely on Wayne Rooney this summer? and that Danny Welbeck was coming back to fitness…. words just fail me.

So here we go again, a starting line up for the Euros with a front 6 probably involving Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck, The Ox, Wilshere and Henderson. (If any of the above injured add Milner)

Havent we been here before? Another summer of injured, out of form players selected out of ‘loyalty’, and the club they play for. How very English.

Im off to the attic to dig out my old Del Piero top and concoct an Italian heritage.
(MC – In Hodgson’s defence, he is likely to be loyal to some of the players who got him to France unbeaten. Bringing in Noble and Drinkwater and now would be plain weird)


A nonsense mail…
427 Conclusions on…

A) or was it 457?
B) LVG has better hair than Donald Trump
C) Listening to football on TalkShite makes you bet respons..( I will spell it wrong so fuck it )
F) Can Dan do it for me please?
XI) I prefer Parentheses
Graham MUFC Brackets open Here Brackets closed)

...And here’s why
OK I was drunk and p*ssed off. Sorry.
Graham MUFC

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