Mails: People always wanted Ozil to fail

Date published: Tuesday 10th November 2015 3:02

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Ozil doomed from day one
Love the line in Mediawatch regarding Ozil, and his ability to invite criticism even when being praised.

For a bloke who has literally never done anything to offend (he has eyes that suggest he is always scared), I genuinely only think the animosity towards him is because he was Arsenal’s first real big, statement, money signing.

Because we’d never done that, people (media, some rival fans) were itching for him to fail from day one. His lazy style, his strength, his passion- all been questioned over the past two and a bit years, despite the fact he’s never been consistently awful for us. The odd game here and there yes, but hey, he’s human.

Unfortunately, now those who saw fault in everything he did are having to backtrack or change their minds on him. I’ve never doubted his ability and have always tried to see the good. Now I’m happy he’s sticking two fingers up to everyone. If he only warrants criticism from Carragher then so be it- this was a bloke who thought Sterling would crumble at City and look how that’s turning out.

English media is obsessed with failure and making someone a scapegoat. Had Ozil not been an Arsenal player this season, we’d be in a far worse state than we are now.
Joe, AFC, East Sussex (Puncheon should get in ahead of Delph – on current form – since you asked)


Louis is actually alright
To whom it may concern,

I found myself thinking more and more van Gaal is going in the right direction with United as I read Schweinsteiger’s comments on on him winning over the fans like he did at Munich. This time last year the common narrative was that United were just a little dodgy at the back and were likely to shoot themselves in the foot at any time. There was even shock when Gary Neville trot out the statistics to say they were one of the most solid defenses in the league in 2015.

While the argument is that the football is dire is valid (it’s been painful to watch at times), I think there is some credence to what van Gaal is saying about “the process”. I think if a few players are replaced by those more fit for purpose in attack, then United would be very close to being a championship challenging team. I mean we’re only two points off the friggin’ top of the league as it is with a number ten that can’t run on the right wing, a number 9 that can’t play the position any more playing number 10 and our only specialist right back being kept out of the team by two inconsistent wingers!

If Memphis can find his form and Lingard can keep doing his thing then we might not need to get these brand spanking new “fast wingers” in January at all. Point is we’re not far away….or maybe the premier league is just a bit….sh*t?
Mark – I thought Veron was quite good too


Per is a problem
… BrixtonGooner that defence of The BFG must be the funniest bit of straw clutching I have read in a while. I think you could have saved yourself a lot of typing if you just wrote, “Mertesacker will look good if others are doing his work for him”.

I am sorry but constantly having full backs covering for another team mate’s weaknesses in the heart of the back four, that just stinks of incompetence of the highest order. I know there is no such thing as the perfect player but perhaps in this instance, his limitations are just too crippling to that back four, and it increases everyone else’s workload far too much. I think a more appropriate analogy for further up the field would be with Man U and Rooney at the moment, where his team mates are having to create chances and finish them, for someone who is just slowing things down and getting in the way more than anything.

If I am honest I have not seen much in the Arsenal defence to cause major concern, even including Per in the back four however, after read that mail from BrixtonGooner, I think The Gunners have to play Gabriel ahead of Per any chance they can get for games that matter!
TheChetty(Typed 3 or 4 different statements in these parentheses before saying screw it)


If Giroud was ugly he’d be criticised
Far from Josh’s accusation that Football365 don’t like Olivier Giroud because he’s French, I’d argue that he actually gets an easy ride due to the massive crush everyone at Football365 has on him, regardless of whether they’re male or female. And this isn’t just confined to the journalists either, it seems to be almost impossible to read a single mailbox entry about him that doesn’t reference his appearance. Not sure why his appearance is remotely relevant, but it seems to be.

I’d argue that if he was as ugly as Wayne Rooney, he’d be receiving a hell of a lot more criticism than he currently does.

My own personal opinion on Giroud is that he’s decent enough, but nowhere near the quality required to be a starting striker for a team with designs on winning the title. When forced to use his instinct, he can score some lovely goals (deft flicks from low crosses in particular), but generally he needs about 5 decent chances per game in order to score one goal. Luckily he plays for a team who tend to create many chances per game (playing in front of Ozil probably has something to do with this), if you put him in a Spurs team where he would have far less clear-cut opportunities like Harry Kane has to deal with, he’d be luckily to crack double-figures each year.


Giroud ain’t better than Kane
At risk of an annoying and usually pointless “my player is better than yours” debate, I do have to find Josh, Gunner in Brooklyn’s “certainly not Harry Kane [over Giroud]” a little silly, and more than a tad ironic seeing as the mail is accusing someone else of judging players through biased eyes.

Out of Kane and Giroud, only one of them influenced the result on Sunday with the one real chance he got; the other had numerous chances to but wasn’t able. Impossible to say who is “better” out of the two, but does anyone except Josh think that Kane wouldn’t have stuck at least one of Giroud’s chances away had he got them at the other end? All of our important wins in the past twelve months have had Kane’s stamp on. How many of Arsenal’s have had Giroud’s? Therein lies the criticism. And it has nothing to do with bias.
Alex G, THFC


We got a lot of these…
I have to respond to our correspondent Paul out in Nigeria:


Allegedly, Roman was lining up a swoop when Rodgers was at Swansea. What was Rodgers’ response? He came out in public and said “No way. I’m trying to build my career, and not destroy it.”
Do you really want a man who has that view of the managerial chair at the Bridge, in the managerial chair at he Bridge? No denying he knew the club a few years ago but when he made that comment he put himself firmly in the wrong camp. Rafa Benitez was a similar appointment who also had made comments prior to employment here and although he was ultimately successful in winning the Europa League, his appointment was still derided by the majority of us fans – causing a bit of a rift between club and supporters. So now, when results are at an all-time low, you think a hostile reception from the match-going fans potentially booing a manager will HELP us? Crikey. Let me assure you – that is the last thing we need right now.

If there is a current lack of alternative options to Jose, then there’s your answer. Support the team and the manager mate.
Ash don’t need brackets, CFC, England’s garden.


To Paul from Nigeria – as a fellow Chelsea fan, just no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Everything you have written is incorrect. Just pause before you say something, and then say the exact opposite.

Hope that helps.
Harry, CFC, London


Paul, there’s probably a reason you don’t get published much!!

Please don’t ever suggest Rodgers for Chelsea again.

Go and take a long hard look at yourself and slap yourself a few times for me…
T, CFC, London. (oddly, i was actually liking Benitez at one stage)


The weirdest thing about Paul ( one can at least have some help hoping) from Nigeria mail was the fact that this crazy sentence “if we keep Jose now we will be relegated for sure” didn’t seem nearly as crazy as it should, and in an email where he is calling for Jose to be replaced with Rodgers, finding something weirder really is an achievement.
Sean Gorman (No I don’t think Chelsea will be relegated.) MUFC. Ireland


Psychological warfare
I think most people would agree that the fall of Chelsea’s title defence this year is the most remarkable of modern times. Is it not also the biggest example of the power of psychology in football?

Mourinho has been hailed as the master of mind-games by many. His greatest work was the (in)famous ‘siege mentality’ nurtured and brought to fruition in the fertile soil that is Chelsea, reaping the harvest of a PL trophy. Mourinho had his players, the media, rival managers, the FA, all dancing to his ditty like children.

But it seems our pied piper dropped his flute down the privy at some point this summer. He’s lost his charm and now his tune has a more excremental quality to it.

As preseason showed, he pushed his players too hard last season. I think despite this, there was scope for an ok season. But did the chastising of a certain beloved team doctor break the spell he held over his players?

Maybe they realised that there’s a reason why everyone is ‘laying siege’ to Chelsea. Maybe José’s rants started to sound like drivel to them too. I don’t think all of Ivanovic, Fabregas, Terry, Hazard,… basically everyone but Willian are suddenly rubbish. I also didn’t believe that the United team had all just become a poor team after Fergie went. It’s all down to the sense of awe and confidence a manager exudes. Mourinho relies on psychology more than any other manager I have seen. We shouldn’t be surprised that the collapse has been so spectacular considering.
The literary Ed Quackeththeduck (secret password) MCFC


Slow down the Spurs optimism

I’m a Spurs supporter since the early 1960’s. I’ve seen the great times and the woeful times. I’d describe the present team as somewhere in the middle. One lesson I’ve learnt is that as soon as we talk success and optimism, things go sh*t. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s a law of the universe or one of those things that defy normal, rational logic (like bumblebees being too heavy to fly). So let’s just say they’re doing fine but some very tough games ahead. Now stumm!

Patrick Kane, Dublin.


Dele of the day
Josh, Gunner in Brooklyn seemed to think that Dele Alli was named MOTM because of F365’s “need” to view “every game through the eyes of the English national team.”

Just thought I’d chip in to say that Dele Alli was MOTM because he bloody-well was. There were many players on that pitch who performed well enough to be considered for the award, only one was wearing red.
Thom, [Because square brackets need their 15 minutes too] Bristol-based Spur


In response to Josh, Gunner in Brooklyn.

There was a need for F365 to declare Delle Ali man of the match. Because he was man of the match, he’s even got a little trophy to prove it.

Plus he’s like miles better than Coquelin anyway. Or something like that.

Yours pedantically,
Jack, London Japan FC


Pray for the Pea
What on earth has happened to the Little Pea?

He looks like Phil Mickelson in this picture!


Lordy, when did Hernandez go from Chìcharito to Chìcharo Blanda or is that just a badly angled photo?


Jurassic Park
Excellent Alan Partridge reference in Mediawatch today, cap doth’d.
JKTWK (smell my cheese)

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