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Date published: Friday 4th December 2015 11:01

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Europa League glory would solve Anfield atmosphere
So now the initial Klopptimism has gone into full blown hysteria mode, I’d like to pitch in about how best Liverpool should get back into the champions league and solve the Anfield atmosphere all in one.

I think Klopp is right and the Reds should make the Europa league a major priority. Nothing gets anfield bouncing like a big European night and while the Europa league will always suffer without the Spanish Giants and Munich,the latter stages still have the potential to feature some mouth watering ties. And possibly Arsenal.

With a young team on an upward curve,the benefits of silverware and creating a winning habit so early on would be huge. See Rafa vs Brendan. It would guarantee us a route into the CL next season and given the mental nature of the prem league this year,who can say with any degree of certainty that points won’t be dropped in some “winnable” games putting 4th just out of reach.

Klopp has proved a master in inspiring Liverpool in big games thus far which sits beautifully with a good cup run. Plus the knowledge that Liverpool can win trophies rather than just finish 4th has to appeal to some transfer targets for next summer (Reus).
Neil (Pool to beat Neville’s Valencia in the final), Dublin


In defence of Adam Lallana
I feel compelled to respond to Roland W after his criticism of Adam Lallana.

“Lallana threatened to go on strike.”

No he didn’t.

“What both Lallana and Lovren owed Southampton, was enough loyalty to make sure that the fees they received reflected the value.”

And Southampton owed Lallana nothing I take it despite being loyal to them for a number of years?

“The rumour with Lallana… “

The above is my favourite part.

“…was that Liverpool had offered something like £5m”

Something like?

I hope for his sake his next few years at Liverpool are not as bad as his last year, because whilst Lambert will forever be able to do the after dinner/ match day circuit at St. Mary’s and probably get well paid for it, Lallana needs to find another club to be a legend for before he has any chance of post-playing income”

I’m sure his current income will tide him over.

Completely excluded from your misguided rant is Southampton wanted an extortionate fee due to an ill advised sell on clause and Lallana wanted to move to a bigger club but don’t let that affect your judgement though.
Graham (i want to hear Adam La la la lana to the tune of “my love has got no money” part of the song freed from desire)


‘Vitriolic ridicule’ of Wenger too much to take
Little late to the table here but it needs to be said – re:

Shock horror: Wenger finally breaks Sanchez

On Saturday the 4th of July Chile beat Argentina on penalties to win the Copa America.

36 days later – Alexis Sanchez played 23 minutes against West Ham on the 9th of August.

People in the press start to predict an injury for Alexis citing of a lack of off rest, inadequate preseason and simply playing too many matches.
Between the 9th of August and the 30th November Alexis played 24 games.. (that’s a game every 4.7 days)

In the intervening weeks the press ridicule Wenger for playing Sanchez. Despite this Sanchez has been one of the better performers in the arsenal team and indeed the premier league.

Then Sanchez having been tested by the Arsenal Medical team, is declared fit and plays against Norwich, He then pulls his Hamstring. The press round on Wenger and accuse him of negligence and of breaking sanchez.

Sure they had been predicting it but at some point Sanchez was going to pick up an injury, it is inevitable. The press (including F365) however are quite selective in their vitriolic ridicule.

Let’s consider other high profile players who played the same Copa America Final include.

Sergio Aguero – 1st Game for Man City August 10th – missed 7 matches for City due to a hamstring injury 12th October – still managed to play 15 games for club and country
Lional Messi – 1st Game for Barcelona 11th August – he has only played 13 times due to 2 month injury layoff
Javier Mascherano – 1st Game for Barcelona 11th August 22 Appearances (not available for some games due to a red card ban)
Gonzalo Higuin – 1st Game for Napoli 23rd August (round 1 Serie A) – 19 Appearances
Arturo Vidal – 1st Game for Bayern Munich 1st August 25 Games

So why don’t you (press, F365, Arsenal ‘Fans’ etc all criticise Pep Guardiola, Manuel Pellegrini, Luis Enrique, Maurizio Sarri etc?

Amazingly enough they haven’t decided to rest their best players during the season either.

Wenger played Sanchez partially because there were far too many injuries to our attacking midfielders and strikers. Mostly though he played Sanchez because he is awesome and his medical team gave him the green light.
He’ll still play 30 Premier League games this season.
Michael (Double98) Doyle


Ben Thornley remains at large…
In response to the Big weekend as to the whereabouts of Philip Mulryne I can confirm that he is studying to be a priest. Whether LVGs current bland style of football at Man United forced him towards the priesthood remains unclear.

Ben Thornley remains at large, ready to comment on Man United at any time


Throw Klopp a Koala
I like Jurgen Klopp for various reasons, but I think the main one is the amount of hugging he does. Hugging is one of the best things in the world, particularly when done in the fatherly yet homoerotic manner of Mr Klopp.

But are we exaggerating his interpersonal skills? Is Sam Allardyce right now leading a secret pre-training group hug that would put his fellow manager to shame? I decided to search Google Images for managers hugging their players, and then use the number of hits for each one as statistical proof of who is the nicest and most emotionally connected of all Premiership manners. Starting at the top of the league and working down, I typed in “Pelegrini hugging player” and was immediately confronted with this picture of the man himself hugging a koala.

This changed everything, so I started searching for “(manager’s name) hugging koala” instead. There were disappointingly few results, but I did find one of Jose Mourinho. Comparing the photos of the two managers couldn’t more clearly show their personalities – Pellegrini looking like a nice but slightly weak man doing what his boss is telling him, and Mourinho just standing there, hands in his pockets, being a dick, thinking he’s above it all.

So. That was my day. Forget analysing managers in any other way – next press conference, just throw Klopp a koala and see what he does with it.
Stephen O’S, MUFC


Newcastle strife sad to see
Hats off to Charlie, THFC, Somerset for his excellent Mail on the current Newcastle strife. For a moment there I thought I was reading a F365 piece.

It is sad to see the Geordies in such a dire situation. Growing up watching and admiring Alan Shearer, I always had a soft spot for Newcastle. There was a certain magic about the club, as if they were some sort of mythical team from the Far North, born to entertain, lead by the charming Sir Bobby and followed by an army of passionate, hard, shirtless supporters, worshiping their heroes, sponsored by Newcastle Brown Ale.

I’d always be sure to tune into Newcastle home games, sure to be entertained by, if not always the football then certainly the atmosphere surrounding the entire contest. It really is a shame that a team that once moved me in such a way and fuelled my passion for the game now seems to have shrivelled to a shadow of its former self.

Where is the love, the passion, the end to end unpredictable, scintillating football? Where is the hero in the team for the fans to adore? All consumed by the self indulging, greedy owner content on stagnating the club. Sad.
Sean, Chelsea fan, London.


‘Neville and Carragher had something going’
So who will be Gary Neville’s successor on Sky Sports? Yes, it will probably be Jamie Redknapp – at least in the short term. But in my opinion Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher had something going (no, definitely not in that way) in terms of cutting-edge and insightful punditry. So in the long term, with all due respect to Mr Redknapp, I just don’t see it as a sustainable option (basically, I’m not having it Jeff).

I understand you guys are no longer under the shackles / unbrella of bSkyb and therefore stand in a very fetching pair of objective shoes. So surely Mr Neville’s replacement warrants the same level of coverage and speculation that the sacking of a reasonably high-profile Premier League manager (without a replacement lined up) would?

I’m fully expecting a write-up explaining and conjecturing on the credentials of 5 or so potential candidates. It will (as usual) be fascinating reading and hopefully prompt much debate.

Who will it be? Will they be British? Are we ready for a female Super-Pundit? (personally, I think so) And most importantly, how goes their application as a  PFM/PFW?

Ciaran H (there’s going to be an article published before the next mailbox isn’t there…)



Chips, clips, lobs and dinks
Isn’t it simple? A chip is from the ground, like the golf shot, whereas a lob is where the ball is off the ground when kicked.Clips are half-volleys. Dinks can only be scored when the keeper is at close range (ideally rushing out) and has gone to ground or is on the way there. If the keeper is on his feet it’s a chip or a lob depending on the rules above.
Cheers, Dan (MUFC since 1983)

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