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Date published: Saturday 17th September 2016 12:07

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They’re a bit excited…
Liverpool were better than Arsenal
Liverpool were better than Burnley (even tho we were beat)
Liverpool were better than Spurs
Liverpool were better than Leicester
Liverpool were better than Chelsea

The fact that we have one of the best managers in the world is bound to start making a difference.

Who wants to face Liverpool next week?



Far from perfect, but still crazy enough to beat you.
Dotz (I’m a touch uplifted)


…Sometimes this site is a total drag. Other times it’s straight pornography.

1) Liverpool dominate first half and deservedly go 2-0 up.

2) Do just enough to win.

Sign of champions.
Brian (If Liverpool look ‘just not quite’ what does that make a United side over reliant on a 34-year-old Ibrahimovic?) LFC


…Didn’t someone write in suggesting that Liverpool could conceivably be bottom after five games? Predicting football is for mugs. If football was predictable, we wouldn’t be interested in it.

This year’s our. ..blah blah blah.


Liverpool-Chelsea points
* Make no mistake about it, that was a big victory. I know Chelsea were missing Terry but to come away from Stamford Bridge with a win at any stage is huge.

* Liverpool pressed to a high standard from the get-go and seemed to concentrate on trying to expose Ivanovic. Speaking of which, what has happened to him? Made captain, yet he looked the weakest link by far.

* Quietly emerging as a decent left-back is Milner. Truly epitomises the 7/10 reputation he carries.

* Mane’s quietest performance by far, but his ability to track back is a huge plus to have. Azpilucueta looked nervous every time Mane received the ball and this enabled Sturridge, Lallana and Coutinho to make darting runs behind.

* That was a tidy finish by Lovren. Any striker would be happy with that!

* Lovren is emerging as the main defender under Klopp. He looks revitalised and I can see himself and Matip forming a partnership that will be fundamental to a run for top four.

* I know you mentioned it in your 16 conclusions, but Matip was a beast. Wrong for diving in but I thought he marshalled Costa quite well.

* Speaking of Costa, I’d put a flutter on him for the Golden Boot. Quiet for so long and still gets a goal. Impressive. Scary eyes as well!

* Lallana and Henderson were excellent, bar the momentary mental collapse of not tracking the run of Matic for the goal. Very un-Liverpool like.

* I thought Henderson was phenomenal tonight. Aside from a wonder goal, he pressed high, was brilliant on the ball and his passing was terrific.

* What a great save by Courtois from Origi. Origi looks slightly lacklustre at the moment. He’s not driving at defenders the way he was last year. Hopefully that comes back to him.

* Aside from the goal from sloppy defending, I thought Liverpool defended quite well, especially Clyne. They set their stall out and didn’t panic. Under Rodgers, I fully believe Liverpool would have lost that.

* Chelsea fans, really? The Steven Gerrard chant. Delighted to hear a cacophony of the original chanting from the Liverpool away fans to drown them out. Some originality please Chelsea!

* Finally, seven points out of a possible nine from the trips to London. Tough start, handled beautifully.
Miguel Sanchez, LFC, Eire (I’d love a Klopp hug!)


But Liverpool are still bald…
Seinfeld co-creator Larry David accepted his first Emmy award for writing Seinfeld’s breakthrough ‘The Contest’ episode (where the four main characters compete to see who can last the longest without self-gratification), by walking up to the microphone and saying, “This is all well and good, but I’m still bald.”

Beating Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and drawing away to Spurs is all well and good, but until Liverpool start following up these runs with, say, wins against promoted sides like Hull, we’re still bald.
Ian, LFC (Matip on a free…) Hartford, CT USA


Some Matip love
Joel Matip a leader amongst followers in a Liverpool defence for the first time since Carragher played.

We are gonna need him all season, he is that important.
Tyla (that felt big for just the fifth game of the season) Roxburgh, Liverpool


Liverpool better than United right now
As a Man Utd fan, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Friday night football whilst trying to figure out if there was a way both teams could lose. I haven’t watched a lot of Liverpool lately, but I have to say I was genuinely impressed. To put that in context, I think it may have been the best I’ve ever seen them. They were sharp, fluid, and dangerous. They made Chelsea look seriously bad.
They’ve been good in patches before, like when Suarez got them to second (and Brendan got confused as to whose talents were responsible – that got cleared up pretty quickly), and they were pretty good when they won the Champions League – but not brilliant mind, and there was the year they won all the cups, but again, they were only alright.

But last night they looked a proper team. They are certainly ahead of United in that you can see a system of play, and probably only a couple of top-quality signings behind City.

This season might just turn out to be a cracker if City can be contained from walking it.
Joe Donohoe


Thoughts from Chelsea fans
– First and foremost, my heartiest congratulations to Liverpool. They totally deserved to win the game last night.

– It was pretty strange before the game as both the club’s website handles were waxing lyricals about each manager, a reflection of the class guys that both Antonio and Jurgen are? Maybe, just maybe like how I’ve come to have an affection for pool (Klopp effect) Conte might just win us some fans?

– Beyond that, Klopp may call it football from hell, but we were no way outclassed in the first half. There was a clear game plan based on our pre-season win against pool when they had 0 shots on target in open play (and if my mind serves right they had only one shot through open play yesterday or two).

– The issue is, when you have a game plan where you decide to cede possession and territory to the opponent, you better have a defense that can absorb pressure for about 20 of the opening minutes. This is where I’m disappointed with Conte because, a casual look at last season’s DVD must tell him that with the defenders we have that is (a) impossible and (b) tried and failed by Jose vs pool at the bridge already. To add to it, Conte wants his defenders to play the ball as an outlet to wide attackers, if so Antonio please pressure the board to get technically proficient defenders!

– Now, where do I start? Okay, let me begin with Ivanovic. I used to think he had a private DVD of Jose and blackmailed his way into the team last season, and seeing he plays regularly under Conte, now I’m beginning to think it’s a DVD of Abramovich and the owner cajoling the manager to play Ivanovic. Jokes apart, he serves one and only purpose, to head the ball when we begin play from Goalleeper. He has been our solid outlet from goal.

– But the reason he is our only outlet is because our central defenders are absolutely incapable of technical football. And why Gary Cahill is still on our books (yes I defended him last week but it was in all fairness as he was fouled, but you can check historically I’ve documented my annoyance at him) I dont know. Cannot pass the ball to a team mate to save his life, zero game intelligence and supposedly embodies the *English* spirit of tough honest tackler. We dont need that sh*t. He was (along with Ivanovic) single handedly responsible for our loss last night as his idiocy cost us two goals.

– So playing a high metal 11-man Liverpool with nine men was going to yield only one outcome: our abysmal first half. This is as bad as we were last season. There is no hiding and running from this.

– Moving on from these two invisible men (I’ve vowed not to swear so being polite here), to Oscar. In 2012, I believed Oscar was the better deal than Hazard because he had the intelligence of Lampard and the technique that Lamps never had. Somehow Jose Mourinho drained Oscar of all that and made him into a donkey (like Willian) who can only run and tackle. I cannot defend Oscar anymore, he is done to me. Probably in a parallel universe, we hired pep in 2012, sold Oscar and kept KDB who is running our midfield and winning us titles along with technically proficient players such as Mata, Luiz and even Lukaku.

– Speaking about Luiz, he had a brilliant second debut. Did nothing wrong and one of the few Chelsea players who could come out with his head held high. Shame on you English media (who I dont rate much just like your players barring a few of course) for all the bias. Look to Cahill next if you want to preach a lesson on bad defending.

– This is a reality check for Conte and Chelsea. We’re not title contenders. We’re a shambolic team because the idiot in our board room (Emenalo) thought we could defend our title in 2015 and continues to believe that JT, Cahill and ivanovic are the equivalent of Juve’s famous defensive trio of Bonucci, Chilleini and Barzagli (writing these three names gives me a defensive ecstasy).

– I would like to end by again congratulating Pool, they were resilient, defensively (surprisingly) solid, did nothing wrong last night aided by the opponent being pathetic for 45 minutes.
Aravind, Chelsea fan


…I was at Stamford Bridge for Friday night football, which is excellent for fans as most do not have to worry about work the next day.

I wanted to put forward a few observations, Kante is incredible and what a good signing he is.

Liverpool looked great early on, they moved the ball quickly, pressed all of the Chelsea players quickly and looked to win every second ball. Why can’t we get this Liverpool Lallana playing like this for England?

However let’s not kid ourselves, bar a couple of defensive relapses (David Luiz was not at fault) the match deserved to be a draw. Liverpool are fragile, but play well in spells.

The Chelsea players lack movement off the ball and therefore rarely stretch opposition defences. Oscar and Willian are excellent footballers but they do not move enough when not in possession.

What a pleasure it was to see David Luiz back, we loved him when he joined, we loved him when he left and we love him even more now that he has returned. You have to remember, we only sold because we were offered ridiculous money for him. He was excellent at the back, he hoofed it away when he needed to, he moved the ball quickly, he moved into space and told players where to be. The problem is, with JT out, Gary Cahill and Ivanovic should be the senior defenders and should definitely not be commanded by a player on debut. (It still counts as a debut)

I like Gary Cahill but he is too slow now, he doesn’t have the leadership qualities to be the main CB and oh my word, the way he picked out Henderson for that screamer, I think he should be given an assist.

Have a good weekend guys.


We need to talk about Conte…
First off, I really like Conte. He’s one of the best options in the world for us right now, and could get a great deal better. He’s made a few of the kind of mistakes you can forgive in a new manager so long as they’re rectified soon – somehow rating Oscar despite years(!) of mediocrity, not rating Fabregas, thinking you have to play two box-to-box workhouses despite having the best defensive mid in the league alongside them, etc. etc.

However, the one flaw that’s *really* worrying me is his approach to substitutions. During Jose’s meltdown last season, he started withholding substitutions until 70 minutes plus, something that really annoyed me. Conte however, is even worse:

Chasing the game vs West Ham – First sub after 80 minutes, double sub on 85.

Chasing the game vs Watford – Subs at 71, 73 and 78.

(I’ll point out now that in his two tiny cameos Batshuayi had scored one and assisted one while looking world class, as well as scoring two against Bristol Rovers in the League Cup)

Comfortably winning at home to Burnley, could have rested players and given reserves more game time – subs at 77, 80, 81.

Chasing the game at Swansea – subs at 76, 77, 88. Bizarrely no Batshuayi.

Chasing the game vs Liverpool – FINALLY a triple sub on 84 minutes. Eighty. Four. And to top it off, no Batshuayi. Ignoring players who haven’t put a foot wrong is another worrying trait we saw in Mourinho (hello De Bruyne!)

Can anyone possibly defend such late substitutions, especially in games where the current players are clearly *not* breaking the opposition down? And sure, we ended up beating Watford and West Ham, but it was very clear that we rode our luck and wouldn’t get away with it again.

How can such a quality manager get something so simple so completely wrong?
Ollie, London (I didn’t really emphasise it above – but Oscar is the definition of mediocrity. I challenge anyone to point to a great performance in a big game for Chelsea)


…1) I’m not a qualified coach but, if a team is losing and the current set up isn’t looking like changing that, why wait until the 83rd minute to put three substitutions on?

2) If the solution to the problem of not winning is always Fabregas, why do we not start with Fabregas?

3) Chelsea needed to face strong opposition to assess where they are.

It’s early for Conte and, if Liverpool demonstrated anything, it’s the benefit of letting a new manager settle in his methods but I begin to sense a stubborn side to Conte which makes me nervous. All that passion is great but I’d like it matched by a bit more dynamism in his substitutions/team selections.
Ted Maul


Defending David
Great result for Liverpool tonight based on a fine first-half performance and a largely resilient and controlled second half.

But I’m emailing in about David Luiz or rather the utterly laughable bias shown by everyone involved in the Sky Sports presentation.

The pre-match nonsense about his tweet, the constant references to him being likely to drop a bollock, the clearly disappointed confirmation that he was in way to blame for either goal and actually had a decent game while others around him struggled.

No surprise to see 16 Conclusions include a blinkered reference to a boys in the press hack slaughtering him for his actually excellent distribution.

From start to finish it was an exercise in confirmation bias only matched this season by the slaughtering that verged on bullying that Alberto Moreno took at Arsenal.

Fine, you don’t rate him for whatever reason but cut the guy some slack when he’s done bugger all wrong. At least save it for when he drops a bollock then you can go into overdrive in telling everyone how right you were all along.
Lindsay Bell, Dublin

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