Mails: For Sterling, being hated > being hyped

Date published: Tuesday 20th October 2015 9:53

Plus, Villa would be lucky to get David Moyes, and another s**tshow at Leeds…

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Villa would be lucky to get Moyes
, I think it’s unfair of you to be unexcited for Moyes potentially replacing Tactics ‘Run Abaat a Faackin’ Bit’ Tim for Villa. You say you’ve been struggling for years to be better than relegation candidates?

Moyes is the man to fix that, for no money, at a club that doesn’t have a huge amount of drawing power for players. Look at what he did with Everton – perennial relegation battlers to sometimes challenging the top four (and once getting into it) in a very short time as football goes. Martinez has done very well, but the core of his fifth-place finish in the 13/14 season was the incredibly fit squad he inherited from Moyes. Under Moyes, Everton would have done just as well or even better in that season.

The wheels only came off for Moyes when he tried to do something unnatural for a born scrapper – like manage a team where he could have almost any player he liked and was expected to dominate the league with beautiful football rather than just do as well as possible, or manage a team in a country where being a double-hard mega-fit jobber with ankles toughened by having big rocks thrown at them in pre-season doesn’t impress the fans or win games.

Bring him back to the English league, drop him in the bottom half where he likes it and give him about £3.50 to spend. He’ll be great, if you can bear the slow starts whilst his player’s ankles recover from pre-season. I always respected Moyes, even if his stint at Utd. was either the second or third best fun ever, depending on how I feel at the time. He could do wonders at Villa, given some time to build them back up.
Matt (Not even a bit sarcastic) LFC


Sterling – It’s better to be hated than hyped
From Winners & Losers: “Rather than criticising him for his alleged flaws and occasional mistakes, how about we cherish the brightest young talent we’ve had since Wayne Rooney?”

That got me thinking. Whenever the press and fans get fixated on the next big thing, they invariably hype said player up to the point of failure. Occasionally you get a player who achieves reasonable success, but they never really reach the heights predicated of them.

Sterling’s move to City and all the crap it caused is probably the best thing that could have happened to him. He is no longer the darling of the English media. From this point on he either fades away with a shrug and an “I told you so”, or he proves them all wrong without being hyped beyond belief. It’s the hype (and the pressure it brings) that sees those ill-equipped to deal with it sadly fail.

So perhaps the circumstances of Sterling’s move will benefit him long term. Maybe, just maybe, in 10 years’ time we’ll see an English player truly deserving of the tag “World Class” gracing the pitches of the Premier League, rather than what we are now witnessing with Wayne Rooney dragging his bucket a*se around the pitch, desperately holding on to glories long gone.
Matt (Hi Tim!) Wright, Gunner in Aus.


Removing Hazard stops other relying on him
Was Hazard dropped as a scapegoat for the team’s poor performance? Not necessarily. Weirdly, as I’m not a Chelsea fan, I was thinking what I’d do if I were Jose and I too thought to leave out Hazard. Why? I hear you ask, I’ll tell you why.

Chelsea were poor for a large chunk of games at the end of last season to the point they could have been caught in the title race had it not been for Eden. He was expected to deliver by all and generally did.

This season Chelsea have just continued where they left off but Hazard is not bailing them out with winning goals. I think that removing Hazard from the pitch stops the players waiting for him to do it and makes one of them step up whilst also taking the pressure off Hazard.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hazard on the bench again next game before giving him his starting place back. And no-one will be surprised to see him banging in the goals shortly giving Jose some more reason to acclaim special status again.
Jon, Joburg


Another Leeds s**tshow
Well here we are again. As sure as night follows day, Massimo Cellino has burned through his fifth manager in twelve months and then promptly been banned for tax evasion. You may remember about a month ago I mailed in regarding someone’s rather optimistic mail about Leeds. I pointed out that whilst things may have seemed rosy at that point (money spent on a hungry young squad, unbeaten so far with a young-ish manager, no noises of insanity coming from the club) Chief Exec Adam Pearson had just left the club and crisis was sure to sneak through the door he left ajar on his way out. I’ve never hated being right so much.

We really are a total mess at the moment and will continue to be for as long as Massimo Cellino is at the helm of the club. The man is an absolute maniac, a control freak of the highest order. Any Leeds fan hoping that #CellinoOut protests and boycotts will force him into upping sticks are almost as deluded as he is; he simply couldn’t care less. Ultimately it’s his desire to own the club and there isn’t a lot we can do to stop that, regardless of how embarrassing it is to be a Leeds fan.

There have been many clubs over the years who’ve been run into the ground by awful owners (Blackburn and the Venkys, Newcastle and Mike Ashley) and whilst they’re always fun to laugh at for a while eventually it just becomes disheartening that clubs as great as that can be dissected and discarded by someone. Leeds’ case is beyond being disheartening now and has come full circle to being a joke again. Even I laugh at them now.

This isn’t a mail calling for change or me threatening to not support the club I’ve supported all my life (because is there any response to adversity more pathetic than that?), merely a Leeds fan hoping that this decade long storm blows over soon. And I haven’t even mentioned Steve Evans yet…
Joe (Anyone else think ‘Blackburn & The Venkys’ could be a jazz band?), Telford


Managers: Overrated?
John Nicholson’s article
on McClaren got me thinking. Mainly because the questions he raised about how much influence McClaren really has on results, could be raised about managers in general.

Yes Middlesbrough players dragged them to their trophies. But that can be said about a lot teams. Argentina’s world cup in Mexico springs to mind most obviously. Its considered Maradona’s world cup more than it is Billardo’s.

Obviously a club manager has more opportunity to influence results than a national manager due to having more time with the players, but really it’s player power that gets results more than anything. Henry and Viera’s Arsenal? Nedved’s Juventus? Suarez Liverpool? Guadiola’s Barcelona or Messi, Xavi and Iniesta’s Barcelona? Kaka’s and Shevchenko’s AC Milan? Shearer’s Blackburn? Was it 100% Ferige’s United?

Obviously managers have some influence, some more than others. But I suspect that in general the influence of the manager is overstated. In Spain they call the manager the “trainer”. I think they might have it right.|
Hugo (NUFC) Adelaide


Well done Ryan and well done Gary
Can we all take a moment to doff our headwear of choice in the direction of Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs.  For those who haven’t seen any news, they have bought a listed building in Manchester and are converting it to a boutique hotel.  Recently, a large group of homeless people began occupying it, as an empty property.  Instead of what they expected, the homeless people have not been evicted, but instead the ex-Red Devils aces have said they can stay in it all through the winter, as long as they let the renovations go on around them.

One thing I noticed when I was in Manchester recently was that there were a lot of homeless people around – at least, more than you typically see in Nottingham – but like my adopted home they sat at odds with the ornate buildings behind them.  Articles on both the BBC and Guardian websites make mention of Neville’s apparent long-time support for homeless people, an altruism that is both admirable and not a surprise to discover.

Just thought this was worthy of a mention, highlighting the positive news stories wherever we can.
The literary Ed Quoththeraven


Boooooo F365. Booooooo
The Editor,

Today Uwe Rossler was fired by Leeds United. Not a single word said, even in your News section.

I notice that everything on your page is Premier League related. Maybe you should change your name to EPL365. Apparently the rest of the leagues, and by definition the supporters, don’t mean much to your current setup.
Hamish Drake, “Weorban” Leeds United
(MC – 1) It’s Rosler, 2) The news stories we produced are here and here, 3) A helluva lot more people read Premier League news than Football League news. We do what we can, honest, and it’s not because supporters of Football League clubs ‘don’t mean much to us’.)


Shearer Dig
I think Mediawatch can excuse Shearer believing that his mate Tim ‘became a bad manager overnight’, as it happened to the man himself on 1st April 2009.
Alex Stokoe, Newcastle upon Tyne


There’s always next year
But I am missing one name from that list. James Vardy!



Computer games are for children
Isn’t the Klopp method just to play the way I play FIFA – by just running all your players in the ground with the sprint button until all you get is that little red bar at the end?
Alex Allen

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