Mails: United (or Liverpool) are gonna win it

Date published: Sunday 22nd November 2015 1:33

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The new and exciting Premier League
To all involved; keep it up.


4 teams briefly on top on the same day?

-Shehzad Ghias,mufc


Leicester: A joke gone too far
Before the season started everyone was predicting how leicester were sure to be relegation candidates and how Chelsea were sure to run away with the league again….. (including our dear football365). And how they made a mistake employing the tinkerman (Claudio Ranieri) now they are top of the league table they have exchange places with Chelsea… Nobody is talking about the mistake in employing Ranieri anymore…
Popeiwaloye AFC ado ekiti Nigeria ( let’s forget vardy for a moment Claudio Ranieri is a genius)


Lots (and lots and lots) of these
Please, please, please; pretty please with sugar on top can we hear from smug d*ckhead Richard MCFC and his scoffing observation on Friday AM that the league leaders versus the team in 10th would not be a big game!? He’s right in one sense in that it was titanic, mega. I did wonder if I’d seen Richard’ uneccesary lording of it before when the Todorovski [?] chap would pollute these hallowed pages…

For the second time of asking can we also hear from the chap who confidently asserted that Inter only did business and only at 8M ’cause Coutinho was crap!?

Though to be fair it might well have been Richard MCFC so little does he know of the game.

I’m a little bit in love with Kloppmeister. Make no mistake.
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


“The funniest thing abut Brian LFC’s prediction of Liverpool beating City this weekend is the idea that the league leaders would consider a match against the side in 10th a ‘big game”

Hope you’re not feeling to bad after the weekend Richard MCFC, on the up side, at least it wasn’t a big game
Tom,LFC, Norn Iron


How can a table topping team be destroyed by a mid table team in such a small match
Gary yours condesendingly


The Klopp effect
Well I wasn’t expecting that!

Liverpool’s best performance since the 5-1 destruction of Arsenal two years ago, and achieved in a very similar vein. Ok it was an obliging City side, with no Kompany, half an Aguero and a Yaya shaped traffic cone in central midfield, but there are very few teams that could’ve faced that down.

If the win v Chelsea demonstrated how debilitating a rift between manager and team can be, this was the reverse – a cohesive unit far more than the sum of its parts. Firmino and Coutinho were mesmeric and Firmino’s goal was the best team effort of the season. Even Lovren was immense FFS. The Klopp effect.

With better finishing that could have rivalled the 8-2 as the unexpected thrashing of the century. And oh look, Sturridge is back…*
Jon Gibson LFC (*at time of writing)


I know it’s great being wise after the event, but having just read regular Minty, LFC’s input in Thursday’s mailbox, it was brilliant to see how wrong he actually was.

For what it’s worth, I doubt anybody (especially me) could have foretold Liverpool’s emphatic victory over Citeh on Saturday evening.  Breathtaking football, numerous chances, wonderful goals and then, finally, a defence worthy of the name shutting down the opposition and limiting them to very few chances.

Under Rogers Liverpool would have started well, scored the first, then fizzled out into inevitable defeat while holding out for a draw.  Under Klopp, the same players look revitalised and joyful at having the chance to play attacking football.

I’m not getting excited though.  The last time I did that, we had just torn Chelsea apart at Stamford Bridge.  One week later I excitedly tuned in to watch us take on Crystal Palace.  I shall therefore await the visit of Swansea with more than a degree of trepidation.  If we can start repeating our away form in front of an expectant Anfield crowd then the last two thirds of the season could prove to be very exciting indeed.
David (was Sterling playing?) LFC


They’re gonna win the league

finally, a Man U performance reminiscent of old strawberry nose’s glory years. Not the attacking play or fluid movement, I’m talking about getting the points with a competent display while their idiotic rivals self destruct.

They’re going to win the bloody league this year, aren’t they? I can’t stand it!

Magnificent work by Deggsy, too, by the way. If you aren’t eating cat food until your next pay day after that effort, you damn well deserve to be.
Jeff Sims

(Arteta and Flamini? Seriously? For a title challenge? I feel your pain Stewie)


Ok, so if Arsenal don’t have a chance to win the league, then obviously neither do City for the same reasons.

So who does that leave? Leicester (as much as we all hope they wont) will fade and Spurs are Spurs. Liverpool and Chelsea are probably too far behind even if they git form.

That leaves LVG and his band of boring men. The natural successors to last season’s Chelsea. They certainly have all the basic elements going – luck, boringness, an emphasis on defence and a great keeper to bail them out.

I wonder if the Manyoo fans will stop moaning about LVG if he wins them the league.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC


No place for Rooney there
Looks like I wasn’t the only one watching Beckham delivering those tasty crosses last weekend and thought how much of a better way it is. United were crossing so much against Watford, and the goal was almost identical to Scholes’ header for GB. Full back near corner flag lays it back 20 yards, deep cross on a plate for the attacker. BT Sport pointed out how United had been doing a lot of crossing drills in the warm up which they hadn’t seen before, so it’s obviously a new tactic for them. I’d like to think Giggsy was reading my letter in the mailbox this week.

We were much better today. Better attacking, more movement, forward passing, faster. Lingard and Memphis  were excellent. In time Lingard will bury the chances he had today, it should have been 3-0 and game over. There really isn’t a place for Rooney in this team, I admit he would have scored one of Lingard’s two chances bit he probably wouldn’t have been in the position to score in the first place.

I thought Smalling’s header/deflection was in. In real time it was so fast, the replays for Dave’s save do it no justice. World class and as good as Neuer’s was against Arsenal – we have to hope Navas keeps impressing for Madrid.
Silvio (Instead of ‘for me’, how about ‘I think’?) Dante


Love for Deulofeu
In between all the back slapping and deutsch love I’m sure the mailbox will be swamped with- let’s not forget how utterly brilliant Deulofeu was Saturday. He is an absolute pleasure to watch and there are shades of Ronaldo about his play. If he keeps up this form there’s no way Barca won’t want him back. Enjoy him while you can people!
Ian ( love heavy metal, and utterly sick of you using that terminology with the redsh*te) EFC


An Arsenal fan’s diary
Me: 2009 will be better
Me: 2010 will be better
Me: 2011 will be better
Me: 2012 will be better
Me: 2013 will be better
Me: 2014 will be better
Me: 2015 will be better
Me: 2016 will be better
Greg Benham, AFC


Arsenal: ‘Soft centre’? No chance
Well that result was needed bedroom wasps nest. Arsenal’s online fan base in meltdown. Dan Storey getting ready to ‘I told you so’ on Monday, telling us it all turned on Coquelin’s injury.  Sure he’ll get his beloved ‘soft centre’ quip out as well too.

The truth, as I see it is we lost today because we defended atrociously in three moments, of which we only got away with one. Man Utd have put in the same stuttering attacking performance as this in every game they’ve played. Sensible defending means they are top of the league.

An incredibly annoying reason for it to all go wrong for us today. Mertesacker, experienced and rested should be the man in games like this. He had a strollingly awful game. Same for Kos. Now we’ve got a player as good as Gabriel in the wings, why play Koscielny if his thoughts are elsewhere?

At least November’s nearly over soon. Every bloody year.

And while I’m at it I might have a moan at the ref too, without placing him as an agent in our demise really.

Free kick for West Brom’s opener, was a good tackle. Giroud’s yellow, good tackle. Right under Clattenburg’s nose. Not anywhere near a yellow even if it was a foul. Just bizarre.

Our penalty, dubious. Think Giroud was more genuinely fouled off a set piece earlier, maybe this played into Clattenburg’s mind. Booking the West Brom defender when his tussling has given the oppo a penalty. Also quite bizarre. Then West Brom players do everything they can to put off Cazorla. Getting in his way, moving the ball, the works. Clattenburg ignores this, it’s blatantly cheating and deserved bookings.  Whether this contributed to Santi losing his footing on the run up, no idea. Then, of course, the opposition keeper get’s a late yellow for time wasting. As inconsequential as refereeing decisions get. Always annoying.

So bizarre and almost arbitrary decisions throughout, from our second best referee. Unless Michael Oliver’s you just know a bad refereeing performance more likely than a good one.
James Gooner


Winty doesn’t have to gloat if someone does it for her
365 and Sarah Winterburn you’ve been proved wrong in your hasty 16 Conclusions about Arsene’s troops

* There’s defo no squad depth issues. Watching Arteta limp off injured after being subbed off was…
* There’s def no problem with the same old defensive frailty
* There was definitely nothing incompetent about Wenger’s transfer activity
* Arsenal have definitely not completely imploded when the pressure has got going

Had it not been for injuries and WBA’s oil money, we would have won the Euromillions.
Stewie Griffin (Arsenal fans: a decade of Delusion)


Someone had to, didn’t they?
This year could be our year.
Brian LFC

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