Mails: United p*ssed on Van Gaal’s parade

Date published: Sunday 22nd May 2016 10:34

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FA Cup final conclusions/thoughts
That was lovely. First trophy since Ferguson left and what a way to win it. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Rooney was good, made a terrific run for the first goal and played some lovely passes, but for some strange reason his short passing game is atrocious and he gave the ball away countless times. If he plans on being the next Paul Scholes, that needs to change fast.

Rashford is a brilliant player and was probably the best on the pitch before getting injured. Why would any England fan not want a fast, agile, confident young player with a great ability to finish sitting on the bench for the Euro’s. Who needs two right backs anyway?

Jesse Lingard. Jesse LinGod. Lionel Jesse. Always knew he had it in him, not once did I think or say he’s a useless player who runs a lot but can’t pass, beat a player, tackle, or finish. Not once.

As for Van Gaal, at least he goes out with a bang. Thank you for buying Martial. Thank you for giving Rashford a chance. Thank you for our first FA Cup win in 12 years. Goodbye and let’s never speak of your philosophy again.
Gaaavie, Cape Town


So yeah, a few of these
So that’s what Jesse Lingard does.
Si D


…Lingard does that!!!!!!
Yash J


…What does Lingard do?

Shehzad G


…Ah, that’s what Lingard does.
Adriano, Dublin


…You ALL said Lingard does nothing… Well now he’s just gone and done that!!!
Niraj (6 mins to go…) CT USA


…Jesse f**king Lingard ! You dancer!

Off you pop, LVG. You achieved something!


…Jesse, what does he do?

Except score the winner in Fa Cup finals?
Brian M


…Dear football 365, Jesse Lingard “bang average”?

Oh and given you love to write him off on the basis of his age here is a few of footballing peak age comparisons you can shove up your arses: Torres/Drogba, Cassano/Di Natale and Aimar/Iniesta and closer to home Nugent/Vardy. Age proves nothing.

Jesse Lingard just won an FA cup final, stuff that up your narrative led chuffs.
Rob, Guangzhou
(MC – It was a great goal. But we don’t apologise for wanting it a little more often from someone starting more than 30 games in Manchester United’s midfield. And we’re sticking by opinion that he isn’t in their team in 18 months’ time)


On the big issue
Pardew deserved to lose for that dance.
Adam, LFC, Belfast


…That’s what you get for dancing you smug git!!!
Simon P, Dublin


…So as expected, United turn in just enough quality to pip Palace but it wasn’t a great game by any stretch. As for Palace, well, their game plan was obvious and clearly not enough in the end.

That said, Alan Pardew’s suave boogie after Palace’s opener snatched the seasons most cringeworthy celebration direct from the hands of Swansea’s Gomis and his deadly prowling panther bit. Well done.
Jay, Wallingford


Odious PR from United
On a note that may get lost in the happiness of the FA Cup win and Jose coming in, but is actually very important in my opinion: both the BBC Sport article breaking the Jose news and Louis himself in his post-match interview with BT Sport suggested that van Gaal does not know his fate. This would make it the second time in a row United have sacked someone whilst telling the press literally day(s) before telling the manager themselves.

That is unacceptable, cowardly and pathetic from the self-proclaimed ‘biggest club in the world’. It is also par for the course for Ed Woodward.
Rustin Cohle


…We have gone from winning the FA Cup to managerial confusion. If Mourinho isn’t appointed next week this is horrible for LVG. If it is true then it is horrible for LVG. In any case there has been no respect for him this year. This would never happen to other managers who performed badly this season….like a manager who won the league the was fighting relegation (the opposite to everyone’s favourite top team).

I have been arguing with my brotherwho has started supporting spurs over United and his argument is that spurs are playing exciting football he wants to watch; with a set up of young players you want to follow. Compare that with modern United and you can’t argue, other than saying to stick out the LVG time as he will see out his contract. He hasn’t been very successful at United but he has brought in a decent young team.

I am struggling to follow United right now…not because of the players, but more because of the club. It has changed to a business that will pay over the dollar for players that just aren’t performing to what I have grow to love about United. Then the players I do love don’t get played.

It has been tough with all the press nonsense and high expectations on our team and manager this year, but I was really happy to see United win the FA cup. But my happiness was cut short with news of mourhino, the man who sold a young Lukauku, De Bryune and Bertrand to name a few. If he joins United I have no reason but to not trust my club anymore as he is not what United want or need.

I feel this will be the final nail in the United coffin and it will suck.


…I had a list of conclusions from the game but after the news which broke following the end of the game, I don’t really want to send them.

I have been a vocal critic of van Gaal and did believe he should be replaced, but not like this. Never like this. To not wait even a single day after our cup win, news leaks that he’s for the being fired? This one act now confirms that this is a club in total disarray, being run by classless morons, who have no respect for either the game or its participants. I just cannot believe that they have done this to a man who has only ever done his best for the club.

I simply can’t enjoy the cup win at all; this situation just leaves such a foul taste. I was waiting to see whether van Gaal would be replaced before deciding whether to renew my membership for next year but after this I absolutely will not be. It’s nothing against Mourinho, he’ll probably do a decent job. I’m just not sure I can, in good conscience, support this club any more if this is the way they have decided to operate now. This, plus the situation at my other club (Blackpool) is just so disappointing, and might just be the straw that breaks this camel’s back with regards to my love of the game.

Van Gaal was incredibly infuriating at times but he didn’t deserve this. The club seniors should be utterly ashamed of themselves tonight; I know I’m ashamed of them.
Ted, Manchester


The Jose news
The joy of finally winning a post-Fergie trophy was sweet… but short-lived. Within an hour or so, various media outlets were gleefully reporting that José Mourinho will be appointed as the new manager of Manchester United next week.

You’re welcome to call me ungrateful, blinkered, plastic, whatever. I’ve backed van Gaal all this time and to be quite honest, I still somehow like him in spite of the dire football. But I just cannot support my team if they’re managed by Mourinho. It looks like I’m going to spend next season wanting the players to do well and yet paradoxically for the team to fail.

Here’s why. Everyone knows that Manchester United are not the club they were. No longer can they compete with Real and Barca and Bayern for the world’s top talent.  If the club are serious about re-establishing themselves amongst the true elite on the pitch, the way forward is not to splash hundreds of millions on superstars and expect them to drag the team upwards, it’s to build and develop from the bottom up.

That means a combination of 1) academy products, such as Marcus Rashford, 2) young stars with huge potential – as Ronaldo was when he arrived; the rough diamond if you like, and 3) slightly older (23-26) players approaching their prime, with Herrera and Blind as examples here. The club’s aim should be to develop each of these, groups 1) and 2) into established first team players fulfilling their potential and group 3) leading the way but growing together and becoming better than people expect them to be.

In amongst this, there is room for one or two ‘superstars’, but for them to have a positive effect, they must be players with the right character – players whose dedication to being as good as they possibly can acts as motivation and inspiration for the rest. Sir Alex Ferguson has commented many times that Eric Cantona was absolutely key in the Class of ’92 becoming what they did – Cantona was the man that stayed behind at training to practise with youth players and a goalie, because he knew there was always more to be done. Beckham, by all accounts, took this to heart and it was only by doing likewise that moments like THAT free kick against Greece could happen. On the other hand, Angel Di Maria, talented as he is, clearly didn’t relish the responsibility in the same way – and Zlatan wouldn’t be that man either.

This all takes time, effort and money invested wisely. Instead, Woodward has given in to Jorge Mendes and will drop at Mourinho’s feet offering him a blank chequebook. Manchester United are already widely disliked by rival fans for many justified reasons (I’m speaking as a fan) and now we’re about to hand the world 1000 more reasons on a plate. It hurts, and the only consolation is knowing that Jose won’t try and bring John Terry with him.
Alex, Leeds


Has the FA Cup ever been won so cheaply?
Sheffield United (League One)
Derby County (Championship)
Shrewsbury Town (League One)
West Ham (after a replay)
Crystal Palace (after extra-time)

Has the FA Cup ever been won so cheaply?
David P (lets see you dance now, Chunky) Manchester


Rooney: He’s just ok, isn’t he?
The brilliant thing about Wayne Rooney, is that once you have made your mind up about him, there’s no need to ever change it. Take, for example Chris Smalling. He was all rubbish for a season. Then he has mostly been good this season. Opinions on him wax and wane as his mid to long term form changes. Not Rooney though – once you’ve committed to an opinion it’s yours for life….In this golden age of people being angry on the internet, Rooney is the perfect footballer.

Those who think he’s a terrible footballer, can point to those patches in games where he misplaces a 10 yard pass, looks a bit red and slow, and on occasion has the first touch of a man who has just come out of a 6 month coma and is relearning how to use his legs.

Those who think he’s good will point to him being England’s all time record goal scorer. To his excellent form just before his last injury. To his excellent run in the FA cup final. To respected England and Man U managers, and David Moyes repeatedly making him their first choice.

In fact, in any given game Rooney will probably give plenty of evidence to both side of the argument. Which will allow believers and heretics to continue arguing their cause, both (of course) being absolutely correct.

Me? I just think he’s alright. Not as good as I’d hoped he’d be, but that’s hardly his fault. But then I’ve always been a contrarian.
Jeremy Aves


Leicester and transfer nonsense
Since becoming champions Leicester have become the flavour of the month for BS transfer rumors. Walcott has been the most hilarious so far. He rejected us allegedly which I’m sure brought a huge sigh of relief from all our fans. If we wanted to waste our money a bunch of overpaid players who never deserved the hype lets sign Balotelli and Anderson too.

After being crowned champions we were linked with Troy Deeney and Yannick Bolasie which was sensible if Vardy and Mahrez left but that seems unlikely now so we don’t need them. Gianluca Lapadula seems a likely signing, don’t know much about him except he’s scored a lot of goals in Serie B and has a many clubs interested. If the fee isn’t ridiculous its a signing I’d welcome to bolster our backup striker options as we only really have Ulloa right now.

Our starting 11 was good enough to win the league and should be competitive in the champions league next season so mass changes are not needed. We can’t buy better support than Ulloa, King, Schlupp, Gray without spending ridiculous money so just buy a few players to compliment the team. For example Nathan Redmond and Timm Klose would be excellent signings as the former has a lot of potential and the latter as we need a quality backup central defender (Wasilewski is getting on and we need better, please dont tell him I said that). Both of those would available at a good price.

Using Demarai Gray as evidence, if we buy young players we give them game time so that should be a good draw for some of the best young talent at home and around Europe especially with the possibility of CL minutes. We also have the very promising Ben Chilwell as backup for Fuchs so no need for a new LB if we tell Arsenal and Liverpool to get lost.

We got to where we are now under our current owners by being a very well run sensible club so no need for the success to go to their heads and start throwing stupid money around. Our current transfer policy has served us very well so far so no point changing it. We probably won’t ever win the league again but could still be challengers and a club that is in Europe regularly which I’d be happy with. I’m sure none of the fans want to go back to the dark days of bankruptcy and League One.

Final thing. Don’t sell Kante!
William, Leicester

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