Mails: We have had a spate of #RodgersIn

Date published: Tuesday 22nd September 2015 3:19

Granted, they’re not all from Liverpool fans. But it seems there are still Liverpool fans who want to keep Brendan Rodgers. Plus, yet more mails slagging off Football365 and more…

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First Impressions
JG made the good point this morning that when he tells people who he supports, they automatically assume that he is a c**t. You have it easy mate, I am a Chelsea fan, I am assumed to be a glory-hunting, plastic flag waving, violence-condoning, club-hopping plastic c**t f**k.
Nick, CFC, Inverness


It seems the whole world and his wife have been writing into the mailbox calling for Brendan Rodgers to be sacked, but I’d really like to see Liverpool stick with him. Before I go any further, I feel like I should point out that I’m not a Liverpool fan. I’m a Watford fan, and as such I don’t like Brendan Rodgers. And as a football fan, I don’t like Liverpool. So for me, Rodgers and Liverpool are a match made in heaven.

For those who may be unaware, Watford gave Rodgers his first full management job, and he was doing ok before he left after only a few months to take charge of Reading, where he failed spectacularly. Before too long, though, he was in charge of Swansea where he was very successful. Of course, now we all realise that Swansea is a club run so well that virtually anyone could do well with them. But at the time it made people think that Rodgers was actually a good manager, so he got his step up to Liverpool.

Then he continued to convince people that he knew what he was doing simply by being lucky enough to have Suarez playing for him. But now he’s showing his true ability, and dragging Liverpool down the table – below Watford! Long may it continue.

The last thing I want is for Liverpool to replace Rodgers with someone like Klopp, who I quite like, and leave me in the confusing position of wanting the club to lose but for their manager to be doing a good job.


#RodgersIn: Ten Personal Reasons
In response to Riyaz, here is my ‘Rodgers In: Ten Personal Reasons’

1. Professional footballers have a real world awareness maturity on a par with an average seven-year-old. Applauding them thus feels appropriate.

2. I would prefer to see Rodgers do a Tardelli goal celebration (circa World Cup Final 1982), but I’ll settle for a ‘Shankly’.

3. His arrogance.

4. His taste in suits, shirts and ties.

5. His deflection tactics in PR interviews.

6. His deflection tactics in PR interviews.

7. His arrogance.

8. His preference for Mignolet over Jones. And his recruitment (and possible successor) in Bogdan. His belief that Lallana will improve the longer he remains injury-free. His eventual realisation that Sakho is better than Lovren in every capacity. His belief that Allen is a decent if unspectacular 5th choice central midfielder squad member.

9. His deflection tactics in PR interviews. (The envelopes were a step too far).

10. His ability as a coach to play attractive, attacking football (typically in the second half of a season). His overseeing of a scintillating season-long campaign that ultimately fell short against Chelsea. He’s far from perfect and every aspect of his management needs improving, but he’s young enough, and shown enough potential, to learn. And he earned the right and the time to turn things around. At least until Christmas.

I feel a little worse now. (Possibly because I was forced to think of Lovren.)
Sean (LFC)


So You Want A Bland Manager…?
Firstly, the juxtaposition of the sensible mail from JG LFC followed by the ridiculous one from Riyaz Patel in the morning Mailbox was brilliant, especially when combined with the message from Sudarsan Ravi accusing all Mailboxers of being coherent and intelligent.

Secondly, if I’ve read this correctly, what Riyaz doesn’t like about his team’s manager is:

He encourages his players.
He celebrates goals by putting his arms in the air.
He spends time getting dressed in a smart fashion rather than rocking up to matches in a string vest, y-fronts and slippers, because he could use those five minutes of getting dressed to look at Prozone.
He doesn’t want a baying mob all over him for every piddling little thing.
He shows favouritism to players he recruited at great cost.

Yeah he’s clearly a heinous individual unlike any other manager ever. Worst of all, though, is his arrogance – this is disgraceful behaviour manager, and not something Clough Ferguson Shankly Mourinho Wenger Redknapp Venables Pardew a successful manager* would ever be caught doing.

* yes, there are some jokes in there.

Alternatively, there are many, many bland managers looking for work. Take your pick.

The literary Ed Quoththeraven, CPFC the Glaziers, Notts


Why Rodgers Will Not Be Sacked
There’s lots of different arguments and opinions going round on why Brendan Rodgers should or shouldn’t be sacked. I’m not going to add to them here. Should he be sacked? Shouldn’t he be sacked? Should is irrelevant. Hey, Diego Costa should have been sent off last Saturday – we all know how that went.

Whether he should be sacked or not, I don’t think he will be – at least not yet. Why? Simple politics. It’s pretty well documented that Rodgers had a review at the end of last season. I’m guessing that it was with someone higher up the Fenway food chain but not John Henry himself – Liverpool fans can fill me in here, possibly Tom Werner? After that review, Rodgers was retained and given a decent pile of cash to spend over the summer.

Were Fenway to turn around now and sack him after six games would basically entail Werner or whoever made the decision to keep him in June holding up their hands and saying ‘I was wrong’ which would leave them in an equally vulnerable position. I’m guessing he’s OK until January at least.
Conor Malone (don’t print this if I’m talking bollocks and Henry hislef made the call. Or if Rodgers gets the sack this lunchtime), Donegal.


Judging by Kelner’s article, it’s safe to assume my manager is also under pressure; as all 250 of us employees arrived to work glum looking today.
Brian (photographed in my Golf) Cork


Is De Bruyne City’s New Rodney Marsh?
Something has been bugging me over the past few days since City lost their first league game of the season, and it’s not just the West Ham fans I know. I’ve been reminded of my dad’s horror stories about what happened after City signed Rodney Marsh in 1972. As he tells it, this was the moment when City’s glory days officially ended. If you need reminding – City were four points clear at the top of the league with two months to go, bought one of the country’s best players and ended up finishing fourth.

The problem with Marsh was that he upset the balance of the team. He wasn’t the sole star player as he had been at QPR. The manager didn’t know where to play him. On Saturday, De Bruyne looked excellent, and even got a goal on his debut. But City still lost. Is he going to have the same effect as Marsh had? As many people have said, De Bruyne isn’t filling a natural gap in the team. He and Silva can’t both play number 10 behind Aguero – if you ask one to play out wide you’re probably not getting the best out of that player. I know the system is supposed to be flexible, but players can’t be in two places at once.

Even if De Bruyne and Silva play interchangeably in the middle, we’d have to ask Sterling to stay out wide constantly to provide another outlet, which isn’t really what he was bought for. And even if the three of them do find a way to work together perfectly, the system relies on a having Aguero in front of them – Bony isn’t the reliable finisher they need to get on the end of those through balls.

The Marsh comparison might be a bit premature (we don’t even know if De Bruyne likes making offensive jokes yet) but it highlights the difference between improving a squad and adding to it in a destabilising way.
Richard, MCFC


Arsenal Fan Defending Drogba? What?
Sorry, did I really just read an Arsenal fan, of all people, saying that Drogba was loveable? Really? Drogba who deliberately halted counter-attacks by pretending to be injured? Drogba who would regularly flop to the floor with absolutely no contact? Drogba was a cynical and outright cheat, gaining the upper hand by trying to con the referee and opposition players. At least there’s a level of honesty to what Costa does: he is simply as much of a tw@t as it’s possible to be, and hopes that the opposition players are unprofessional enough to get involved in his game.

Drogba is undoubtedly a far superior player – still unconvinced by Costa – but also a far more detestable one. I would take outright sh*thousery (love that term) over snidey cheating any day of the week.
Alex G, THFC (I can’t stand Costa either, just for the record)


Arsenal: Not That Badly Treated By Dean
Following all the bleating about Mike Dean from the Arsenal fans…

The way I saw it, he made one mistake that hurt Arsenal; in not booking Costa for one of his offences so the second one would be red.

You can’t blame Dean for either of your players getting sent off. He also made one mistake in Arsenal’s favour in not giving the blatant pen in the first half.

So that has evened itself out (ish) over the course of the match.

Costa’s offences weren’t really that bad in isolation there were just a lot of them, if he got it right it would have been two yellows and a one-game ban, now he will probably get three. Chelsea didn’t get away that lightly.

I may be slightly biased.
Chris Harley


Tony V? Hang ‘Em
If you can’t spell his name or even be bothered to google it, please don’t resort to creating new nicknames for footballers which causes the majority of people to go “ummm, whos that he talking about?” before they figure it out. His name is Antonio Valencia, not Tony V, not Anthony Val, not AV25. I have never heard anybody call him Tony V before, and doubt I ever will. Just like I have never heard anybody go ‘CR7, he’s the business’ no matter how hard the media try to make CR7 commonplace.
David C, MUFC


…Anyone who writes in calling Antonio Valencia ‘Tony V’ should be banned from the mailbox.

That is all.|
Stuart Willsher


More Fanmail For Football365
Can I just say what a lovely breath of fresh air it is to see C Wrightson’s mail this morning? Finally, someone sticking it to you, right up your righteous backsides.

I too am a long-time but soon-to-be lapsed F365 reader. Some of the absolute NONSENSE I see written in the form of conceited ‘opinion pieces’ is truly breath-taking. But my biggest gripe is with the inaccurately names ‘Mediawatch’ portion of the site. It’s not watching the media is it. It’s you standing on your polished soapbox, pontificating to us with your holier-than-thou, self-righteous b*ollocks. Your predictions on this website (particularly your hilarious pre-season ones) are regularly and spectacularly inaccurate. Yet every day you get up and beat the ‘isn’t everyone a bit racist/sexist/ignorant apart from us’ drum. Who do you think you are?! You’re BORING mate! For a tour de force in accomplished media satire and commentary please see the Guardian’s ‘Said and Done’ column. It’s brilliant. No judgments, no pontificating, no moralising, just presenting the absurdities to us to make our own judgments.

But finally, the thing that really ticked me off and put me off you has been your coverage of Ched Evans. Now, before you jump on your ‘we’re smarter than you’ horse, what is your legal qualification? I bet it’s not higher than mine? This is a man who, on the bare, undisputed facts of the case, made a mistake, as stupid mistake. Which of course you’ve never done, you worthy tw*ts. Yet at every opportunity, you have pursued your agenda of demonising this man with a particularly visceral level of hate and vitriol. I won’t even get into the background facts of the case, but at the very least this is a borderline case. I note with interest that his case is now being fast-tracked to determine if there has been a serious miscarriage of justice. I eagerly await your front page apology when his conviction is ruled unsafe.

Laurence, East London


Oh, Here’s Wrightson Again…
Ha ha 365, you win. I haven’t gone away and you have made me eat humble pie. My apologies for my abusive language.
C Wrightson


My Resignation
Dear so-called Football365 (I notice you don’t update the page on Christmas Day! So that’s a lie for the start!)

I have been visiting your website since the very beginning and always enjoyed your irreverent views and ribbing of teams that I don’t support. But in recent months I have noticed that you’ve been rather mean to my chosen team. As you can imagine; I am livid! Furious, in fact!!!

I don’t pay my hard-earned money to a free website to see our manager criticised and labelled as some sort of buffoon! To see my club captain (a man I follow on twitter and whose name adorns my official replica shirts – home AND away) held up for criticism for below-par performances! To suggest that we might not be the bestest team that ever existed. Ever.

Well, you can guarantee that this spittle-flecked missive represents my last visit to your site…until I come back later to see if I’ve been published. And read the Topical Top Ten. And make sure that we’re still seen as a huge enough club to make Big Weekend. And maybe have a laugh when you’re taking the p*ss out of that team I don’t like. But apart from that; we’re through!

Yours in disgust,
Paul (Superfan – defending my team on the web since 2003), Glasgow


Slide Away
If you’re going to use the ‘Man sexually attracted to playground equipment’ story, you could at least include the Readers’ Wives style picture of ‘a playground slide’.
Steve Fisher

Slide Mediawatch

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