Mails: Wenger is turning Gooners off Arsenal

Date published: Thursday 3rd September 2015 10:58

One Gooner is so fed up, he’s chucking in his support. Also in the Mailbox: United and Liverpool squads compared, Januzaj, and the transfer window as a night on the pull…

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Ex-Gooner For Hire
I’m now 23 years old (I know that’s young to some people but I coach/scout/watch alot of football and read alot of 365) and Wenger has been in charge for 19 years. All I’ve known is Wenger. My family support Chelsea but I grew up loving Arsenal (Henry). However, now it is 2015 and Wenger has been running the club questionably (to put it nicely) for the last 6 years. It is hard to support a team who’s actions you don’t support. From the often ineffective style of play, the consistent sale of club captains (I haven’t forgotten and it was insanity not to bring back Cesc when you was the one of brought him to the PL) to complete blind spots in the transfers window.

This season I will be neutral. Wenger has finally extinguished my passion for supporting Arsenal. When he leaves I will be a happy man. Thanks for the memories but clubs are responding like it’s 2015 and Wenger is standing with his hands in his pockets.

Oh and please don’t say there was no one to sign. I could name five European based players who either moved or where available this summer in every postion Arsenal needed to strenghen. Wenger sees the currently squad that finished 3rd last season good enough, the whole football world things he is wrong but there is nothing anyone can do. Arsenal have a transfer budget as big as any of the other big spenders in England, there is literally no excuse.

My main reason for sharing this was so fans of other clubs could have some understanding of what it is like to be an Arsenal fan of my generation. We grew up on unbeaten good times now we have the same manager offering us this squad. Oh and I won’t even start on the ticket price situation but it’s safe to say I’ve been priced out.
CJR, Ex-AFC (If your club needs a fan this season, let me know)


Kroenke’s Cash Cow
Of all the responses and reaction I have read concerning Arsenals’ lack of transfer activity there has been no mention of the intentions or ambition of club owner Stan Kroenke. This is classic Kroenke! He cares nothing about the success of the club as long as it generates revenue. This attitude has permeated down through the board and even to the economist Wenger. Saying that the sell on value for Cavani was the major stumbling point is proof of that. That’s a ridiculous answer from a club trying to win a league title but a great answer from an ownership who only cares about profit. Look at how Kroenke operates in the US, The St. Louis Rams most notably and you will see the usual Screw the fans, money first attitude. Arsenal will never win a league title with Kroenke vs the ambitions of owners the likes of what City and Chelsea have.
Ken ” Kroenke out” St. Louis MO “the Colonies”


Lone Voice
Hi F365,

Will you please stop saying that Arsenal fans want a transfer review?

This was actually just a suggestion put forward by Tim Payton of the AST.

He is accepted amongst pretty much all Arsenal fans as being a total berk.

I’ve noticed the last couple of days you’ve persisted with this line of “Arsenal fans demand transfer review” like we’re all encamped outside the Emirates waving our pitchforks. It’s a bit misleading really.



Transfers: On The Pull
Arsenal – danced with a pretty lady early on but then stood in the corner most of the night too scared to talk to anyone else. Spends the cab journey home telling you the place was full of mingers anyway.

Man City – unashamedly plying any potentials with the finest plonk whilst telling them all how much they make a year and how swanky his house is. Gets results, everyone thinks he’s a sleaze, couldn’t care less.

Man United – also went full turbo with his wallet and seemed to be having the best night out of all of them. Got a little carried away (probably drank too much) and ended up getting laughed off the dance floor by all the pretty girls, couldn’t even buy them a drink. Totally panicked and promised to pay a girls entire student loan if she went home with him.

Chelsea – completely c*ckblocked his mate and landed a Spanish beauty in the process. Not content, went about demanding this girl dance with him and kept getting knocked back. Got a bit grabby and her dad had to step in. Last seen stumbling out the club with two random girls and sick on his shirt.

Spurs – had a bit of success but wasn’t really feeling it to be honest. Seems to have just about gotten over his last relationship and not really ready to give his heart away just yet. Managed to snag a cute Asian girl’s number, feeling optimistic.

Liverpool – still hasn’t gotten over his ex – in fairness she was a stunner – and still very much on the rebound. Will take a swipe at anything in high heels, seemingly at random. Everyone’s a bit worried about him and scared he’ll cry if they bring it up.

Everton – not great in a club setting, more of a ‘house parties’ man. Makes a bit of effort but might as well have stayed at home. Think he’s got a girlfriend anyway.

West Ham – simply could not miss. Even the cheesiest chat up lines were hitting the mark, no one quite sure how he managed it. Great timing too as he’s moving house soon and needs a bit of arm candy to keep his parents from asking awkward questions.

Aston Villa – turns up wearing Yves Saint Lauren eau de toilette, a Pierre Cardin shirt, Louboutin loafers and clasping a French phrase book he ordered from the back of Zoo. Looks like a bit of an idiot but everyone begrudgingly admits he chereched les femmes good and proper.

Swansea – tight git sat there drinking soda and lime all night and somehow copped off with an 8/10 with minimal fuss.

Stoke – tired of having the p*ss taken for always going for burly girls so makes a point of focusing solely on petite Europeans. Punched well above his weight but the rest of the lads noticed they clearly had issues, might live to regret this.

Norwich – hasn’t realised his mates worked our he isn’t in to girls years ago, chatted to a couple to save face, no one buying.
Simon (getting a bit abstract now) CFC


View From The Other Side
Very much enjoyed reading yesterday morning’s paeans to Man Utd’s amazing summer; it’s always amusing to see such a tenuous grasp on reality. Highlights include:

The new Manc Maths: making up contract clauses to make the deal sound better. Every news source that I have seen, including the Man Utd official site, makes no mention of any specific clauses (though a few reports have stated that Monaco expect to receive around 90% of the addons) but we have two this morning claiming the deal is actually about £2.80 upfront with the balance payable only if he discovers the grand unified theory of physics.

Daniel Storey’s opinion being categorically wrong, when viewed properly (i.e. through the prism that everything Manchester Utd is by definition superior to everything not Manchester Utd). Who cares if he thinks Benteke was a good signing? His goal was offside!

Utd “ditching that dreadful Galactico policy” in favour of trying and failing to sign galacticos all summer and then panicking and spending galactico money on a teenager with 11 senior goals to his name. That definitely seemed intentional and well thought through.

De Gea “might extend his deal” – he’s effectively on a year’s notice with no pressure to perform, and any pay rise he’d receive from a new deal would be dwarfed by the signing on fee Real can afford to pay him now they’re getting him for free. Bobby’s “sneaky suspicion” that he’d basically hand over full control of his future to a club he doesn’t want to pay for any more seems predicated on nothing more than assuming everyone loves Utd as much as he does. For what it’s worth DDG seems like a decent type and I’m sure he’ll knuckle down now he knows he is staying – though I’d be more worried about Iron Balls swallowing his pride; he doesn’t seem the type to take being jilted too well.

And finally the wages argument, claiming Utd will save money over the course of AM’s contract by inexplicably assuming he’d be paid less than a player of equal ability but lesser potential, without even mentioning the fact that if he gets through 5 years without a pay rise he’s probably been a bit rubbish and they’ll lose him on a free anyway.

But yeah, apart from all that, a balanced assessment of the summer.


Home Comforts
With the transfer window closing and the international break upon us, I feel it’s the perfect time to bring up one of my pet peeves as a football fan. Why don’t more English players move abroad?

When it comes to the England national team crashing out of a major tournament, others have always used reasons like; “too many foreign players in the premier league”, “the team don’t get to play together enough”, “shit manager”, “Poor refereeing decisions”. I’ve always stuck by the reason being that “not enough of our players play abroad”. I follow football in the media fairly closely and I don’t think I can recall this opinion ever being suggested despite it being fairly obvious to me. I am aware that you can’t force this to happen, but why don’t players want to; surely it can’t just be about money?

With Lampard and Gerrard moving to the MLS we have seen a rise in English players moving abroad this year, but the fact you can probably name every single English (or indeed British) player who’s playing abroad (at a high standard) shows how few there are. Many players that have moved abroad in the past have always seemed to have returned to the Premier League after one season, so many players don’t even want to try it and those that do seem to wish they hadn’t.

I find this utterly bizarre because when I stare out the window at work and dream of an alternative life where I get to be a professional footballer, I find myself having realistic dreams. I don’t dream that I’m playing in the Champions League (although I imagine I can develop to that level), I dream of being a bang average Premier League footballer. And because that’s the level within my dreams I look at what I would try and do on deadline day. I don’t dream of a move to Crystal Palace, Newcastle or West Brom, I dream of moving to a fantastic European city and playing football in the sun.

I’m aware that homesickness can play a part and you can’t just pick up another language but all in all I think it annoys me so much because I know it would be fantastic for them as individuals and for our national teams.

Mike (It’s probably because of the money isn’t it?), Lincoln


Success Is Dangerous
There’s been a lot of theories bounded about as to why Arsene is reluctant to spend. “He’s too stubborn”, “he’s too embedded in the club” and “he’s Arrogant” are the usual accusations thrown at him. Is the real reason though that Wenger is scared of success?

Strip away the actual trophy and feel good factor what does success potentially bring? Pressure, failure and underachievement in the next season. By being successful Wenger may see that he’s actually handing the club a readymade excuse to get rid of him if said success disappears. Take Rodgers for example. If he hadn’t had that almost season then the following season may have been seen as a relative success. Phrases like “stability” and “building for the future” would probably have been used to describe his tenure so far. Sound familiar?

The obvious exception to the rule was Fergie but even Wenger knows that’s some feat to try and replicate and the man’s an economist at heart so he knows that sort of a run is highly unlikely. Stability is king, success is dangerous is his ethos.

He’s essentially a mid-table manager in a CL team.
Anthony (He’s a posh man’s Pulis), Kilburn


Januzaj Bonus
Think we can add another name in the Winners of the Transfer Window: Adnan Januzaj.

Borussia Dortmund have started the season really well. 3 wins out of 3, goals galore, and a new coach who seem to have revitalised his players. Mikhtaryan, Kagawa, Marco Reus, Hummels and Aubameyang have all stayed and have seemed to gel in coach Thomas Tuchel’s new system. As a proper German manager, he’ll take the Europa Cup seriously. If he can find a place for Januzaj (big if, true) then the player is in for a full and eventful season.

Borussia Dortmund is a great club to play for. I lived in Bochum for a year (about 15 miles from Dortmund) and Dortmund for me (Clive) is a German Newcastle, maybe without the Bigg Market. Industrial and working class, it’s a city that lives for its football club. The Yellow Wall is not a myth, it’s a fantastic backdrop for the players at every home game. All their ex-players speak well of the club.

Good luck Adnan.
Mike, CFC


De Gea Boosts For United
Am I missing something or is the whole De Gea issue a good thing for United?

1. Real will now think twice before asset stripping United of their best players just as they hit their peak

2. Real now know they can’t pull their usual trick of unsettling a player all summer, turn his head and then return to the club and put in a derisory offer knowing that it has to be accepted. They deliberately left it to the last minute to get the price down and it blew up in their face. They’re a billion pound club, they had the cash to buy De Gea all summer but chose to try save a few million. That’s the risk they took. Tough sh!t.

3. Everyone now knows United are prepared to let a player rot in the reserves if he’s not prepared to do his job (for lavish pay). Other players will now think twice about trying it in the future

4. Hopefully it now also puts to bed all the Bale and Ronaldo talk. Real won’t negotiate with us even if we thought we had a chance to buy them.

5. De Gea has a point to prove if he wants to make the Euros. He either pulls his finger out for the rest of the season or he misses France and doesn’t play for a year – look what that did for Casillas.

Maybe Eds pulled a blinder after all.
Sandip (quick someone find a pun) MUFC Bradford


Dear Sean

I will keep this quite simple, 18 player match day squad:

DDG > Mignolet
Darmian > Clyne
Smalling > Skrtel (close I’ll concede)
Jones > Lovren
Rojo > Sakho
Shaw > Gomez (although Gomez is a prospect)
Young > Moreno
Schweinsteiger > Henderson
Schneiderlein > Lucas
Carrick > Emre Can
Blind < Milner
Mata > Firminho
Herrera < Coutinho (OK)
Depay > Lallana
Fellaini < Benteke
Rooney > Sturridge
Martial/Wilson = Ings/Origi (Impossible to say)

I count 13/16 in favour of United, stop your messing!
Dan, (LOLvren) Dublin


A Balanced View
Sean, LFC – calm down with the United bashing lad. I strongly dislike them too, and I’ve got no problem claiming we have a bigger squad than them. It might even be true, I’m not going to check. However, to say we have a better squad? I don’t think you can easily compare the two by the same standard. By Liverpool’s preferred skills and attributes, few United players would join our team (maybe De Gea, Shaw, Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin would walk in as GK/LB/DM) but equally by United’s preferred skills and attributes, few Liverpool players would join their team (Sturridge/Benteke, maybe Coutinho for Herrera, maybe Firmino because they don’t really have a proven right winger).

This is because the managers coach totally different football, or try to – Van Gaal prefers possession dominance, building your attack from midfield and bypassing the defence by using a running wide man and/or a clever pass from the centre. In contrast Rodgers prefers to not worry about overall possession, but to harass opponents high up the pitch and try to pull defenders out of position, then to use pace and skill to take advantage. When Liverpool have the ball, they are supposed to invite pressure to pull defenders out of position, then use pace and skill to take advantage.

Right now, neither team is playing inspiring football although both have had little flashes to show future potential (for United, Memphis and Herrera in general, and Fellaini happy to be the route-one masterplan; for Liverpool the Coutinho/Benteke partnership has shown the beginnings of an understanding, Firmino did that spinny/runny/shooty thing last week, Lallana selflessly injured himself because he knows he isn’t good enough but Rodgers won’t stop picking him). Overall, I’d judge that United are better right now, but not by a wide margin, we could catch up and overtake them. We won’t, but it’s entirely possible with some optimism and hard work.

Basically, Sean, stop doing a Rodgers. Crowing about success, when you’ve merely managed to stop failing quite so hard as usual, leaves you open for the cruel, cruel universe to whip down your pants and encourage bystanders to laugh at your gentleman’s area. For an example, see Anfield, last Saturday.
Matt (Sakho or bust) LFC


Move On
Well, I enjoyed the breath-taking views through the single lens rose-tinted specs of Sean (LFC)…

All it’s made me realise is that both squads are rubbish.

Can we all agree that Liverpool and United are both naff and that having a better squad than either isn’t any kind of achievement… and then move on from this digital dick-waving competition?

Josh, MUFC


Wishful Thinking
In response to Pedro (Boksic would’ve reigned supreme at Liverpool). If you read The Newcastle Evening Chronicle sports pages in the mid-1990’s you would have believed Newcastle United could possibly be signing a world superstar every single day (pre this transfer window nonsense).

Everyone was linked from Roberto Baggio, Paulo Maldini, George Weah and Ronaldo to a young Patrick Kluivert and even a Batigol himself was reportedly seen viewing property on the Quayside. I’m talking proper legends of the game and because of the clubs progressive nature at the time and the combination of Keegan and Sir John Hall it was easy to sucked in the hype too.

But I only ever wanted us to sign two players Nicky Barmby and Steve Bull

God knows why, just liked them both and be to fair they where both good players. I also always assumed Robbie Fowler would be play for us at some point and I’m sad it never happened. He would have been a legend on Tyneside. Anyone else ever assumed a player would end up at there club with no foundation what so ever?
Chris, Newcastle


…In answer to Pedro about players you wanted you team to sign.

In the early seventies I loved Kenny Dalglish

At that time Scotland were qualifying for tournaments when England weren’t so I remember watching him in the World cup and became a fan.
I also remember him nutmegging Ray Clemence when England lost to Scotland at Hampden and scoring again at Wembley.

So imagine my elation when he actually did sign for Liverpool,best signing we ever made.
Neil, LFC, USA


…I won’t let anyone say a bad word about my childhood hero, so have this:

Schmeichel wasn’t over the hill when he joined City or Villa. Do you not remember City v Liverpool in 2003? Watch it. Watch it before you even insinuate that he couldn’t have gone on forever at the top of his game.
Silvio (Still better than Romero) Dante

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