What does it matter if Ronaldo is a d*ck?

Date published: Thursday 16th June 2016 1:39

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Personality clash
So, it seems that Bale is a t*sser, Ronaldo is an arrogant d*ck, Rooney is a blah blah blah etc etc etc. who really gives a flying f**k? They’re footballers, they’re paid to play football. I don’t give a sh*t whether or not Rooney is a bloody good bloke who has some insightful views on particle physics, as long as he puts in a decent performance and/or sticks the ball in the back of the net, surely that’s all that matters. After all, that is his job. Is it not?
Al (Odds on Rooney to win the Nobel Prize by 2030?) Williams


Head cases
I’ve missed a couple of inboxes recently, (got this annoying ‘work’ stuff to do) but there seems to have been little discussion about the violence and hooliganism in France associated with the football. While any kind of hooliganism is deplorable, being English it’s the England fans behaviour that really irks me. I thought the era of beer swilling, knuckle-dragging, lobster suntan-ed, plastic chair throwers was in decline, but this tournament seems to have seen a resurgence. Why do Mailboxers think that is, is it just the proximity of the tournament? We’ve not really seen it in the last few competitions. (Not that England stuck around long enough to really find out).

Secondly, I just don’t get the mentality of many of these ‘supporters’, can someone explain it to me?  I’m an England fan, I’ve seen them play numerous times over the last few years (at home admittedly), is it an away day thing? Why would genuine fans want to be associated with this behaviour? I’d be embarrassed to be associated it … I am eff-ing embarrassed. There must be a handful of F365 readers that are part of this group … if you are in France reading this right now, and your involved in the ‘bantz’ (vomits) with the Welsh/Russians/Slovaks/Police please write in and tell us what the f**k is going through your head? (I’m getting angry just writing about it now!). Seriously, what is it that makes grown men act like this; the violence, the casual racism chanting, the fighting … oh and most recent video going around on social media today… the chanting and goading of refugee children in Lille (if the video is genuine, it’s the most sickening thing yet from England fans). What is it you think people back home are thinking; “Wow look how brave/hard/funny/patriotic those England fans are”? I’ve got news for you fellas, everyone (and I mean everyone) is thinking; “What a bunch of c**ts”.

Yours frustratingly,
Dave (Ever wondered why the English are so unpopular when we go on holiday?).


Expectation? What expectation?
It feels a bit like our Welsh chum James has set up a bit of a strawman when he says that England fans expect to win the tournament.

I honestly don’t know a single person who expects England to win an international tournament, ever. I’m not exaggerating. Every England fan I know enters every tournament expecting to fail.

Maybe James knows English people with a very different mindset to the English people I know, but I haven’t come across any of them in real life or online.
Jakey, South East London


…I just have to wonder if James from Cymru am byth actually knows or speaks to any English people, or just gets his views on the English from reading The Sun and listening to Talk Sport.

I’m English, living in England, and speak to English people regularly, and I haven’t spoken to anyone who thinks England have even the slightest chance of winning Euro 2016, or getting anywhere close. In fact a lot of mates have pretty much given up with the national team altogether as it’s generally painful to watch. Maybe I just don’t hang around with enough of the sort of people who James is referring to but I genuinely don’t know who they are.
Mike (An arrogant twunt in London)


Irish invasion
Interesting that Nick Miller chose Wales as the team and fans that reminded him that football is fun over the Republic of Ireland fans. Now I’m sure everyone at the tournament think their fans are the best but picking 24-30,000 Wales fans who I am sure have been great, over the 100,000+ strong Irish fans that have traveled to France and have got on with fans from all teams was an odd choice.
Andy, Dublin 


Ireland have more plastics than Switzerland
KC (still better than rugby in this respect) asks has anyone a better record than Switzerland’s of 5 Swiss born players in the starting XI. The answer my friend is the Republic of Ireland in 1994 (and most other squads of ours).

The 22 man squad that went to USA contained only 7 Irish born players, meaning that (if my maths is right), a very large 15 players were born outside of Ireland (England and Scotland). In regards to the starting XI query, the opening match against Italy only had three players born on these fair shores (Packie Bonner, Denis Irwin and Roy Keane). The other three matches we played had four Irish born players starting in each, and only in the third did we have five on the pitch at the one time.

The teams under Jack Charlton were famous for scouring England and Scotland for anyone with a Irish granny and calling them up, a process still in use today (Wayne Rooney would have flourished under us!). But the 1994 team always reminds me fondly of a quote that I will heavily paraphrase now (I cannot remember who it is that is accredited with having said it, or even if it was a joke in a newspaper); “only a true football fan would know the nationalities of all the Irish football players”.
Conor (leave Ed alone! I like him.), Dublin


Fixtures fuss
38 games. 19 home. 19 away. The order: irrelevant.

If you have an away game on the last day of the season, you probably have a home game on the second last game. Win at home, lose away, it’s still 3 points, whatever order you do it.

As fans, we get very caught up in our clubs and start to fixate on things that seem to be unfair, even when they are not. Liverpool have some tough away games at the start of the season? OK, that means we have easier games at the end. It makes no difference. Remember how Leicester had an easy run in? That’s because they had a tough Christmas period. It all evens out.

Everyone plays everyone. Twice. It makes no difference what order that happens.
Mike, LFC, Dubai


…Not sure what chance this mail has of getting into the mailbox with the big game on this afternoon, but here goes…Although I don’t think it’s a fix, there is clearly some thought going into these PL fixtures.  As some people have noticed, Spurs play Arsenal, West Ham and then Chelsea this November, three London derbies against teams who hate us, in succession.  The weird thing is, Spurs played the same matches, in the same order, in the same month last season.  What’s going on here, is it a policing issue?

I imagine there might be a good reason for this (surely not coincidence), but I do think it’s a bit of a disadvantage playing these games one after another, it’s bad enough having to play at least 6 big London derbies a year without them being crammed together.  Hopefully Spurs don’t repeat their ill-disciplined performance against Chelsea in these games or we won’t have any players available in December due to suspension.

Obviously this issue is a clear indication of bias against my team (boohoo).
Kevin G


…In response to Alex, Edinburgh, it is a fix but not quite the fix you’re looking for.  I believe THFC actually asked for the last two games to be away this season, to allow them an early opportunity to start tearing down WHL – they got their way with the last game being away.  However, our first game has been away for the last 6 seasons in a row – that’s where the fix is!
Stan, THFC


…I’m sure you’ll get a few of these but for Alex, Edinburgh,  it has been widely reported, including by the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust, that Spurs asked to be away at the start end of the season to help with the stadium construction so don’t start with the conspiracy theories.

Now, as for Spurs being the only English team scheduled to play more away games than home games after European matches….

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