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Date published: Tuesday 12th July 2016 9:20

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Leave Cristiano alone
So I see a lot of angry people in the afternoon mailbox saying Ronaldo was a disgrace last night and is to the detriment of football. Everyone needs to lighten up.

One person berates him for crying… Because no Real Man (or PFM?) has ever cried in a football match before. Ever.

Another says that when he got injured he should’ve got onto the side lines and supported his teammates… Which he did. But then that same person says that his actions on the side lines were farcical. So which was it?

Yet another case put forth was how Ronaldo had his captains armband on to lift the trophy. Well… He is the captain. He more than did his bit from qualification until the final. And I seem to recall Roy Keane going off injured early in the 1999 FA Cup final but still lifting the trophy at the end, complete with captains armband. I don’t recall him getting slated for it?

Put it this way if England had anyone showing as much passion and sheer determination to get his team over the line, geeing up his team mates and clearly getting positive responses from them, we’d all be smitten. And if it wasn’t for his cheerleading on the sideline we wouldn’t have a whole lot else to talk about in what was otherwise a really poor game. We should appreciate personalities like this unless you’d rather a sport populated by James Milners?
Chris MUFC Barnet


I don’t actually like Ronaldo the person, but respect him as a footballer. I don’t give a sh*t about Ronaldo versus Messi. With that out of the way I feel compelled to say the following.

The arm chair warriors have been out in force since the final whistle went on Sunday, haven’t they? They must think pulling a hammy getting off a bar stool is on par with severe lateral force exerted on medial ligaments.

Being able to run and jump in a straight line is not even remotely comparable to being able to twist, turn, and tackle; you know – everything else required to play football effectively. I currently have bone bruising in my knee. I can run, kick, and tackle, and yet when the movement and contact is just right, I get debilitating pain which prevents me from playing on. I can walk around right as rain off the pitch though, so I must be putting it on. A good friend of mine completely tore is ACL 3 weeks ago but can still jog – cancel the reconstructive surgery boys, he’s fine!

And shame on a man (who people are conveniently forgetting was the bloody captain) for going to each player and pumping them up before the biggest 30 minutes of their entire lives. Of course it was in front the cameras – they’re not allowed back to the dressing rooms before the start of extra time!

But don’t let any of this stop you all from having a good old whinge.
Matt Wright, Gunner in Aus


Ronaldo is really on a hiding to nothing isn’t he.

Stuart, Jimmy and Ciaran all could have penned their mails “Ronaldo is a narcissistic so-and-so” prior to the final and simply filled in the details post game.

Ronaldo shows emotion – Drama queen. Narcissist. No doubt if he doesn’t show any emotion they simply flip it to be “Ronaldo obviously doesn’t care now that he is ruled out”

Ronaldo acts as the teams captain and motivates the team before extra time – its all about him, just trying to get himself on the telly. I can only imagine the outrage if Ronaldo had stayed in the dressing room getting treatment.

He then tries to keep the team focused and organised from the sidelines. Hanging would be too good for the pr*ck.

Nani put the captains armband on him before he lifted the trophy. Shoot that b*stard too!

I can’t help but think that if Messi or even Rooney had done similar he’d win the Ballon D’or, Nobel prize, Pulitzer prize and have a national holiday in their honour.
John, Australia


I shouldn’t have to defend him, nor do I like to, but can I make a few points about Ronaldo during the final.

* He was playing the most important game of his life and got injured in the opening 15 minutes. Plenty of people would be equally devastated about missing the biggest moment of their life. Imagine if injury or illness stopped you attending your wedding? This event was on equal footing in his eyes to that and he was rightly distraught.

* I’d suggest that with the relentless pressure Portugal were under, any amount of time wasting or rest the Portuguese players could get would help them. With that in mind, Ronaldo taking some time off the clock when making his substitution was the last action on the pitch he could make to help his team mates. It doesn’t look great but worked, basically a tag line for this Portuguese side.

* After being forced off the pitch, he endeavoured to motivate and support his team from the sideline. At the break before extra time, he went around encouraging his team mates. Would people prefer he sat on the bench in a huff and act like a spoilt child? (something he admittedly does on the pitch often).
Nani went to him and gave him the captains armband, don’t act like Ronaldo sought it out.

The mainstream news coverage of the final here was so Ronaldo centric it actually annoyed me, you’d think he was the only player on the team. However that is down to the media, not Ronaldo. People may say he was hogging the limelight, I think he just wanted to win and did everything he thought would help achieve that.

And they did, they did win it, against the odds and home team. He then celebrated with so much emotion you can’t reasonably say that it didn’t mean the world to him. Anyone who thinks this was put on to draw media attention needs to stop being so cynical and realise that even for a man of his global standing, winning the first ever major tournament for your country could reduce you to a crying mess.
George (There’s enough ammo against him without trying to fabricate it) AFC, Wellington, NZ


I feel compelled to write in (even though I never get published…. sigh!).

I’ve read a lot of people b*tching and moaning about a certain Cristiano Ronaldo and his “antics” during the final and the competition as a whole.

I’ll try keep it short but for those who say he had a terrible tournament he did manage 3 goals, 2 to keep his country in the competition and the opener in the semi final. How many goals did England score?

He tried to stay on the pitch and he was in tears as he was desperate to help his team win and yes a score a goal or two but was forced off – it wasnt all about me me me.. he wanted to win the tournament with his country.. what a p**ck!!

His sideline “antics” should be celebrated not condemned. Yes he’s not a coach but hes porobably good enough to provide some motivation to the players, a fact thats come out since the win with half time pep talks and encouraging the players and the eventual goal scorer. Ronaldo is like a god in Portugal and having him on the sidelines motivating and encouraging the players clearly worked. Yes he was excitable, maybe because his country was competing for its first major trophy – what a p**ck!!

Its easy to attack him, but lets just enjoy the man for what he is. He’s not going to be around forever and what next after he and Messi go… Hazard and Bale woooopeeee!



I’m sick of hearing or reading all this anti Ronaldo guff. Most of it is from English fans and media, so I have a special message for you: you never have, and never will, have a player like him. I am referring specifically to his quality and his attitude (and that’s a compliment to Ronaldo). He has the attitude of a true champion, and it’s obvious in almost everything he does. And for all of you complaining about his crying, I would love to see how you would react to getting your leg pretty much broken.

And here’s the next prediction / conclusion: because you are incapable of producing mentally strong players, England will not win anything for the next 50 years (or longer for that matter). You’re just doomed to the same failure every two years because you cannot even appreciate a champion when he’s in front of you let alone produce one.

Why do you even bother?
Ali, Geneva, MUFC (Pogba not worth more than £50million).


Why do people hate Ronaldo so much?
OK, it’s not man love but I do like Ronaldo and wish to see him succeed. Maybe it’s because he used to play for Man United and I was really gutted to see him leave (p*ss off Real). But one thing I don’t understand is why so many people hate CR7 so much. It’s like the whole world was laughing while Ronaldo sat on the turf crying because he was injured and his chance to play in the final was now over. Yes he’s a prima dona and yes he loves to spend hours in front of the mirror. But I just wish we could all learn to show a little love and appreciation to a Real footballing icon (see what I did there?). And yes unlike most people, I thoroughly enjoyed Euro 2016, especially the Final when that goal went in during extra time.
Keg Baridi (The happy one for Ronaldo) Nairobi, Kenya


Portugal’s real hero
As a United fan, I love Ronaldo to bits, the guy can pretty much score any kind of goal and has seemed to make scoring 50 goals a season an average season by his standards.

But hats off should really go to Rui Patricio in this tournament, guy was immense in the final keeping out efforts from Giroud and Griezmann and has only let in 1 goal in his last 6 knockout matches, which oozes class in my eyes, big man for the big occasion.

If I were you Liverpool, sign this guy as soon as possible because lets face if Mignolet isn’t capable of being your number 1 if you really want to win the league and loves a cock up now and then.


Thoughts on Johnny Nic
Regarding John Nic’s article on stupidity in the game…hands down the most relatable article that I’ve ever read on these esteemed pages. I work in mental health and often come across social anxiety/phobia, and often discuss how we rarely ever get to know anybody up front as we will put out the best representative of ourself when meeting people. I’m as good an example of this as any and I often tell my patients they see the best possible version of me, and never the twat I am the other 90% of the time.

John’s article struck a footballing chord with me as I readily admit I act differently on game day. Not to infer these lads are stupid, far from it, some if not all are successful and well paid, intelligent men. But the culture is still, and despite being in my 30s now I’ve never quite got over the struggles I’ve had fitting into it. With my mates outside of the game I am relaxed, able to joke and feel like I fit in, yet with my team I’m about as funny and relaxed as Harry Kane was 75 mins in against Iceland. It’s not that I don’t feel welcome, it’s just that purveying sense of not belonging, and it’s what made me drift away from the game at 11 years old. I only came back when at uni no one knew much about me and I let my game do the talking (for what it was worth).

Harry Kane’s lack of knowledge regarding Brexit (shudder) are a cause of concern, in as much we shrug it off as he’s “just a footballer”, like that’s a pass for ignorance. I’ve often sat back and watching match of the day (other shows are available) aghast at how some of these young men come across talking to the camera, even down to the similarly in tone of voice etc, and wondered if that famous blood and thunder attitude of English football hides an inability to think on their feet, so to speak.

The greatest shame is that when we come across a pundit who is erudite and thoughtful in their approach, we react with shock and surprise. I’m not saying footballers need to all be Stephen Fry but encouraging intellectual interests should be a given. Look at the rise of comic book culture, twenty years ago I would take a kicking for triumphing Batman. Now I’m king of the nerds.

This has become a bit of an unintentional ramble, but I just wanted to say the article really resonated with me. My compliments to the chef, please pass them on.
Jon, Boston.


A few reasons John Nicholson’s latest article is ridiculous.

1. Diego Maradona.
2. Paul Gascogne is one of the best English players in the last 40 years.
3. Luis Suarez better not be smart. Otherwise he is actually evil.
4. Christiano Ronaldo is no genius, contrary to your article last week. Try watching an interview with him. He is however 100 percent focused on being the best.
5. David James, Graeme Le Saux, Steve McManaman, Leighton Baines, Frank Lampard and unquestionably many many more are clearly smarter than the average person on the street.
6. Wales have 9 English players, including all the scorers against Belgium. Clearly there are English players bright enough to play football and do well. Also, the clear reference to Brexit – stupidity recently taking over England Nicholson stated – why did Wales do so well then when they also voted for Brexit?
7. Only stupid people get stressed is the weakest argument I have ever seen.
8. Half the team finished third with Spurs in the premiership last season. They had a different manager – a far more likely reason for England not succeeding.
9. Not everyone is obsessed about Brexit in the UK. Harry Kane saying that they hadn’t considered it much is actually making him different to you, but not stupid. Believe it or not, they are not one and the same thing. It does however show he has different priorities.

Frankly, the article was the most obnoxious, self righteous, callous and illogical thing ever written on football365. And that includes Mediawatch blatantly inferring 52 percent of the population were racist last week (I voted remain but football365’s comment insults everyone with an ounce of rationality). For Gods sake, this is a football website, not a Cambridge student’s blog. Before writing this letter I did a little research and watched some interviews with the England squad. Basically the vast majority are just regular human beings with an extraordinary talent, as footballers are supposed to be, and they are generally a lot smarter than the average fan who phones into 606. I could go into how this snobbish attitude is typical of the prejudice inherent within the far left of today, but I wont as THIS. IS. A. FOOTBALL. WEBSITE.

Ironically, John Nicholson actually wrote a rare convincing article last week about football being chaos. Portugal winning is demonstrative of this. Sadly, he cant extend that to England. Different rule for them – they don’t win because they are morons who cant read.


Pogba craziness
Long time reader, first time writer, keep up the good work!

Re: Pogba and in addition to Ted’s points, one thing no-one has really pointed out is that the £100 million transfer fee talk is pushing the value of the transfer market to ridiculous proportions (not that it needed that much help!).

All of a sudden Sissoko is worth £35 mill, Payet £50 mill and so on. Every team will now double the price when the United, City’s, Real Madrid’s, Chelsea’s come knocking.

If Woodward doesn’t get the Pogba deal done then he only has himself to blame when he goes for option B (Matuidi?) and gets quoted £20 million more than he wouldve done before the Pogba chaos and teams are right to use that as a negotiation tool.

Pogba to United is ludicrous purely because of the ridiculous value of the transfer and the inflation it automatically generates for the rest of the transfer market. I know everyone will say it’s been happening for years bla bla bla but this is one step too far in my eyes!
Greg F, skint, Manchester (thanks for the £20 Jose)


Goodbye, Graziano
I’m going to miss Graziano Pelle, and not just for his good looks and expressive hand gestures. He isn’t a great striker, but as a pure target man, he was the best the league had seen since Drogba. Trapping with his chest, holding the ball up, bringing runners into play, creative passing — he did it all effectively and elegantly. It was great to see him do well at the Euros. Hope he wows them in China.
Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA

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