Mails: Why would Allegri swap Juve for Arsenal?

Date published: Friday 21st April 2017 8:40

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Messi on the slide?
Messi in decline. Jesus wept. He has 29 goals and 11 assists in 28 La Liga games. 11 goals and 2 assists in 9 CL games. Including cup games he’s played 45, scored 45 and assisted 17!!!!

On form Ronaldo had 19 goals (10 less) and 6 assists (5 less) than Leo in La Liga in 24 games. He’s got 7 goals (4 less) and 6 assists (4 more) than Messi in CL. And including cups he’s played 38, scored 31 and assisted 12.

Everyone sends drunken messages. I blame F365 for printing it rather than you for writing it.
Weldoninhio, Dublin


Allegri for Arsenal
There’s has been a lot of chatter (and negative vitriol spewed) about why on God’s good Earth would Allegri want to join (the third best team in London – someone said), and I would like to lend some thoughts on why he’d relish, yes relish, joining Arsenal on God’s good Earth (in descending order of importance / weight in argument):

1. MONEY! The cheddar, the benjamins, the dinero. According to recent listings and rankings Allegri makes about 40% of what Wenger, the 4th highest paid manager, makes. Arsenal can potentially make him more than double his salary and make him close to one of the most paid managers. Also, I suspect he’d have a slightly bigger transfer kitty than he currently enjoys.

2. The challenge. Restore Arsenal to their former (Invinvibles) greatness. Bar win the UCL (this being his best chance), what else has he got to prove at Juve? His continued league successes are just a continuation of previous work of Conte – nothing to see here. Gone are the days of legacy managers like Wenger and Fergie (who built three or so distinct title winning sides). Also, he’d be replacing the last of the dying breed that are legacy managers – potentially leave a smaller / shorter legacy at Arsenal. Juicy challenges hey?!

3. Where else can he go? There are only three clubs that I consider a SIGNIFICANT jump up from Juventus, the European elite of Barca, Bayern, and Real. Of the three, only the Barca job is open / will be open in near future. I would put Arsenal and Juve in same broad grouping of European second tier teams. A move from Juventus to Arsenal is a lateral move (maybe small step down) – Juve haven’t won UCL since 1996 mind you.

4. I mean seriously, where must he go? If you look at the history of storied managers, that have had reasonable levels of success over fairly longish careers, they have made moves up and down in terms of prestige and size (Benitez is coaching Newcastle for goodness sake). I mean, that would mean that a manager like Pep would have nowhere to go after Barca, or Luis Enrique and Zidane can go nowhere.

I mean guys, Klopp did join Liverpool (very little recent success) from Dortmund (fair amount of recent success). He probably potentially had the above reasons above.
Kutlwano Mokhele


Hello, Merse
I like Football365, it’s a good website, lots of interesting content and good articles. But I’ve got to take issue with your outrageous suggestion in Winners & Losers about Leonardo Jardim managing in the Premier League, and Arsenal in particular.

What’s he know about the Premier League? What’s he know? Does he even speak English?

I mean, yeah, he’s got Monaco to the top of Ligue 1, but I could get a team to the top of the french league.

It would be totally astonishing if anyone from the premier league plumped for someone like him. It would be baffling when there are a lot of people out there who know about the Premier League, about what’s required to dig in. He’s not got a clue.

If any Premier League club did hire him, it would just be another slap in the face to British coaches and managers.

Yours in outrage
AS Camden


Defending Monaco
Sorry to disappoint Lee – Darlington, but while AS Monaco may have spent around 300M pounds in the last four years, they’ve also received around 240M pounds in transfers sums While I wont get into the Net Transfer debate, AS Monaco has been continuously pillaged for the past few years, from Carassco, Kongdobia, Kurzawa to James Rodriguez and Martial. They are not the top of the food chain like PSG or Man City. When is the last time one of those teams sold their best player? In fact, none of their top 3 strikers actually played for Monaco last year. Germain was out on loan, so too was Falcao and Mbappe was still learning his trade mainly in the reserves (although he did play a few games). That makes this season all the more impressive.

As for the most enjoyable 0-0, I fondly remember Arsenal-Real Madrid, the return leg of the last 16 Champions League. Our young players doing the job and being solid defensively against the galacticos, complete with a Lehmann wonder save against Raul. Their defense that day? Flamini – Toure – Senderos – Eboue. Still hold the record for longest invincibility in the Champions League.
Guillaume, Paris


…Yes, Lee Darlington they’ve spent over 300mil, but there money dried up when their owner went through a divorce and then they switched over his billionaire funding to what they were actually good at- youth development… Which is why everyone is absolutely gushing.

So no. You F*ck off lee
Sood CFC


Gloomy Gooner
The idea that Wilshere’s injuries will have no bearing on a bumper new contract smacks of how incredibly poorly Arsenal Football Club is run.

Wenger actually thinks he can sign a new contract, while offering a contract to a man that recently hasn’t even been able to make Bournemouth’s bench.

But this is set to be a strange old summer for Arsenal, one in which it faces a crossroads in its history and one that could see the club haemorrhage fans like never before.

Should the club lose the likes of Sanchez and Ozil, while retaining the likes of Wenger, Walcott and Wilshere, there will be no clearer indication about the future direction of the club.

Up until now, gooners have just accepted the fact our purse strings have been tightened meaning we have had to shed our shining stars in order to balance the books. But this season has proven that in standing still Arsenal are actually going backwards.

We simply can no longer indulge the likes of Wenger, Walcott and Wilshere, putting these guys on massive contracts in the hope that things will one day get better.

If the club doesn’t act and instead gamble on the fans being mugs, who will sign up for more of this crap, I’m afraid over the next decade we could see a Blackpool-like meltdown.

If you see any of their matches, you’ll notice that fans have voted with their feet in the form of rows and rows of empty seats. A similar fate awaits Arsenal if they do not act now.

The fans have raged this season like never before but after rage comes apathy and apathetic fans simply don’t spend money.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Why De Gea?
I’m a Spurs fan who doesn’t have Sky or BT, so i haven’t seen a great deal of Manchester United this year. However, surely de Gea gets the nod in nets for the PFA team of the year because United, despite a pretty poor season, have conceded the second fewest goals in the league, behind Spurs?

Given that de Gea hasn’t got the world’s greatest centre backs to rely on, that suggests to me he’s been in fine form. I see Lloris as every bit his equal but he simply hasn’t had to do very much this season due to the defensive quality in front of him. Speaking of which…

…the fact that neither Vertonghen (who has been reborn this season) nor Aldeweireld make it into that XI is insane. Aldeweireld, in particular, is the second coming of Ledley King, only with added 60-yard on-a-sixpence passing and one extra knee.
Rob Davies, THFC


…On what planet has de Gea been better than Lloris (or Pickford, frankly) this season? He may be more talented but he’s obviously not outperformed Lloris in the league this season.

Similarly, what’s Gary Cahill doing in there? I didn’t expect poor Will Keane to be picked, but surely one of Alderweireld or Vertonghen belongs there alongside Luiz (who fully deserves his inclusion).

Footballers eh? I guess Cahill is easier to spell…
Ohio Joe (yes I’m a Spurs fan…that doesn’t change the fact that our defence has been magnificent), London


Gorgeous Giorgio
Man-crush time. Giorgio Chiellini. I haven’t felt like this about anyone since Paolo Maldini retired.
Aidan, EFC, Oxford


Conspiracy crap
Tin foil hat brigade are quiet this morning. After all I heard about the grand UEFA conspiracy to help Barcelona, it seems the referee had a normal, decent game. So what happened you conspiracy nuts? Was he the one good man left, not yet corrupted by the lizard men of European football?

Every time something happens to favour the big teams, people cry CONSPIRACY! Every time something happens that doesn’t favour them, people quietly forget it. Remember the quarter final draw? I remember mails telling us it was nailed on that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich would be kept apart. What happened? They were drawn together.

Sometimes referees are rubbish. It doesn’t mean UEFA are controlling their brains with satellites from space.
Mike, LFC, Dubai


Best left-back performance
Easy, pretty much every time Ashley Cole went up against Cristiano Ronaldo (Euro 2004 being the pick of the performances I believe?)
Neil P, Leicester

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