Mails: Will Raheem Sterling make it at City?

Date published: Friday 1st January 2016 1:05

Happy New Year one and all. Watch the football on Saturday and force Dan into doing a mailbox on Sunday when all he wants to do is write about Romelu Lukaku. Mail us at


Has Sterling made the wrong move?
We have hit the half-way mark of the season. With lots of judgment going on in the mailbox I am surprised that Raheem Sterling has slipped under the radar.

Now I am going to try and be as non-biased as possible but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to splendid for the lad.  Looking at his goals and assists seems like he’s doing fine with five goals and one assist but looking at who those goals have come against – Bournemouth, Watford and Sunderland – surely that isn’t good enough for a player who costs 50 mil pounds.

Admittedly I haven’t watched many Manchester City games, mostly the big ones, and I have to say he has disappeared in all of them. Clearly he isn’t a match winner and at 50 million pounds how long will he go undetected until the real pressure begins to mount?

I’ve always been a Sterling fan and continue to be one, but I can’t help but think that he has made the wrong move going to City.

I would like to hear from City fans thoughts on Raheem and do they think he will be able to cut it.
Brian (Sterling’s growth is massively important for England’s chances of success) LFC


A Man United Premier League XXV
GK: (3) Van Der Sar, Schmeichel, De Gea
DF: (8) Stam, Bruce, Evra, Irwin, Parker, G. Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic
MF: (8)  Ronaldo, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Ince, Robson, Carrick
FW: (6) Van Nistlerooy, Van Persie, Cole, Hughes, Cantona, TevezHonourable mentions to: Yorke, Solskjaer, Kanchelskis, Pallister, Johnsen.

Rooney can feck off.
Dale Buchanan, Northern Ireland


Keane > Kane
Think Buttyland had a couple of spelling mistakes in his submission having Kane in his 25 and Keane on the bench.

Anyone without blinkers would pick Robbie Keane ahead of Harry Kane absolutely any day of the week. As well as being in the 100 club for the Premier League, he is the most prolific international striker from either the UK or Ireland.

It’s not even a debate, it’s a no-brainer.
Byrner, Dublin


Arsenal should learn from Spurs
Unsurprisingly, an Arsenal fan (Gooner Tim) writes in to proclaim another team’s luck with injuries. Perhaps it’s not just luck? Perhaps Tottenham and Leicester simply have better set-ups than Arsenal for dealing with players’ health. Given Arsenal’s ‘bad luck’ with injuries over the last few years and Arsene’s notoriously inaccurate injury recovery estimates, they should be looking to the likes of Spurs and Leicester to see what they’re doing right.
Mikey Broomers (THFC), Rio de Janiero
P.S. As much as I have loved some of our players, there’s no way we have even a top four Premier League squad compared to the likes of Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. The Buttyman made this Spurs fan cringe with that statement!


…Regarding Gooner Tim’s whingey dirge about injuries, perhaps look beyond the ‘luck’ theory (I bet you think penalty shoot-outs are lotteries too despite the same winners and losers regularly) and perhaps look at your own club’s dreadful injury record.

My club Tottenham used to have a rather famous poor injury record. We no longer do. Unsuprisingly, Southampton had an excellent injury record under Pochettino too, perhaps there is more to it? Pochettino for example has absolute faith in everyone in the squad, and simply doesn’t risk players that aren’t 100%. Can you say the same for Wenger? How many players does he regularly crock? Arsenal don’t have bad luck with injuries, they have a rather predictable annual issue with them. Time to accept it.

Like most things in football, you tend to get what you deserve, freak injury/Chelsea winning the CL in bizarre fashion to rob an actually entertaining side from CL entry aside.

I think a healthy dose of ‘taking responsibility’ rather than a ‘not me guv’ approach might be the best for you foaming gooners in the New Year. And if you really want to discuss luck, we’ll discuss how all the other major sides have suffered massive inconsistency to cancel out your woeful fitness management. That is the definition of luck, as it is totally out of your control.

Always happy to help.


What’s with the face guards?
It’s been a week since Nemanja Matic conceded a penalty against Watford, and it’s been troubling me ever since. It’s not the fact that there was a question mark over the handball (there wasn’t), but more that he appeared to want to protect his face from the cross coming in.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s playing with a broken nose and a fractured cheekbone. He’s wearing the weird face guard that first appeared in the NBA and have been cheerfully adopted in the Premier League. Even his team-mates Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas have worn them in 2015.

But there are a whole slew of questions I’ve got. How effective is one? How safe is one for not only the player wearing it but for an opponent effectively getting head-butted in a challenge with a piece of rigid fiberglass? Why can’t a player wear a cast on a fractured forearm and play unless it’s soft or padded? It’s also got to be a kick in the ass for the player on the bench who is deemed less capable of playing fully fit than one with bone fractures, so how does the coach deal with that?

I think it’s strange, but seems to be another aspect of the game that’s crept in and is now unremarkable as we’ve kinda gotten used to it.
Steve, Los Angeles


New Year love-in
Maybe cause it’s just gone new years (kinda) but while my rose-tinted glasses generally point in the other direction I throughly enjoyed Jonny Nic’s latest PFM instalment and cant agree with him more.

PS to Alex Stokoe, revisionist historian [not really.] Newcastle upon Tyne, I would love(it) too to remember what happened to that four-point lead[or something] (12 in January), but I too am getting a bit old. Plus the glory days are behind us all now.
Tim MUFC DublinIs it gay man-love for Johnny, Jeff?
Can I just say that the introduction of the fictional dialogue of the PFM Membership Panel debating the credentials of our weekly subject in Johnny’s Footy People on TV articles in recent times has been nothing short of journalistic brilliance.
Conor, DroghedaDon’t like this free content? Bugger off
I’ve enjoyed your website on a near-daily basis since pretty much since its creation (my personal highlight of course was being published in the mailbox and stating that Phil Neville was going to storm Euro 2000.) Having read countless articles and opinion pieces,  I find that I have never been reduced to a rage so spluttering that I felt compelled to leave a comment at the bottom. I either agreed or disagreed with all, some or none of what I’d just read.Having said that, I always found myself flicking through the comments on the old format, and by and large, they consisted of some well-reasoned (or sometimes not) counter-arguments that could on occasion be as entertaining as the article itself.However, since the change to Facebook, it appears that the comments sections solely consists of what an excruciating waste of time the commenter found the article, how the author of said piece is ‘nicking a living’ – or, indeed, knicking in one memorable instance, how the article was filler/pointless/without substance or, as in the case of John Nicholson’s latest piece, ‘…. JN still lacks the self awareness when putting down ex-pro’s on their appearance and PFM, This is a man that failed to play a music gig that wasn’t in some washed up, cruddy pub.’ Beautiful words indeed, written about someone you have never met. I bet you gave yourself a little smug-hug as soon as you posted it. Well done you.

My suggestion to those whose daily routine is to pillory those trying to make a living writing for this website is to, perhaps, f*** off and read something you do agree with. I don’t know, let’s say your own website. Create a website, publish an article about something you actually have an firm opinion on (take your time) and then add a little comments section onto the bottom so that like-minded bottom-feeders, like yourself, can verbally assassinate you personally and then criticise everything you do on a daily basis. Until then, go and haunt the Bleacher Report comments section. Trust me, you’ll be amongst friends. It’s a hive-mind of idiocy. You’ll slot right in. Enjoy.

Kind regards and much love as always. Delete the expletive if you absolutely must.
Lardycake (Bring back Big Sam, Reidy and the goose fat guzzling Brian Barwick. Do it now.)


Oh wow
I had to look up Paul Walsh on GIS after John Nich suggested he donned this famous ‘do’. At that age I was a Panini Sticker boy but it turned out I had just grown out of them…or I’d have seen it:

Paul Walsh

Ye ghods!
Jay Tea

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