Opening weekend vital stats – United to West Ham

Date published: Wednesday 17th August 2016 9:43

What did we learn from everyone’s first game of the season in comparison to their average statistics from last season? Probably nothing, but still. Arsenal through to Manchester City can be found here; now for the rest.


Manchester United

Last season (per game)
Possession: 55.9% (2nd)
Shots: 11.3 (15th)
Tackles: 2o (8th)
Passes: 528.1 (3rd)

vs. Bournemouth (3-1)
Possession: 52.8% (7th)
Shots: 11 (14th)
Tackles: 27 (2nd)
Passes: 561 (3rd)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Jose Mourinho is just as boring as Louis van Gaal. It says so in the shot statistics, see? Possession is down and tackles are up, which makes sense.



Last season (per game in the Championship)
Possession: 52.1% (7th)
Shots: 13.9 (4th)
Tackles: 17.2 (=10th)
Passes: 454.6 (6th)

vs. Stoke (1-1)
Possession: 46.5% (15th)
Shots: 12 (=11th)
Tackles: 17 (=13th)
Passes: 349 (17th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Not a great deal has changed from their successful promotion campaign. Shots and tackles are similar, while possession and passes are down, which is understandable.



Last season (per game)
Possession: 49.3% (11th)
Shots: 13.7 (=7th)
Tackles: 18.8 (12th)
Passes: 418.5 (11th)

vs. Watford (1-1)
Possession: 59.9% (2nd)
Shots: 24 (1st)
Tackles: 13 (19th)
Passes: 583 (2nd)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Forget Pep Guardiola bringing tika taka to Southampton; Claude Puel has turned Southampton into shot-taking (not that kind) pass-masters. It was against Watford, mind.



Last season (per game)
Possession: 50% (10th)
Shots: 11 (=16th)
Tackles: 18.7 (=13th)
Passes: 430.1 (10th)

vs. Middlesbrough (1-1)
Possession: 53.5% (6th)
Shots: 12 (=11th)
Tackles: 16 (15th)
Passes: 420 (11th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Middling. Stoke were the very definition of a team who were to finish 9th last season, and are the exact same this. You watch.



Last season (per game)
Possession: 43.3% (19th)
Shots: 11.6 (=13th)
Tackles: 20.2 (7th)
Passes: 336.6 (19th)

vs. Manchester City (1-2)
Possession: 31.5% (20th)
Shots: Seven (=18th)
Tackles: 17 (=13th)
Passes: 189 (20th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Making just 189 passes in 90 minutes is actually quite impressive. But David Moyes’ debut as manager did come against Pep Guardiola, so we’ll reserve judgement.



Last season (per game)
Possession: 52% (7th)
Shots: 11.6 (13th)
Tackles: 16.8 (19th)
Passes: 478.1 (7th)

vs. Burnley (1-0)
Possession: 52% (8th)
Shots: 17 (3rd)
Tackles: 19 (=9th)
Passes: 383 (13th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
The vitals are up, but the passing is down. More importantly of course, they won.



Last season (per game)
Possession: 55.3% (3rd)
Shots: 17.3 (1st)
Tackles: 21.1 (3rd
Passes: 490.8 (6th)

vs. Everton (1-1)
Possession: 54.4% (5th)
Shots: 13 (=9th)
Tackles: 18 (=11th)
Passes: 483 (6th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Not a great deal has changed in terms of passing and possession. Shots and tackles are both down, but Mauricio Pochettino and his side are notorious slow starters.



Last season (per game)
Possession: 46.3% (17th)
Shots: 11.7 (12th)
Tackles: 20.9 (4th)
Passes: 382.3 (15th)

vs. Southampton (1-1)
Possession: 40.1% (19th)
Shots: Five (20th)
Tackles: 25 (=4th)
Passes: 325 (18th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
They shot far more under Quique Flores and tackle far more under Walter Mazzarri. What more do you want?


West Brom

Last season (per game)
Possession: 42.2% (20th)
Shots: 10.2 (19th)
Tackles: 16.9 (18th)
Passes: 322.6 (20th)

vs. Crystal Palace (1-1)
Possession: 43.7% (17th)
Shots: 13 (=9th)
Tackles: 18 (=11th)
Passes: 245 (19th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Such statistics should bring a tear to Tony Pulis’ eye. Never has there been a more proud manager. They rank low for most things, but shots and tackles did actually increase against Palace. Maybe Tony is releasing the shackles a little? (He isn’t)


West Ham

Last season (per game)
Possession: 49.1 (12th)
Shots: 14.7 (5th)
Tackles: 18.7 (=13th)
Passes: 395.6 (14th)

vs. Chelsea (1-2)
Possession: 40.5 (18th)
Shots: Seven (=18th)
Tackles: 26 (3rd)
Passes: 351 (16th)

What have we learned (except for nothing?)
Far less possession, far fewer shots and far more tackles. They will face weaker opposition than Chelsea, of course.


Matt Stead

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