Paul Pogba’s return: The first interview in full

Date published: Tuesday 9th August 2016 7:58

Manchester United have made Paul Pogba the most expensive footballer in history by bringing the midfielder back from Juventus.

The media will have to wait to speak to the 23-year-old but United’s in-house television station MUTV asked him about his decision to return and plans for the future. Here is what he had to say.

Q: Paul, welcome back to Manchester United. How do you sum up your emotions right now?

A: “There’s no words, to be honest, there’s no words. I just came back to Carrington. It was like I’d just came back home. I just went for a holiday, looks like I went for a holiday. I’ve come back home, I’m happy and I see everyone, the same persons. It’s just a great feeling, to be honest.”

Q: I suppose it’s a funny question after what you’ve just said but why are you back here at United? What made you come back?

A: “I think it’s destiny, I would say it’s destiny. First my mum told me I would come back here and I told her, ‘You never know, we’ll see’. For myself as well it’s a big challenge too, just to come back to where I came from, where I grew up, where I started. I just didn’t finish what I started here so I think I came here to finish it.”

Q: And of course, you have to listen to your mum…

A: “My mum, she says, ‘Your mum is always right’ so she was right this time, so it’s good.

Q: And how does it feel to be the world’s most expensive footballer? That’s quite an achievement with all that you’ve already achieved on the pitch, isn’t it?

A: “The thing with me is I only think about the pitch. I want to do great, I want to be one of the best. I want to win titles, I want to achieve things and that’s all – that’s why I came here, just to do this, to become one of the best and to win titles because I know this club has to win titles. This club is created to win titles, to win things, to win big things. That’s why. I am focused about this and that’s it. I’m just ready to go and work on that and just kill it.”

Q: Has it been a mad summer for you, playing in the Euros at home for France and then being linked with various different clubs and then signing for United, coming home as you say?

A: “Yeah. There was there a bit of sadness of course because we lost the final at home, but I will say I’m happy. It was a bad thing for a good thing so I’m happy now. I’m back home and it’s something crazy, it’s really crazy. I cannot explain. I’m very, very happy. The feeling I have in my body is like I can’t wait to start.”

Q: What’s it like being Paul Pogba now, compared to when you were 17 or 18 here in this indoor arena at the academy?

A: “Well, I was younger, now I’m taller and bigger. It’s just like, as I told you, it looks like I went for a holiday and I came back home. I was meant to come back here. I feel this. I always had this United thing in my heart and that’s why I came back and I’m happy, just happy.”

Q: How have you changed as a player since you were here at United the first time around? What have you learned about your game, about yourself? How are you different?

A: “I’ve got more experienced, I’ve won titles in Juventus. I’ve been playing with big players like when I started at Man United, of course. And I came back, I’ve not come back from the academy now – just I went to play somewhere else and I came back as, I would say, as a person, as an adult. I would say with experience, with more games, so I think that’s the difference.”

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