Ridiculous headlines from far more successful sites

Date published: Saturday 14th May 2016 11:30


* The Sun are talking about wines, there.

‘Mauricio Pochettino admitted Alex Ferguson DID advise him to switch to the Reds — but only when the wine list came out,’ writes Paul Jiggins. Of course it was Paul Jiggins. It’s always bloody Paul Jiggins.

Ferguson is described as a ‘red wine buff’ lower down in the article. He probably prefers ‘winner of 48 major trophies during a legendary managerial career’.



* It’s Saturday afternoon, we have a full day of no Premier League fixtures ahead of us. That stops neither the Daily Mirror nor the Daily Star ploughing ahead with news.

‘Sir Alex Ferguson says retirement announcement in 2001 was “the biggest mistake” of legendary career,’ reads the headline on the Mirror’s website.

The Star go with: ‘Sir Alex Ferguson: This was the biggest mistake I made at Manchester United.’

The quotes are interesting. Ferguson discusses how the announcement of his retirement from management in 2001 gravely affected the club’s form, that the performances of his players dipped, and that prospective summer transfer targets were unwilling to join due to the uncertainty. Ferguson gives in-depth insight into the events at the time, as well as what persuaded him to overturn the decision.

We have just one question: why have these quotes resurfaced when Ferguson first said them in October of last year?



The Metro Football365Bad news for Petr Cech, Juan Mata and David Beckham now. The previous incumbents of the title ‘Nicest man in football’ have been dethroned by Arsene Wenger, according to The Metro.

Cech won the title by catching a train. Beckham beat him a month later for the crown. Reigning champion Mata had held the title since February for hugging his former teammates. Will anyone step up to defeat Wenger?



* Over to the Daily Express now, who are ticking SEO boxes left, right and centre.

Express Football365




The ‘stunning deal’? That both clubs are discussing where to play their planned International Champions Cup fixture on August 6. For fu…



‘Before and after: how the stress of being a Premier League manager takes its toll,’ reads the headline over on the Daily Telegraph‘s website. It is a gallery consisting of 11 pictures, showing managers at the start of their reigns and at the end, and how ‘the stress takes its toll’.

Breaking news: Jose Mourinho looks older in 2016 then he did in 2004. Roberto Martinez had more hair as a 39-year-old than he does as a 42-year-old. Steve Bruce’s ‘cherubic qualities’ have become more pronounced over his 18 years in management.

‘Revealed: People age’.

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