Rooney: Hated, adored but never ignored

Date published: Tuesday 6th September 2016 9:38

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The grief continues
Will tip some gin out for Phil Neville tonight….finally falling out of the top 50 in the F365 England ladder. And for Kevin Nolan no less.
Ron (Actually played a false 9 in CM 01/02), London


…The worst thing about the England game wasn’t the lifeless performance that was a pathetic imitation of what we saw in the Summer, lack of imagination or alternative plan regarding team selection or tactics, the manager’s bizarre willingness to admit that he cannot control his captain and apparent belief that this is a good thing, the fawning press or knowing that the manager is completely powerless to change any of this. It was seeing Kevin Nolan replace Phil Neville at that sacred #50 and realising that it makes perfect sense. Roll on August 2018.
Jeff, EFC


…I oft read your missives on the great game and have, like most readers,  come to expect a considered and reasoned approach to the day’s ‘goings  on’. Well done.

However, after a late night return and a quick check on how the land  lies, I was left stunned. Not to make hasty judgement (I had been but  recently within the embrace of Bacchus), I decided that the morrow would  provide clarity.

No Sir, it did not. Therefore, for the sake of absent clarity, can you  please tell me, a) what in the name of arse biscuitry is Daniel Storey
playing at? and b) what the good bloody God is the sub-editor doing? A World Cup ladder…. No P. Neville?

You may well laud it as being a “famous” ladder but, such an oversight  runs the risk of it becoming Football365’s Fatuous World Cup Ladder.

Get a grip.
G. Sheehan


Glenn f*cking Whelan
The analysis of the Irish performance was summed up in one sentence: Glenn Whelan doesn’t touch the ball when we have it, he doesn’t tackle when we don’t have it.

Every time that man is selected for our national side, we play terribly. We’re not blessed with an abundance of gifted, technical footballers yet we insist on leaving out the few talented lads we have.

Let no Englishman complain about the players you have available. We are effectively stepping onto the pitch a man down every time we hand a jersey to Glenn f*cking Whelan.
Eoin (we’re not great but we could be better, ’twas ever thus) Ireland


Would England actually be better with 4-4-f*cking-2
Mike Bassett once famously said “England are playing 44-f*cking-2”. Well how’s about we play it?

There is a common consensus it seems that we should play ‘sophisticated’ diamonds or 433’s with wide forwards but harking back to the Iceland game and a recent Liverpool one Daniel Sturridge needs a map when stuck out wide yet has always thrived when played alongside a proper strike partner.

Vardy scores loads next to Okazaki (I don’t buy the counter attacker only theory given the amount of Leicester goals from a high press in the first half of last season). Whilst Rooney has also always been best with a strike partner in my opinion, if he has to play it’s as a 10 in front two (I’d prefer Sturridge though).

Now I know that Kane has thrived at club level as a lone striker but he’s hardly pulled up trees for England has he? So why not try a strike partnership? I tend to think our wingers would suited to it as well as there is an extra body in the box to aim wayward crosses at.

If Drinkwater and Dier were deployed the defence would be well covered and in Drinkwater we’d actually have a bit of a ball player in midfield which we seem to have been lacking forever (he’s not Pirlo but he’s not Scott Parker either).

So what do people think? 442 or stick with the current christmas pudding formation?
Rob, Guangzhou


Rooney: Hated, adored, never ignored
On holiday at the moment catching up on the mailbox (mailboxes tbh – weather is too good) and it occurred to me – does anybody remember a mailbox following a United or an England match when Rooney wasn’t mentioned? He truly is the football equivalent of marmite.

Lampard was the same, I suspect only Chelsea fans truly appreciated his value. Gerrard in his later years got grief, ‘Hollywood Ball’ became his tagline, and most of us laughed when he slipped. Scholes got no love when playing for England but is revered elsewhere on the continent, with Xavi even misty-eyed when talking about him. Beckham had a moment of madness in his youth in France 98 and was vilified.

It seems to stem from a need to have heroes and villains, black and white in the here and now with no middle ground, especially for the national team, where the redtops need to give us an EXCLUSIVE headline so we continue to buy their BS and have something to argue about with lonely-pint dave down the pub.

Rooney hasn’t been his old self for the last two or three years. I have seen Wayne carry United in the post-Ronaldo years and that guy was a beast. You honestly don’t appreciate how good he was unless you saw him live. But I also remember Giggs had an identity crisis around the same age. And I’m not speaking out of turn when I say he was disrespected from the terraces. Players change as the get older and they adapt, Wayne is no different. He is trying to find his place in a new United team and it’s up to him to do so. He hasn’t started badly.

I suppose what I am saying is, it’s up to him to sink or swim. No amount of our sniping or glorifying is going to deny him of that opportunity. Let’s just wait and see where he ends up.
Garey Vance, MUFC


‘I’m bored of hearing about Rooney,’ says man mailing in about Wayne Rooney
What is it with this Rooney obsession? Everyone’s talking about Rooney, the media is all over Rooney. For far too long it’s been Rooneyrooneyrooneyrooney!!!

I think I am as bored if this Rooney argument … Scratch that. I am far more bored of hearing about this Rooney character than I am watching him play. It’s so frustratingly boring that I just don’t want to hear about it anymore. I would rather watch Rooney play than listen to you guys bitch about Rooney.

He has always been limited in his ability but because he trained with SAF (The best football manager ever by the way) he looked far better than he really was. Why do you think his sudden dip in form coincides with Georgie’s retirement. He actually always was quite average. You guys just never noticed. And I will tell you who the next Rooney is. Harry Kane.

You love to build them up and you lot it more to tear them down. Big Sam is being such a buffoon about it. He is in awe of the job and he will fail massively and you will have no choice but to give it Redknapp. For those of you who disagree I ask you. Did anyone ever think it would come to big Sam?

Leave Rooney alone. He is doing the best he can and that’s all that should be asked of him. Remove Rooney from that team and no one else has won sh*t! Not even Sam Allardyce! Rooney is the best you have. Rooney is what you will get. Deal with it.
Paul (CFC)
(MC – A reminder, as ever, that we can only publish what we get)


Best of the rest XI
Bored at work today so I made this team from the players who couldn’t make the first or second XI. A ‘best-of-the-rest’, if you will.


I think this side would do pretty well. Anyone have the audacity to disagree?


Hell yes
Lord above, give us all some Premier League football.
Matt Carr, Spurs. Wilmington, NC

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