The odds of turning football passion into profits

Date published: Monday 12th September 2016 3:15

Football can be an all-consuming sport. We see it played in schools, on the television, inside stadiums, at the parks, and virtually every side street where the children gather. People talk about it on the news, in social media, and in the pubs. We contribute to the conversation ourselves. After all, years of exposure have taught us a thing or two about the sport. At a certain point, we may even decide to move from idle chatter to profitable bets. Use your accumulated knowledge of the game to make money betting on football. Prepare diligently to minimize losses and maximize wins.

Learn from the Experts

Beginners should take it slowly and learn all that they can before parting with any amount. Read free football betting tips written by reputable experts. Many of them are available online. Study the basics for a solid foundation including the terms, the concepts, and the techniques. You need to know what the labels mean so that the numbers will make sense. You will be able to evaluate whether odds are good or not. Apply the concepts you discovered whenever they are applicable. Analyze how the experts pick their recommendations. It is important to understand how they arrived at their conclusions.

Head over Heart

Everyone have a favorite team. The best gamblers know that there is a difference between wanting for a team to win and knowing that it is likely to win. The first is driven by emotion while the second is driven by analysis. Always bet using your head and not your heart for consistent profits.

What to Look For

Stay on top of the news reports. You have to know which club is having a great winning streak and which is on a losing skid. Momentum can be an excellent predictor of success as winning can be a habit. The best teams simply refuse to quit. They find a way to score a goal even if it seems impossible.

Be mindful of injuries, player transfers, team managers, and ownership issues as well. Anything that could affect team motivation should be looked into before placing a bet. The skill levels are often similar in the pro leagues. The difference lies in players’ mindsets.

What to Avoid

Friendly games should generally be avoided. Watch them if you want to but don’t bet on them. The lack of actual consequences makes the game unpredictable. It’s not like a league where every point counts and both teams are pressured to perform at their best. Pride may be at stake in friendly matches but people are usually less than 100%. They are saving their energies and steering clear of injuries.

People must also be careful about the amount that they bet on each turn. It is a good idea to set a maximum limit for a night and use only what you can afford to lose. If losing a certain amount would be bad for you, then don’t use it all at once. A slow and steady trickle of wins is better in the long run. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

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