Wenger: You can’t buy players just to keep fans happy

Date published: Sunday 14th August 2016 10:22

Arsene Wenger has dismissed the suggestion that new signings can add vibrancy to a squad and prevent it from going stale.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have added several new faces to their squads this summer, while Granit Xhaka is Arsenal’s signing that would make their full-strength first team.

But Wenger doesn’t feel that new signings necessarily helps to keep a squad fresh, but instead just keeps fans happy and counts for little when the season starts.

“Vibrancy doesn’t make you win games,” he said. “What makes you win game is the quality of the performance and the quality of your football. And you have to focus just on that.

“That is very difficult in the modern game. There is always demand for new but new is just new.

“What is new makes news. But apart from that it makes noise. But the noise is not necessarily always quality.

“United and City signed a lot of players the year before as well…if you want to make everybody happy, then just buy 20 new players and everybody is full of hope until the first game starts and then we’re back to reality.”

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