What are football accumulators?

Date published: Thursday 25th August 2016 3:17

Football accumulator bets are the only bets that allow punters to win large amounts of money with small wagers. In this article we explain how they work…


Betting on football gives football fans a chance to try and capitalise on the knowledge that they have gathered throughout the years watching football and discussing it with their friends. It is still quite difficult to win larger amounts of money, even if you’re watching several matches every weekend over the course of many years. That is the case because football can be very unpredictable. In fact, that is what makes it fun and thrilling.

In that respect, betting on football is much like playing casino games. It can make you rich in a matter of seconds and having a bit of luck is necessary. If you’re a fan of casino gaming, here are some of the best games in 2016. But there is one significant difference between casino gaming and betting on football. With betting on football you select the matches you want to bet on and you can’t blame it on anyone else, if things don’t turn out the way you’d want them to.


Can’t win a lot of money with single or double bets
It is not that difficult to predict the outcome of one football match, especially if the team you’re backing to win are the favourite, or if you’re placing a ‘both teams to score’ bet on a match where both teams play attacking football. However, despite the fact that it is very plausible to win, it won’t bring you a lot of money. Even if you find a good value bet and back a team at evens odds, you’ll still only earn as much as you’ve wagered. And even if it is a 3/2 odds bet, you’ll still win a mere £75 with a £50 bet. Placing a bet on one selection is called a single bet and it is the easiest and the simplest bet.

But, even a bet on 2 or even 3 selections can’t yield high profits, especially if you’ve made a realistic selection. Let’s say that you’ve backed two teams at evens odds. Then you’d earn £30 with a £10 bet. With 3 selections at evens you would earn £70 with a £10 bet.  Bets with 2 and 3 selections are called doubles and trebles, respectively. As you can see the amount of money is significantly higher, but still not enough to make you rich, unless you can afford to place a £10,000 wager. Then again, if you could afford that, you would already be rich.


Big money can be won on accumulator bets
We often read in the papers about punters who won large amounts of money with quite small wagers. Last year, one punter won an amazing amount of £92,000 with a wager of just £2. The only way to win a lot of money with a small wager is by placing a so called accumulator bet. And if you think almost 100K with just 2 quid is a lot, what about the man from Lichfield who won a staggering £500,000 with just 30p. It just doesn’t get any better than that. If you’re not familiar with betting terminology and what an accumulator bet is, it is pretty simple. It is a bet on four or more selections, where all selections need to win in order for the bet to be winning. There are only two possible combinations, you either win or lose.


How to calculate the odds
So, if you place four selections, that is a 4-fold accumulator, with 5 it is a 5-fold and so on. Some bookies put a limit on the number of selections that you can put in one accumulator. Still most would allow up to 16 or even 20 selections which is more than enough.

The best way to calculate the odds on an accumulator bet is to multiple the odds of all selections after you convert them to decimal. So, if you have a 4-fold accumulator with a 1.7, 1.6, 2 and 2.1 selections, then the total odds would be 11.4. Then if you want to know how much money you’d win, you’ll need to multiple your stake with the total odds. So if you place £10 on an accumulator at 11.4 odds, you would win a total of £114, calculating also the £10 stake, or a clear profit of £104.

Be aware of the maximum amount that can be won on that type of selections. Bookies place limits on the amounts that can be won and the limit usually depends on the competition, with Premier League and Champions League matches offering highest pay-outs.


How to combine selections
You can combine different selections in an accumulator bet, but you can’t combine two selections that are connected. For instance, if Manchester United are playing against Crystal Palace, you can place a selection that United would win and a selection that they would be leading at half time. However, you are allowed to include a halftime/fulltime selection, which is practically the same, but the fact that the two outcomes are connected is reflected in the odds.


Accumulator insurance bonus
Beware that it is quite difficult to correctly predict the outcomes of large numbers of games and you lose if only one of them loses. For example, if you have placed a 10-fold accumulator and 9 selections have won, but your last selection was Arsenal win against Southampton and the result has been 1-0 ever since minute 10, but suddenly the Saints score an equaliser in stoppage time, then the your bet would be a losing one and you wouldn’t get anything. Fortunately, most bookmakers offer a so called accumulator insurance bonus, where you get your stake back if you were let down by only one selection. An accumulator bet is colloquially called ‘acca’.

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