Zaha: I never even met Moyes’ daughter

Date published: Saturday 31st October 2015 12:11

Wilfried Zaha has denied ever meeting – never mind sleeping – with David Moyes’ daughter.

That was one of the rumours that dogged Zaha at Manchester United, with many people assuming he had either a) annoyed Moyes by ‘courting’ his daughter or b) had a bad attitude.

Zaha made only four appearances for Moyes before being loaned out to Cardiff City, despite costing United £15m.

“The rumours started basically because he just stopped playing me with no actual reason that I knew,” said Zaha, who faces United with Crystal Palace on Saturday.

“It was either: I slept with David Moyes’ daughter or I have got a bad attitude. Those are the two rumours that stuck with me until I left Man United. I have had no say since then.

“I never even met her (Moyes’ daughter). But as soon as anybody sees me now, people think: Wilfried Zaha, bad attitude. I just don’t understand why. I went through that every single day.

“Getting constant tweets, people outside making jokes. I just had to take that on knowing that I wasn’t going to play for United either. I lived up there by myself as well so there was not really anybody to speak to.

“Yes at times I was depressed. I felt a lot of things. When I don’t play well nobody needs to say anything to me. I beat myself up. It stresses me out if I mess it up.

“As soon as Moyes came he just said I wasn’t ready for the Premier League. He didn’t say why. I didn’t really understand it. I felt I wasn’t given a chance really.

“Going to Man United you’re expected to be the final product. That’s what it felt like. Maybe it would’ve been different with Ferguson, but I was still learning – I’d just come from the Championship.

“There was a lot of pressure on Moyes – he needed to deliver. He couldn’t take a risk. I’m not putting the blame entirely on him, I’m sure he had stuff on his mind as well.”

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