Pogba 'disgusted' with Ferguson

Paul Pogba has reiterated his reasons for leaving Manchester United, explaining that he was "disgusted" by Sir Alex Ferguson's decision to play Rafael in midfield in a Premier League match against Blackburn.

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JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

@eyal. next you will be telling us that Man United didn't produce George Best.

Posted 12:41pm 26th January 2014

3 in the bus (Manchester United) says...

Yep, SAF made a mistake with Pogba¿ he made many mistakes, but he made shed loads more good decisions that made United the biggest club in the world. No successful can claim that they have made no mistakes...

Posted 1:57pm 25th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@eyal....why would a 'fake' United fan be hanging around now? I suppose all those tired old 'glory hunter' and 'plastic' insults can only be labeled at City 'fans' these days. And please, the City fan born in Trafford...and living in Stockport, calling others fake? Haha....

Posted 10:13am 25th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@eyal.....he was only at La Harve for a year or two! Haha and moving to United is a different level, we took him on to that next level. I don't know why you care so much? I think you're just obsessed.

Posted 5:38pm 24th January 2014

eyal&alib (Manchester City) says...

Oh dear, trev, you just don't get it do you? It's a long standing joke, as I say, one that an actual United fan would understand. Yet more prove you are a fake United 'fan'. If that were needed... I know, even someone as stupid as you wouldn't think Pogba wasn't conceived behind the bins at the Arndale.. It's a running joke. Pogba was acquired as an adult. Over 16 years old, he signed a professional contract and he left at 18. He was a product of the Le Harve academy, you signed him. At 16 you either sign a professional contract, you get signed or you get released. My my, what a surprise, yet again you don't actually know what you are talking about. You are just too funny..

Posted 1:16pm 24th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@eyal....you're losing it now. We did produce Pogba. No one has claimed he's from the streets Stetford, it's just self-deluding nonsense spouted by someone whose own team produces nothing, and can't handle the p*ss taking. Pogbe is a 'product of our youth academy', that better for you? All I'm saying is it's good that United can't still churn out some players if his quality. For someone who constantly preaches about the 'biggest investment in youth in history'......I would have thought you'd be far more positive about all this, instead of making pathetic meaningless points. Surely with all that dough City will be churning out 'Pogbas' every year won't they? Nah...they'll all continue to leave for bigger clubs like they do now!

Posted 10:26am 24th January 2014

eyal&alib (Manchester City) says...

@allaboutobsessedwithcity.. "Who has anyone else produced to match Pogba? We might have let him go.....but at least we are still capable of producing them. " you didn't produce him. Ravel Morrison? Case closed, you're deluded. Oh and you really don't understand irony or sarcasm do you? The fact that United fans claim everyone to be produced by them from the streets of Stretford is a long standing joke. One that an actual United fan would understand.. Not to worry though, we all know you're not one of those!!

Posted 9:48am 24th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

I don't regret not keeping Pogba, there's more to being a winner than technical ability, it doesn't matter how talented a player is, if he can't put the team above himself then he's a liability. Pogba was too immature to wait his turn at United, at Juventus, in a weak league, he's doing well, that doesn't mean he would at United, plenty do well in Italy who were dung in England.

Posted 11:06pm 23rd January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@Eyal....Oh dear, when is the silly ickle bitter City Globetrotters fan ever going to learn? Still incorrectly using big words he doesn't understand, still telling complete lies and still obsessed! Ravel Morrison? Have we not produced him? Straight away you already look dumb! You see....you have no idea what you are talking about....obviously! Complete and utter lie about Richards, no one has ever said that. What really happened, and please feel free to prove me wrong, was that a City fan claimed Richards was a 'home grown Manc'....when actually he's from Leeds! It was terrible embarrassing for all concerned. It was one of those occasions were you started a stupid argument....and then ended up looking like a clueless mug, no one has claimed 'Pogba or Januzaj as as Mancunian as drizzle' have they? Show us where they have then? Prove its not a lie? Ironically the only person calling Pogba a 'Manc'.....was actually Pogba! That's how we make them feel! Oh and please stop pretending that City are 'no different' to United, you produce nothing, don't even try and cant even afford to do it yourselves.....you couldn't be any more different than United!

Posted 1:39pm 23rd January 2014

utd_till_i_die (Manchester United) says...

So many non United fans again on an article mocking United for letting go of a young talent. You all can be rest assured that we will produce more talent along the way. We want young players like Januzaj who are more interested in the football than in making their agents rich. We got Lingard, Powell and quite a few more excellent players getting ready for the first team.

Posted 11:18am 23rd January 2014

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