United agree £30m fee for Shaw

Luke Shaw is expected to complete his move to Manchester United later today after a fee of around £30m was agreed with Southampton, Sky Sports understands.

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Synergy says...

Ah, a Sheikhy fans throwing the word "plastic". Always makes me laugh. Though it is an apt description of your club, ever since it got bought by the middle eastern oil barron.

Hopefully City won't forget to send a cake for Mansoors birthday or he might do a Yaya Toure.

Post numbers and sources. Making claims with no real evidence is an internet specialty. Though you are right on one thing, spending went up and transfer fees got inflated with the advent of the PL as money flowed into all PL clubs. It also resulted in quality players coming to England and us fans enjoying some fantastic football. Its only since the advent of the sugar daddy that player fees and more importantly wages are out of control. Sheikhy gifted rubbish players 100-150k simply because they don't have to balance the books like traditional clubs. 100 mil loss...no problem, Sheikh will just toss some money into Man City's begging bowl to cover it.

Posted 1:53pm 2nd July 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

synergy - In Sir Alexs 1st 7 years he was the highest net spending manager in the league. Fergusons United team that finished 11th in 1989 cost 14 times more than the Arsenal team that won the league. Many would say that the inflation of transfer fees and influx of foreign owners was caused by the advent of the Premier League and influx of plastic fans (like yourself) it attracted meaning more money going to the established top teams as fans were supporting clubs for glory rather than locality or love.

Posted 1:04pm 1st July 2014

Synergy says...

@mootilated (Arsenal)> Who said Ozil was overpriced? 42 mil is a fair price for a player of his quality, in the current sugar daddy inflated market. Personally I am rooting for Arsenal to once again splash some big money for a quality striker as it would make the league a lot more competitive and hence more fun.

I did laughed when someone compared Shaw to Carroll. As soon as Carroll was signed, everyone (except Kenny) knew it was a huge blunder as he was a Fat Sam type player, not a player for a club hoping to win things. On the flip side Shaw has undoubted potential. Its still a risk as sometimes potential doesn't end up as performance. However its a chance United had to take.

Lastly all the sugar daddy clubs have proved that in football you can buy the league. Simply put if the traditional clubs expect to compete with Sheikh and Romans playthings, they will have to spend and I fully expect Pool as well as Arsenal to spend big as well. Only the genius of SAF could win title without matching the spendings of the sugar daddies & SAF is enjoying his retirement.

Posted 10:44am 1st July 2014

fresh (Liverpool) says...

@big dave, thats from the source, the guy is very family orientated.

Posted 9:02am 30th June 2014

doctor_cowboy (Liverpool) says...

@oneloveunited "Perhaps it would make more sense if you waited until the transfer window was closed as I'm sure we'll be offloading plenty too" Did you just make the exact same "net spend" argument that Liverpool fans get castigated for (usually by United fans)? To quote George Takei, "Oh my".

Posted 2:41am 29th June 2014

Crankydog (Southampton) says...

oneloveunited - you seem to have a real Liverpool complex thing going on there....why can't you be positive just about the player your club has invested on long term. Sad. Anyway, thanks Man U and Liverpool for approx. £60m. Debts wiped out and £20m in the bank for some bargains from Holland....

Posted 10:08pm 27th June 2014

crow says...

@r3dz, there is a reason why Chelsea and City have to pay over the odds. It is because teams take advantage over the fact they have rich owners. High transfer fees do help the little clubs survive as well imo though they should be capped. And going by this world Cup perhaps there should be a cap on their wages as well? @solskjaer99 I disagree. English players are good enough, for start they qualified no? The trouble as I see it is that English players are over priced and clubs turn to the foreign market as they can get more for their money.

Posted 8:42pm 27th June 2014

ted maul (Chelsea) says...

@r3dz - in fairness it seems to be Liverpool fans shouting about the fee.

Posted 5:37pm 27th June 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@CamberleyGooner You and your wife are wrong. The Irish League is made up of predominantly Northern Irish players, the Northern Irish national side is still s***. The England team is poor because English players aren't good enough, which is the same reason they don't get picked by the top sides as often as better foreign players, if the English coaching system trained better players, they'd have a better national side and there'd be no need to import foreign players to play for the top sides. As for the jibe about United not being in Europe, one season out of the last two decades and you clowns try and pretend your two bit operation are better, don't kid yourselves, under LvG United will challenge for the top four and it'll be at the expense of Arsenal if it happens.

Posted 5:10pm 27th June 2014

r3dz (Manchester United) says...

Oh just loving the sight of Chelsea & City shouting about transfer fee

Posted 4:04pm 27th June 2014

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