Leighton Baines: Lack Of Ambition Or Just Happy?

It seems Leighton Baines has at some point made the decision that he'd quite like to be left-back for Everton. Do we read that as a lack of ambition or massive success?

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meanonsunday (Everton) says...

Just one of those unambitious people, never been further than Wigan. Big mistake if Everton keep him, he's 29 so odds are his performance and value are on a one way slide. They should be looking to cash in on Moyes desperation; with the money from Fellaini and Jelavic that's 50 million. Enough to sign some real quality without even increasing the wage budget from last year. And yes, he really was a Liverpool fan.

Posted 5:27pm 2nd February 2014

side-dog (Everton) says...

Whilst I think it shows more ambition to want to stay with a club that isn't a typical trophy winner and help them to something tangible, let's not forget that in the summer when Moyes made his laughable offer for Baines, the shy one did ask the club for permission to speak to Man Utd. The powers that be at Everton said no. For the record, had Oviedo not broken his leg against Stevenage the other day, a lot of Evertonians would not have been that upset to cash in on Baines as Oviedo has been playing much better football this season than the incumbent.

Posted 9:29pm 1st February 2014

big dave (Manchester United) says...

@east stand dave - totally agree mate. The guy deserves credit for staying with Everton for a host of reasons. To all the Liverpool fans out there who don't know the difference between fact and fiction, repeat after me: you hate Rooney because he plays for United. If you were as morally forthright as you like to pretend to be when pointing out his faults, you would hate Gerrard (for trying to flee to Chelsea) and Suarez (for bringing the club into disrepute and losing Kenny his job). Since you idolise those two, it's safe to say your hatred for Rooney is because he's a United player, pure and simple. It's not rocket science.

Posted 9:39am 1st February 2014

lamina (Arsenal) says...

Who wrote this nonsense?

Posted 5:42pm 31st January 2014

jonos (Everton) says...

Who told dearg Baines was a Lolerpool fan?

Posted 4:22pm 31st January 2014

east stand dave (Arsenal) says...

Footballers can't win sometimes. A rare show of loyalty from a player and he's not ambitious enough! What if his ambition was to play for Everton? Talksport once slated Steven Gerrard for signing a new Liverpool deal saying he didn't have the ambition to win the league! Matt le tissier and Alan shearer weren't ambitious enough either apparently. Well they all played for the clubs they loved and are now legends. I wish more players acted like this

Posted 12:14pm 31st January 2014

dearg (Liverpool) says...

reddevil 83-Baines grew up a Liverpool fan and even if he was an Everton fan, its not as if players are 'once a blue, always a blue' as shown by a certain thuggish-granny interfering twunt playing for whoever will pay him £15m pa

Posted 11:52am 31st January 2014

raphapablap (Manchester City) says...

If Baines is an Everton fan, then I don't see why he should ever want to leave. Doesn't everyone dream of playing for the club they support?

Posted 12:41am 31st January 2014

scousemesser2 (Liverpool) says...

One thing not mentioned in the article is him being a scouser. Some may not want to hear this but going to Man United is stepping over the rubicon for most scousers (even a lot of blues). Man City not so much so. I dont think Baines has ever given an absolute answer of if he was a red or a blue as a kid. He said his dad was a red, but he also went to some matches with blue mates. I think his mainly non-answer suggests he was a red, but being a blue now, doesn't want to shout it from the rooftops. Ok, Rooney went to Man U, but when Everton weren't challenging the top end, and also Rooney is a bit more mercenary, as still proved when it comes to contract negotiations/brinkmanship with Man United. Scousers don't dream about playing for Man U, and are seen as traitorious.

Posted 9:34pm 30th January 2014

red_devil83 (Manchester United) says...

@clarky1989 It's because Baines is an Evertonian playing for Everton and not a racist-bitey twunt playing for whoever'll put up with him.

Posted 7:12pm 30th January 2014

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