Wayne Rooney - The Truly Modern Footballer

Whilst Rooney may never quite live up to predictions of grandeur, you can't fault the way in which he tucks away a contract negotiation. Three hundred thousand pounds...

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big dave (Manchester United) says...

United's most important player over the last ten years. Likely to break numerous England and United records. The player Moyes wants to build his team around for the next 5 years. Averages a goal every two games, and has one of the best assists records in the PL. Yeah, we'd be mad to increase his wages and tie him down for five years. Some (very few) United fans harbour a grudge because he wanted to leave (once, years ago). Fans of other clubs find him an easy and fun target because of his occasionally aggressive play, the fact he plays for United, and his total lack of charisma or ability in front of a camera. There's also a widespread feeling that, given his precocious talent in his late teens, he should have won a World Cup for England. Well I'm sure we're all sorry for all of the above, but the fact is United are a far better team with him (England are barely a team at all without him), his record is phenomenal, and he's almost due a testimonial. His wages are disgusting in the same way that football has become disgusting in the last 20 years (but we all seem to be still watching it). Those are the facts. Everything else is just over-excited drivel, fuelled by the media and lapped up by people who don't like United, or who want to find fault with Moyes or the club.

Posted 12:42pm 25th February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

@allaboutunited? Bitter? Rooney's at the only club in the World that could/would pay him £3000,000 a week that is of consequence to City. He's not at a title rival, next year he won't be in the CL. So him at United rather than Chelsea is just about perfect for a City fan. Add to that the amount of money you're going to need to spend on players and wages to improve (see Mata) is ideal for clubs like City. As for you latest nonsense, as I say, perhaps you could pass on some of your knowledge to Gerrard Pique, he clearly needs it too. As for the Campus, you're the only person I've ever heard have a bad word to say about it. Now that's bitter. City are not only subsidising the development of the sixth form college amongst other council backed ideas but our redevelopment of the whole are has made possible. Without City's money the redevelopment we're seeing would not be happening. City are still playing in 4 competitions, playing wonderful football, with the best value season ticket in the country. Yep I'm so bitter.. SOD...

Posted 12:15pm 25th February 2014

stevechase (Liverpool) says...

For a bloke that has never really slipped into the list of top world class players, this is serious money. How long until he throws his shoe out of the pram again. Steve

Posted 9:11am 25th February 2014

allaboutunited says...

@chickenmix....already today you've proved that a) You don't know the rules of the game, regarding the Barca penalty a b) tried to convince people that's it's City who are building a college and leisure facilities....which are actually being built by the council. Information freely available on your own clubs website. So I think its fairly safe to a say that you have no idea what you're talking about here either. It's nothing more than the deluded drivel of a bitter City fan.

Posted 5:49pm 24th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Keeping Rooney makes sense in more ways than I care to list. In fact, it is the most important piece of business the club have done in the last 4 or 5 years, as far as I am concerned. I cannot imagine how we would attract a player of similar qulaity to the club without spending vast amounts of money on transfer fees and equivalent wages, seeing as we will not have CL football to offer around in the summer. I couldn't care less what other clubs fans think about it, to be honest. It's not as though Aguero, Suarez or Ozil are all working for free, is it? Yes, it's high, but keeping a player like Rooney sends out a much stronger message than allowing them to leave, and then spending the summer watching Woodward make a hash of finding a similar quality replacement. Rooney has been our most important player for nearly a decade now. The money is obscene, but then I stopped pontificating about footballers wages when Roy Keane asked for £50,000 in around 2001 or there abouts.

Posted 3:23pm 24th February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

Got to love abouthypocrosyandlies codswollop.. Funny how you'll believe what you read about Hazard, or Toure or anyone else for that matter. Facts are simple, United have agred a mega deal bigger than any other in the league. Rooney will be earning £300,000 a week at 33 years old. That is just too funny. My favourite bit of your ignorance, players will be coming off the wage bill? Are you suggesting United wont need to replace these players with better ones? More expensive ones? Vidic, Ferdinand et al signed contracts when playing for United was what every top player wanted to do. Now, Mata required a near double jump in wages to leave Chelsea's bench. United were Sky TV's darling, everyone wanted a piece of United, now, I think even most blinkered of United fans can see, all is not well. Be honest for once, what team without CL football would pay Wayne Rooney £300,000 into his mid thirties? You can say or think what you like, but Wazza is only there for the money and Mata, well I can only imagine what fans of other clubs would say if City were in 7th place with no chance of CL football doubling players wages? Oh wait I can remember, they were all mercenaries. Yet old Wayne he's just there because be loves United. £300,000 a week to play Thursday nights is pretty darn rare and Mata well apparently he spent most of his career gutted at never getting his chance in a rigid 442 at right mid.

Posted 3:10pm 24th February 2014

allaboutunited says...

@bishop....a bit of a mute point considering he isn't actually earning 300k a week. Same for RvP. Look I'm not being funny, but there isn't a better run club in England than United. We aren't some little insignificant club propped up by a billionaire who are only relevant if they are playing CL football, even now.....we're the club everyone is talking about. I notice you weren't on here saying similar things when Chelsea offered to pay both Hazard and his agent more than everyone else? 9-12m Chelsea paid, just to the agent. City are the same. The difference of course is that United aren't relying on charity to afford these deals. So perhaps your own club should start turning a regular profit before you start sticking your nose into things you know little about? Not much has been said about those likely to come off the wage bill either....I think United will be fine.

Posted 8:39am 24th February 2014

lustral (Liverpool) says...

It's meaningless to say a player earning £300k/week is overpaid when the average PL wage is £30k/week. It's silly money, incomprehensible to most of us. Much as I hate to say this he is a great player and for reasons unbeknownst to me very marketable. Hate the game not the (football) player.

Posted 9:16pm 23rd February 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

This deal proves that the for Manchester United the football club no longer comes first, the money does. Ignore the hype of the English press, Rooney the footballer is not irreplaceable. Rooney the shirt seller, however, is the goose that laid the golden egg. The club would rather sacrifice on pitch performance and dressing room morale, to make Rooney feel like he is bigger than the club, all because he makes money for the Glazers, it's a shameful episode in the history of Manchester United, we no longer have any morale high ground on which to look down on City and Chelsea. If Fergie had stayed, Rooney would have been first out the door and the football club (the inconvenient bit for the Glazers) would have been better for it. Moyes is just a patsy.

Posted 8:09pm 23rd February 2014

bishop (Chelsea) says...

@allaboutunited two of your strikers are on 250k plus amd youre 7th on the table. thats the discussion going on here. we already know how much the deall will benefit Rooney. I think its obvious. the highest paid player in chelsea is on 180k -1st on the table that of arsenal cant be up to 120k - 2nd on the table man city dont even have a player on 300k FFS. it sounds realistic to say youre not going to be in UCL next season and what if..... what if (God forbid tho) yoiu also didnt make it next season? how do you think your club will survive with this colossal wages and an aged squad youll have by then.?

Posted 2:39pm 23rd February 2014

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