Won't Somebody Think Of The Third-Choice Keepers

It must be wonderful being part of a World Cup squad, but what of the third-in-line to the goalkeeper's throne? Nick Miller examines the strangest of tournament 'participants'...

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early (Liverpool) says...

Reina WAS second choice - Valdes had one cap, having made his debut a month before the tournament. Reina had twenty - his lower squad number (23) wasn't significant.

Posted 9:21pm 14th June 2014

budek (Bolton Wanderers) says...

Reina was second choice I thought?

Posted 7:49am 14th June 2014

thomspur (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Good article, I felt it was a little harsh on Reina who a. was good enough to be part of that squad b. was celebrating just like any spaniard would & should (just happened to be part of the 23) c. might, for all we know, not have his medal on a shelf at home, it might be in a box in the loft because he feels that to show it would be disingenuous... or not...?

Posted 1:51pm 12th June 2014

walrus (Aston Villa) says...

@ arexrarris....what?

Posted 12:07pm 12th June 2014

paul_f says...

I think you've c*cked that up arexrarris.

Posted 11:28am 12th June 2014

nanouk (Rangers) says...

What I find strange is that the goalkeeper is seemingly only allowed to play as goalkeeper. Why not take somebody who is a good player but can do some goalie if has to be as well. I donĀ“t understand the rules in this respect. Do I have to nominate a midfielder and he is then only allowed to play in midfield? What do you do with players which can be used in more than one position......

Posted 10:50am 12th June 2014

sterry (Manchester United) says...

just had to google nominative determinism... thanks football365 for educating me

Posted 10:47am 12th June 2014

arexrarris (Liverpool) says...

Apparently Casillas sent a message out to Casillas about which way Cardozo would put the penalty in the round of 16 match against Paraguay in the last WC.. Cadillacs saved it and Spain won 1-0 - a pretty handy contribution...

Posted 9:47am 12th June 2014

iai (Middlesbrough) says...

"replacement Dominique Dropsy suffered from an unfortunate case of nominative determinism." Outstanding.

Posted 9:39am 12th June 2014

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think all those names linked to United exits make sense. Kagawa has never really looked like hitting the form he had at Dortmund and Fellaini is radioactive after last season (even though I think he's been unfairly singled out for criticism). Nani and Anderson have had more than their fair share of chances so they are done, and Hernandez deserves better than warming a bench.

ted, manchester
The Insecure Gossip


e'll be off to Spurs (or better) in January and I don't blame him. Looking forward to re-signing Grant Holt as his replacement though.

Benteke ignoring speculation


n fairness, he does look absolutely shattered in that photo.....

Shaw told to shape up

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