Woodward - A Man Thrust Into An Uneasy Spotlight

Ed Woodward gets plenty of criticism (and some of it richly deserved), but Nick Miller describes a numbers man pushed into the Old Trafford limelight. It's not easy...

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HarryBoulton says...

No, I think it was clear from Day 1 that Moyes had identified Fabregas, Di Rossi and Herrera as potential transfer targets and Woodward had all summer to conclude those deals. He made an absolute mess of it, and did more talking to the press than he did talking to players and agents. He flew back from a pre-season tour mid-way through July, giving himself 6 weeks to conclude business. That he was still trying to tie deals up at midnight on deadline day tells me exactly where the problem lay last summer.

Posted 12:29pm 28th July 2014

wotyomamased says...

Is Mr Bean making a new movie at my club ?

Posted 11:13am 28th July 2014

wotyomamased says...

Woodwards latest comment in papers : " We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false! "

Posted 10:50am 28th July 2014

jagmag (Manchester United) says...

Last summer I thought it was a smart move not meeting Fellaini's release clause, since he was clearly overrated and overvalued. It was a pity United made a reckless, panic purchase at an even higher value, on the last day, for which I have to blame Moyes and not Woodward.

Posted 10:20am 28th July 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

So what you're saying is he's precisely as loathsome as he appears to be.

Posted 4:19pm 27th July 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

At this stage no-one outside the club really knows what happened last summer, and who was to blame, we don't know whether the lack of transfer activity was due to his incompetence or Moyes's indecisiveness, after all, he can't be blamed for not signing anyone if Moyes didn't instruct him who to sign. Moyes's performance overall and Woodward's rapid action this summer would suggest to me that more of the responsibility was Moyes's but we may never know.

Posted 12:59pm 27th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

I'm still not a fan of him peddling "the worlds biggest club" line in the position we're in. He doesn't need to do it, and it opens the club up to ridicule.

Posted 12:40pm 25th July 2014

nicobellik (Manchester United) says...

He did a poor job first time around, but it was a very tough job. He's done great work this summer. The business side of any club he's looking to negotiate with will already know exactly how much Utd have to spend. His message wasn't for them. It was designed for the sponsors, for the fans, for the manager, the current players and for any transfer targets. It offers hope and shows ambition. It makes Man Utd an attractive club to be linked with. He's learning... there's hope for him yet, even if he doesn't talk like a walking cliché, a professional northerner.

Posted 1:13am 25th July 2014

fictionalemu says...

It was always pretty harsh to judge Woodward on last summer. The club was transitioning from the loss of Fergie and Gill, integrating a new (and, it turns out, not very good) manager, and had owners who still didn't seem prepared to spend the money that was clearly needed to refresh a pretty poor (by United's standards) squad. But if you take this summer's activity in isolation, Woodward's looking pretty clever. Brought in a fantastic manager, managed to execute two very important transfers even before that manager arrived, agreed a ridiculously large kit deal with adidas, and now working with the new manager to decide which players to sell and buy.a

Posted 4:18pm 24th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

It's tough to feel sorry for him. He didn't HAVE to take the role, but the role he chose to take is one of major responsibility, and one very much in the public eye. Sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything; that is probably his best bet. You don't tell everyone that you're "the biggest club in the world" any more than you should be telling them you have a gazilion pounds, or that you're heading back for "urgent transfer business". Just say nothing, and let the results speak for themselves. He makes Ian Ayre look like Donald Trump.

Posted 12:29pm 24th July 2014

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