The Strange Idea Of Sympathy For Big Sam

Nick Miller doesn't want to feel sorry for Sam Allardyce, but if Davids Gold and Sullivan continue their game of brinksmanship he might have to. It's a tricky situation for all...

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Neji says...

Seems you hit the nail on the head when you said trying to break him - they couldn't just be trying to get him to quit - saving themselves a big payoff could they?

Posted 12:06pm 2nd August 2014

hammerguy (West Ham United) says...

I've not much sympathy for him as, apart from the odd result against Spurs or Chelsea there's been little pleasure in watching our games, to the point where I often now don't even bother. But telling him to produce attractive football is about as likely to succeed as if Stan Kroenke told Wenger that he should sign and build a team around Charlie Adam. Just a bit bizarre...

Posted 5:41pm 1st August 2014

biyitch (Southampton) says...

"Favouriting" - Don't try and turn an adjective into a verb. It's not becoming.

Posted 1:05pm 31st July 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

You forgot to mention his absurdly high wages.

Posted 12:53pm 31st July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

Of course, this morning's news regarding one of his players may have caused him a wry smile, or a bout of unbecoming smugness.

Posted 11:36am 31st July 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

No. No sympathy whatsoever. I remember when he was out of work and was on TV touting himself for a number of 'soon to be vacant' jobs. That left a bad taste in the mouth, so what goes around comes around. I'd quite like a few unemployed managers telling anyone who would listen that they'd love to do the West Ham job, actually.

Posted 11:15am 31st July 2014

spuzzell (Fulham) says...

The solution is to not feel sorry for any of Jabba, Gold or Sullivan. They're all deeply unpleasant and all deserve each other. If only West Ham would sign Barton and Suarez then no one would ever need to despise any other club.

Posted 10:32am 31st July 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

I never understood why Big Friendly Sam was considered such a derogatory thing to call him. As for having the audacity to suggest even the slightest comparison between Courtney Love and the description 'Pretty'!?. Just. No. That's not funny, and I know funny.

Posted 10:21am 31st July 2014

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ou are wrong Per, thats the right way the play. Its everyone elses' fault that it doesnt work.

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